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Friday, March 28, 2008

Harlow good morning! :)
woah early morning i very high lehz..haha. Yea, reached mediacorp damn early like 8am..while walking saw the function room opened jiu go & see see look look, so the 24-hr karaoke challenge is still on! So jiu pop by & see if can sing lor. So they said can, no problem i went to participate lo. :) haha. Interesting eh, after singing there's a certificate given away :) Hehex..

Wads so nice, someone tapped on my shoulder & it's my boss la. haha! I was shocked of cos..He asked me wad i was doing there i said i wanna sing lor. haha! then i think he wanna get back to office le, i was thinking perhaps i should put my bag at the office first...then guess wad? Boss offered to bring my bag to office for me! Omgosh so nice! :)
haha..soon it was my turn to sing lah..& Tati,Joyce,Kailin & Yusri came down saying they were there to support me. haha! So On! haha! yea..So there goes my picture & my cert :)Woah With Idol Lucas Chow signature! high high high! lolx!

yea...tats all lor.. & yesterday went to see the guys in action again :) Actually, go see lemon boy in exact..haha!Aha! I gotta say the guys are so clever, before the management came, they were happily playing their basketball, & the next min i saw them training for their item? reason being? The management team arrived! haha! They were damn quick to react to tat lahz! It was split second. LOLX. yeap..so we took pictures & stuff la..their competition is just coming mon lo :) Hope everything went on well for the guys esp to Lemon Boy! & huanhuan :) Not bad eh..they all look pretty well prepared le, so you guys can expect a good show on Monday 31st :)

Hey there are still tics to the show, send me a msg @ 90930179 for tics :) Esp to Clement's supporters :) This cute lil dude needs your support! Everyone of your support counts :)

Oh yea, i bought a care-bear for lemon, haha, yellow in color, damn cute :) Wanna get 1 for myself too! Purple one! can't remember if there is. hehex! Yea so some pics to show..

------------Support M5 Clement Tsang :) He'll be doing Teakwondo :) kk..more details you can read up http://u.mediacorptv.com/story.aspx?Editorial_ID=732&SubCategoryID=20 :)
Hehheh, Lemon=LOVE! :)
Did i say Rabbit was around too..? So obviously went camwhore with dearie Rabbit again :) Think she's kinda independent, cos we were folding cranes & she refused to let us direct her on how to do it, & insisted doing it herself :) Oh we had some ice-cream & it's nice!

------------TuZaiZi & her Lil Tu Zai Zis :D :D
---------This was taken the day before :)

Oh random note, none of us got her english name pronounced correctly? Can u guys pronouce it? So how do u pronounce 'Rachelle'? :)

Aha..so yesterday besides Lemon boy, i gave someone else his share of ai xin stuffs :) Guess who? Answers revealed...! Just tat the stuff he got is obviously smaller share than Lemon's. Hehheh. I'm biased =_=" hehex!

He is:
Huanhuan! :D yea..the reason for supporting him just as well is simple. He's a super nice guy. Ever thoughtful & Nice to chat along with. He was damn sweet to send msg saying he's sorry tat he couldn't join us for supper & etc.. He will apologise, which is a nice gesture :) Anyway, he is very particular when crossing the road. Die die also must green light then cross. Reason being since young he'd done observed tat rule, & the chinese says it's not good to dash red light :)
Do show support for M2,zhenhuan too yes? haha! Yea.. i wanna link this to Lemon's! Support M5 Clement Tsang! :)

haha..helping them to promote..i love it! How can i ever forget Rabbit! Following week will be girls' turn to challenge the weekly theme. First up will be the sexy babes theme. :) Do Support F8,Rachelle Lin aka Rabbit! :D :D :D She will show tat she's good! :) Jiayou my dearie!

Now for some others seen:
-------------Louis bro! Woah...His skin tone yue kan yue hao kan..haha! Charcoal man! :) He'll be doing something similar to Jackson's during his star search performance. :) Infact i think it's exactly the same. jiayou bah dude!
--------------Gavriil :) I think first time i seen him smiling this way :) Still as shuai..haha! Kelly loves him :) Well, he's a nice dude la :) All da best.
-------------Jiaxi :) Ask him act cute also not bad de okay..hehheh! Jiayou ar! Olivia ai ni!
------------Nope not taken yesterday.haha! This is Jianfeng :) Saw his kickboxing moves yesterday..Not bad ehh.. Jiayou too! Kelly ai ni also!

Yea..And as usual some cam whore between friends & i..
-----This was taken days back :) I call him dearest btw :)
----------I love these darlings :) baby Kingkong & dada! :) Misses & loves!

kk..before i go off some random jokes..

Peiyi said '她和铿百在Newton Food Centre "做"过..' lolx. Don't misunderstand ar..She meant she sat at the same bench with Nat, but out of mischieve we tease her..haha! In a yellow dirty joke manner..haha!

& huanhuan shared something like ' 这女孩子戴"胸罩" ' just when he thought it's purely alright for a girl to wear a bra, the character of the words should be "凶兆" instead meaning, very fierce or something like tat? aHA. interesting huh...
Alright...i gotta get going..
*Peiyi Went super high when she saw Vincent. OMGOSH! LOLX. she can go from emo to high de okay! lolx! oh yea, wensui asked if we'r always around the Community centre, then we replied if the guys are there we'll be there, then i add on we shun bian come see you. & his reaction was damn cute... So it's shun bian come see me de la? ahA! :P

Do Support M5 Clement Tsang, M2 Zhang Zhen Huan, F8 Rachelle Lin! :)


Kaileng wrote
3/28/2008 10:19:00 AM

Monday, March 24, 2008

Okay..Time for updates..

