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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello hello!
I dunno why but i suddenly feel like blogging!
Woo! How fast....2009 gonna pass & in a weeks time get ready for 2010!
Mixed feelings, cos life hasnt been really fantastic, but i still had my fair share of
happiness :D Thank you so so much for whoever that has been with me this whole year,
esp some really dear ones. & for those whom has not met up for some time,
i'm still very thankful for the wonderful times tgt. Thank you for making 2009 a memorable one!

Chistmas is just 2 days from now! I'm getting really excited. First time gonna involved in a christmas play. Hopefully everything goes well & i'll do fine with my lines.. :D Caroling also at rendevous. First time as well, Hope it's a memorable one!

Just now we were treated lunch by boss.Pizza! Woo! Nice! Appreciate the lil x'mas lunch! :D
Thank you boss for the lil gift too. Very nice purple watch. Guess i gonna put them on everywhere i go! It's really nice! Love it. Thank you! Have a blessed christmas too!

Anyway, Merry Christmas & a happy new year! Hope it'll be a great year ahead, & go for what i really want. May the Lord giver me strength, help me in whatever way i can be. Amen.

Happy New Year Merry Christmas!

Kaileng wrote
12/23/2009 02:40:00 PM

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hello world! very very unexpected tat i'd suddenly blog?
haha. i got so much to say la.

mayb u wanna take a look at http://imperfect-joyce-stella-reflexions.blogspot.com/
before i start my entry? wah happening de leh.

anyway, a preview before i begin the whole counter back.If Kaileng's a bitch, then Joyce stella isnt any better.yah, i do smile & talk a lil to her at work, yet behind i've been discussing things negative about her. But i do it openly! cos i know she'd have her way to read those unsightful comments. So hey! tats not backstabbing!I knew u would read them! :)Anyway, if u really dont care how others think about you, you wouldnt bother to make something out big out of everything.

btw, i'm supposed to be working, but i got no mood partly cos i've got muscle ache all over after a badminton session two days ago plus now this sickening woman. i only had the share of picking up shuttlecocks la.Neeway, i am not angry just a bit ji dong cos i think i need to have a say in somethings she mentioned.

i always wonder why she can write nice nice reflections but none i've seen on her.
Yah referring to her lastest post, all in chinese. Nice reading thru. ;)

Then came her dispute with Tanat, aiyOoooo. Dunno wad went wrong, but i somehow got involved because i liked tanat's status. haha! yah true. i really got irritated whenever i saw her postings on celeb's walls.Thinking to myself, why she needs to write on everyone's walls with almost similar messages every now & then.She dare say not often? when i see it almost once a week, or sometimes once in a while. really too frequent la girl.Dunno somehow it just hurts my eyes. so being defensive for herself, she said she din do it often, & the friends/celebs din complain why should we? & those messages are out to spread joy & concern. WOAH. Every week spread joy & concern. How great! & woah. some celebs are her friends. FRIENDS. ok noted. anyway, how do u know if u're not disturbing ppl from your wall posts? i just thought ppl just kept silent cos they spared a thought for ur feelings lor. how do u feel if ppl come to u & say something like "hey u are very disturbing, annoying can u stop sending me messages?" yah precisely. or it could be those peeps are just too busy & cant be bothered to tell you cos they have better things to do.. Duhx!

Yah, no doubt ms E is almost on similar case, but you also came up with too many stories for ppl to wonder which is true & which are not.Wah! Not just saying friends were discussing, even work colleagues are wondering when you're speaking the truth & when it's not. Sigh... Anyway, only when u stop living in imaginative world, then only ppl like me will not have a chance to laugh at you when ur story lies gets bigger. sometimes, we just nod nod nod & agree.. now u know....wah i really can go on de... but i really gotta shorten everything...

Anyway, i dunno why la, but somehow ppl around me always tell me, how come whoever i like she also like? yah, after observing it's somewhat true leh. then perhaps u'll say no u dont like them? Well, i guess fine, but it's true tat whoever i used to like are all now associated with you. Well, i just wanna clarify. I dont need idols! I dont need. Even so if i need, i'm not as desperate as i used to be alrite.U dont see me hanging round RG? Wardrove, makeup units anymore do u? I prefer to be silent now, supporting inside. Well, it's gonna be bonus if i see them at workplace...Talking about workplace, wad makes u quote Yusri? U have no right alright, & tat was a year back when i was still a newbie, thinking tat if i work here, i'd get to see 'my artistes'...now? totally different ok, ppl have been saying i've grown up & i like it! i dont even have the luxury for idols anymore.i don't even go to see Mr Jon anymore. aww, i miss him loads! see. even my favs i dont feel a need to see them as often anymore. Get it? Now i explained. I stayed in mediacorp not because of artistes, definitely not! I dont need to prove to anyone why i stayed on. But i just wanna elaborate i've got a good supervisor, whom gives in most of the time, & i've got good colleagues inside call centre. everyone just nice ppl. so tats why i stayed on. Yah i do wanna leave, but not until i got a better paying job. Yes, definitely i'll start looking. I will.

Quoted from her blog, blue denotes kaileng's replies:

"Oh ya! I wanna say this too:
Some bitches are so fake!(If i'm a bitch, you ain't better!You made me fake.) Yes, I do have some unhappiness with her in the past, but then things are over. At work, she and I still talk to each other AT TIMES only.
They can actually talk to you, smile to you so sweetly at work, communicate with you at work nicely.(I'm just being nice, i dont like enermies!) Yet at the back, they are backstabbing you & liking status that suan-ing you! Power arh, these kind of people! (Didnt backstabbed, cos i expect u to come to know it! thru your wide media of networks! :D)
Her friend is also like that, did the same thing to my friend! Pathetic!
No wonder, birds of the same feather flock together mahz!(I rather flock tgt with them, than to rot with u? & your unlimited lies?) LOL!
Thanked Lord that I am leaving this work place(good decision!) and she shall be awarded the Long Term Service award (excuse me long service when i served for only 3 years? HAHAHA! & i dont need tat alrite!)in that department. LOL! Just like what Yusri (dont quote him!He's Mr nice ok!)said, she had her idols fanatic there tat attracted her not to leave, her idols is all she need, pay low also never mind. (tat was in the pasttttttt!)

Thanked Lord that I deleted her AGAIN when she herself came & used my FB account to add herself into my FB account! (yah u acted very high class ma, so deleted me away lor, anyway good save my time in deleting u! FYI, i did tell u i was testing my FB account security tats why i borrowed your account to add me.)
I so loved this status of mine! Simply refering to her!

"Once a bitch, forever a bitch!"(er? me? You? I think if it's me, you aint better anyway!)

*Oh! I never say your name out, so you think I am saying you, then is you lohz! LOL!
(Yah admitted it's MISS LIM KAI LENG :DD)

ONCE AGAIN, I say this!
So friends, IF you are in my FaceBook friend list, you find my msges that I posted on your wall irritating or whatever, PLEASE let me know!
Once you tell me, I assure you that you won't recieve any msg from me!
My purpose for those msges are just mainly out of concern & spreading cheers on! (you spead cheers & concern too often la. once a week, every two weeks? anyway seeing the way u end the greetings is very what leh, everyone also ends with hugs?!? oh mine!)
NOT doing this to seek & gain attention! I don't need attention like this!


Btw random, why does the ppl in the office knows she's leaving & tendered? so glorious until u have to announce to ppl you're leaving? o.O

wahhhh. i guess it's long enough... PEACE.. . :D GOD BLESS.
If you are interested you may read http://k-a-i-l-e-n-g-s-t-o-u-t-s.blogspot.com/2008/03/harlow_20.html or http://k-a-i-l-e-n-g-s-t-o-u-t-s.blogspot.com/2008/12/to-my-dear-friend-joyce-stella.html

woah. see. i've been so forgiving & nice! o.O & wad about her?

Kaileng wrote
12/08/2009 10:34:00 AM

Monday, August 17, 2009

okay... i'm finally back aft so so long.
Work's err... ok..just doing random address verifications from different companies.
Btw(they have been doing data cleaning since i first joined!)
HAA. i wonder when's gonna end.

Neeway, yesterday had a birthday gathering with sweetest Nat as well as fellow naturals, we were taken to somewhere we didnt know beforehand & i'm soso surprised it's at SG flyer. Gosh, thanks Karen & committee! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/__oZehATFY04/Sokmi3PlOqI/AAAAAAAAF4Y/5ZXrT7eVxqw/s1600-h/DSC03849.JPG">----------Birthday BoY! :)
------Sweetest on Flyer... :)

-------Peanut Butter Cheese Cake. Super nice lor! See the domo figure? so cute huh, we thought of chewing him up. Oops. :)

I took too many piceys!More piceys can be found @ Natho's Birthday Bash 09!

Actually i feel really good coming back to Naturally Nat ;)

Some random old piceys of Mr Jon & I whom i love really really much.

Wah. so big size back then, now not any smaller also. HAHAH.

Kaileng wrote
8/17/2009 05:39:00 PM

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to update. ;)

Life has been pretty decent good at least. Just tat i've been spending lotsa money on cabs. Argh! & also some unnecessary stuffs. Someone pls stop me from spending so much & to help me to draw a line between Necessity & needs. There's difference ok? haa. Yup.

Been out with some closest ones last week. Out with Sweetie Pam on a Sweet Fri & out with BFFs Jas & Ai on Sat. Trust me. they're my love. woohoo. ;)

Mr Koh's birthday coming up & he's travelling around, damn cool can. how i wish i could get out of SG on flight tat is. or even coaches or trains or cruise! ;)

k some piceys on Sat nite.We went Clarke Quay for dinner @Waraku & then headed to Boat Quay, Club Sake. Long long time since i been to BQ. Plus it's raining heavily. Sobs. But i certainly love Rain, & of cos my gurls. :)

Tell you wad, follow the rest of the photos here. Link

Also on a sweet Fri, i met up with a sweetie! Here's some piceys of us. We went K Buffet plus suddenly miss DF so we decided to head down to see our dearestes! ;) JONJONJON. I love him way too much. Yea since 3 yrs back lehhh ;)

Haa, i super got fate with Shengjie lor. When i reach there, i was given a room next to shengjie's huge gigantic poster. *Loves*

Tada! Shengjie's huge poster & kaileng. Muaha. I look as if i was leaning onto him. Oops.

I met the real Shengjie some time last week at office during MDO! Mediacorp's offday. heh! ;)
He's really nice & besides nice still nice. haa. & i went to his music workshop the following day too! Learnt alot. 圣杰老师说:“唱歌是说故事,喜欢音乐要坚持,毅力。。” :) He took 10 over years to get himself so established today. Seasoned performer. :)

Shengjie has gt a best friend in Sg. Also our Sg proud, our very own SG song composer.
Here's a pic with 谭志华老师。。 the one tat wrote, 擦肩而过,最近 & 靠近。。 :) I'm so looking forward to them working tgt again. Yeap, he's also involved in Shengjie's new album :)

So this is wad i do when i saw shengjie. even when it's just a mv of his, HAHAHA.

Shengjie is loved.

-----Saw Ngak also.. haha. MTV lah. hehheh. Miss him leh so long nv see. :(

As said, we hopped to DF to see our loves rite? HAHA, so here's Jon & I. I love love him so so much. He's always being really nice.

-----Somehow i think we look like siblings in this photo :)

Thank You Jon for all the beautiful performances on stage & being really nice off-stage. :)
There are just so many form of love. therefore i wanna say! 很爱很爱你!:)
I still think he's cute when sober, cuter when drunk. Will there really be a Jontoh concert at DF? i promise to be there if there's one with his banners held high & screaming like siaocharbor as i did 3 yrs back :)

I think that's about all the updates for the moment. I'm risking my life while typing this entry during working hrs! 惨了!

Take care all lovelies! :)

Happy advance Birthday~ 许少爷!<3

Kaileng wrote
7/13/2009 09:55:00 AM

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally i remembered i have..... A BLOG. ;)

Dad's got himself involved in accident. Take care.

Life's nt too bad la or mayb good. Just as i thought i have P.M.S cos i dont feel like talking to anyone, I confirmed it's actually M.S. Aww. Stomach cramps/ ache. :(

Yeap, i actually went to see doctor on a mon cos i didnt report to office. So need Medical cert lor. So funny la. I looked perfectly fine until the doctor had to say something like, you better report to work (tmr) since you dont look that ill..?

Neeway, Kaileng's really addicted to some damn emo & nice songs ;)
I've been listening to 感动天感动地 , 我的回忆不是我的 ,披着羊皮的狼, 明天以后 ...

Esp 感动天感动地..Made me soso emo lurh.




Awww. :(

Lazy to really write wad i've been doing & ppl i've been out with leh. But prolly just do it once & for all lah cos i dun really update as regular already.

WYCXQ audition results, just as i guessed, i think i didnt make it thru round 2 la. So better luck next time! :)

Xing Guang 5 Final round coming Sun. Jiayou peeps! Saw couple of familiar faces. Good luck to all. 3/20. Who would be the one? Find out the answer at Kallang Leisure Park coming Sun!

I've been running to my fav place.. Lim's Residence at tampines, attending church(yah decided to give some quality time for GOD), meeting up with Dearest Friends & Close ones. :)

Just yesterday, I had a K buffet session with 许少爷. Aww. This soon turning 21 ah pek's birthday is coming leh. & i just read his blog. haa. So Do you really want just a note? I dont mind leeeehhhh! HAA.

----------bad variaty choice they have but still it's food..

---- Queen of Soul. ^^

------------- ^^ Btw, thanks to you cos now i've new found fav accessories. heh. ;)

Kaileng also celebrated my Ah-pek's birthday not long ago @ Sakura Safra Tampines.
Some piceys. :)

----------My Dad's Brother, My Ah Pek or call him Birthday Boy ;)
--------Lim's ;)
----------Lovely Cousins always looking out for me. Thanks & you ladies are loved.

DF & KTV with my dear obiba & Naomi after church on a Sunday ;)
& i manage to meet Jasmine darling & PS at DF. They were there for drink ;)
---------3Cheers to our friendship!

--------There you go, my beautiful ladies ;)

Not forgetting DF Dearestes! Jon & Em ;)
Lotsa loveee!

-------Really really love you guys many many! -Hugs- J & E are my favs ;)
----------Mr Jon. heh. love love.

Wonder how Jon & I loook like 3 yrs back?
He didnt change much, still so shuai, & tats our first ever pic :)

------------Em Darling.

-I wanna show em darling & my first pic too, but cant find them, will do so when i find it.

----Mummy's boy Bryan.
--------Skye ;)

Argh.. I'm so tired to type on you can locate the remaining pics from

Link to Jon & Kaileng's Pics
Link to KTV & DF on Sunday

Tired. Till i blog again. Take care & Byeee :)

Kaileng wrote
6/24/2009 11:52:00 AM

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Woohoo! Just as i really thought it was all over & i have no fate with the cash prize, I got this chance to 唱下去。。 I really felt blessed. Thank GOD for making all these happen. Praises to the Lord! :)

Btw, i'm not a perm staff with Mdc, am from agency, so totally no link though i worked for them.

I received a call from mediacorp just yesterday & i was totally speechless la. Thank you to the lady tat called. Next challenge is this coming Sat at Mediacorp itself. Hopefully i'll do my best & really go all out for this la.. :) Though i still believe there are thousands tat are better out there, i'll push & go for the best. Jiayou Jiayou!

haha. i find it funny. the lastest tag on my blog saying i'm chasing all types of artiste & i'm international. Er, can i deny it? No i dont cos indeed i'm international. Besides singapore artiste, i'm very much into Taiwan & the rest la. haa! Neeway, Thank you the every supportive friends of mine.

Kaileng's gonna work double Hard. ^^

Way to GOOOO!

Kaileng wrote
6/04/2009 11:06:00 AM

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello World~!
I guess it's about time to update Blog. Haa.

Life's good, really. Except i'm still very cash tighted.(as usual).

Saw Wubai Laoshi & Y2J on mdc's off day. Haa. wise choice to get us back. Anyway, i spent the whole day watching videos & waiting for Y2J & Wubai Laoshi :)

Yeap. so here's some pics with Y2J & Wubai laoshi! <3

It was really scary & funny when i approached yuming & asked if i can shake his hand. Damn funny. :)

-----------Laoshi's really cute. check out my facebook for this dialogue. :) Heh. I've got smth to say but i'm too shy! He's really handsome. Haa. & i guess he heard tat. Haa!

Yesterday nite went out with my sista & my dad. Had some Japanese food @ Waraku(East Coast). Nice nice! the bill also nice. $187! ^^

Neeway, just finished an outbound call to a new customer, wah. solid 30 mins spent on her leh. Thank GOD she signed up la. Free advertising i still wonder why ppl dont want & dont like?=_="

Yeap, lets just talk about wad happen these few days. Kaileng's really really happy! was at DF with Pam, after my audition for Wo yao chang xia qu. Jon!Em! :) Argh! I'm still pretty sad la. Might not even qualify for the selection cos of my complicated employment status with mediacorp. :( Other than that audition went on fine. i was given "姐姐妹妹站起来" out of the five i chose which are "潇洒走一回", "勇气", "姐姐妹妹站起来", "爱的主打歌", "天黑黑".
Btw, i think day 2 song list are better!

So went in.... sing....
it stopped at chorus the first line,

******* *** ***

Ya...sang the asterisks. & yup they went on to ask if i can carry on singing the next verse. So i sing until the stopped me. It was then this stupid question killed my dream.. "你是mediacorp staff?" Haizzzzzzzzz. Yup, but i came from agencyyyy! :( Neeway, forget about it la. 与奖金无缘了! But i met new friends whom are really really nice! 5 hrs for 5 mins. I felt it's worth it.

-----Sweet Cheryl. My new friend. :) She has 明星脸,dont you tink so? Plus, she likes Yangyang~! <3

Before went to DF, we went hopping to FF cos it's pretty near us. Starway is an example of good band :) Jessica!!! <3 She has this unique vocals which i fancy :)

----漫步人生路! niceeee!

cya around~! <3

At DF, was pretty sian at first cos was expecting to see 'them' but they didnt show up. Not until Em suddenly pop up with her *evil laugh*, tat made me really happy. :) But huh, she said Jon not around lehh, argh! Heh. Until i got surprised when Pam told me Jon's on stage. :) Yeap, he was there for last few sets. Argh! I totally miss seeing & hearing him on stage. Love Love! Not only i think he's cute as always, he's sweet too! I'm thankful to him & i guess he knows why :)

------ Love love! :) Thank You dearest again! heh. cute when sober
,Cuter when drunk . ^^ Thank you again my dear!

Piceys with Em dearest & Ben! :)

-----Pretty pic! It's nice! :)
------Great performance by the two :)

Some other DF Musicians:

----Sly :)
----Jer. :)

& these guys were caught at DF! Chengxi & Jiaxi! Actually it was Pam whom spotted the bros.

----HAa. wads Chengxi doing?!? heh.

Shall end blog post with Pic of this pretty woman & I. Haa.

argh! i'm still bothered by the fact tat 我与奖金无缘了. heh. Good luck to those who make it. Results out in a mth's time.

Take care & cya all. JT equals love many many many! :)
DearieHuan, have a safe & fun trip back home! :)

Kaileng wrote
5/25/2009 11:49:00 AM


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Shld any senarios seemed familiar to you,
am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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