I think life has been pretty good for me these days with the exception of tat disappointing incident..oh well..better not say many many..wait i blow up again =_="

Anyway, yeap, dunno why i was so high tat while cutting the newspaper today, i snapped on my earpiece as well, argh! I couldn't listen to music anymore. Sianz!

Anyway yeap, why life has been pretty good? Cos seemed like recently i'm seeing more of my dearest 5! just yesterday i saw LuoYi! Omgosh! So miss him can..obviously the previous day i met Jon T as well :) Lalala! Happy Gurl.. & the much more ridiculous thing is i got the Eagles award from ITE. lolx! I haven been actively involved in band lehz! infact i never remember going back for band practices even once! lolx. In case ya wondering wads eagles award..it's actually for ppl tat shows leadership & good performances in their selected co-curriculum activities(CCA)..in this case, i was from the Cemta ITE concert & jazz band. I can't even call myself alumni cos i really din went back. SO i find it strange when they informed me thru letter tat i've gotten the award. Haha. $150 dollars lehz! No play play! haha! If only they can continue to give me the award year by year. haha! Big fat wish tat will never comes true. Be thankful tat they already give you for this year when you din really contribute! :P

Yeap..So yesterday was SPOP finals, i was there live :)thanks to Ryan Bro for the tics, oh and telling me Luoyi is around too! :) Happy happy gurl!..Fa Shao Won! Omgosh! hehheh!One song tat gets you to like it even more each time.. Tat song was something tat one could sing when feeling down, or wu liao lo :) & yeap, congrats to an an & lingyi :) Yu san wasn't bad too, but perhaps not much influence on ppl :) Yea, many music veterans came to indoor to catch the show, with some performed :)

Eric Moo was so good can! Again..he was really power & soulful when he sings & deliver his songs with much feelings to it.. Others were good haha. Not much comments. & omgosh! Kaileng was so into Shengjie her laogong! Though many would agree his hairstyle makes him looked bad, i still think he's good! Love Sheng Jie loads. I got really high when he performed. haha. Ah du also la. so man. haha! We were all waiting for elva's showdown. BUT somehow was a lil disappointed cos she sang two songs only. & not the ones we wanna listen. hehex. Anyway, sorry to kailin cos i kept telling her elva's next to perform, & i actually mistaken Tanya for Elva =_=" Then we shouted for Tanya taking tat she's Elva. Opps! Luckily we din shout elva's name out. Sorry Gals! So embarrassing..

Yup..tats so much about SPOP lo. During SPOp somethings happen lo..Like how i made rah went out with me to find Luoyi my dearest. Going out was okay, but coming back was err! embarrassing! We were searching for our seats, then we went up & down the stairs for dunno how many times & i dunno how many eyes were looking! BUT! Thanks Rah! For acc me, i was so high when i get to see luoyi! hehheh!

& yea..i remember we saw jiaxi & huanhuan so i thought we could go take picture..BUt the distance was so near yet so far tat i did something really stupid.. keep taking pictures tat can't be taken when we are so far apart.. aHA! i dunno how to describe lah.. It seemed as if i had nv seen huan huan before lo..haha. Like a fool the entire day for SPOP. Behaving like small kid. But it was fun fun fun lah. I remember many eyes were looking at us too! Sorry Gals! So embarrassing.LOLX!

yea..No want say so much le..let some pictures do the talking..As you shld know, whoever i posted first will always be the one i love da most out of the entire lot of 'shining stars' as i would name them...

So Here's my dearest Luoyi!

--Damn Man de Luoyi..erm a lil resemblance to Rain down here :)
----Relax ar! See me dun need so excited de..haha! Kidding! :P

omgosh..luoyi was extremely sweet lah :) Thanks for the hugs..You know wad? the feeling of missing luoyi sucks :) i wanna see him soon! LuoYi=Ultimate Love!
Tgt with the other 4(Nat,JonT,JonL & Shauna),He's da one holding on to my ultimate love! :)
Btw, i wasn't really watching the show, i was observing Luoyi at his seat. haha!two seats behind Ryan's. hehe!
With Lemon Boy:

Well, i dunno wad to say about this boy here la, except he's still as crazy which makes him so lovable by all! :)
*Side note, those interested in catching him in action live on channel u(You Are The One) coming 31st March, leave me a msg at 90930179 :)
With Tu Zai Zi(Rach):

This babe is damn lovable too! I love her when she listens to our problems & being really true to herself :)

She is also the head of Tu Zai Zi, & i'm her xiao tu zai zi tgt with kailin :) I love ya my tu zai zi, just like how much you love us :)
& Our Happy Family:

Nope Dun mistaken...They'r not tgt alrite :) Just on pretty good terms. It's really nice to see ppl getting from strangers to good friends :) I love taking pics with them. AHA! Do you agree they look good tgt? Well, i do.
With JianFeng:

So this guy can get crazy & joke with you too! hehheh! Thanks for being such an entertainer! He's really good at imitating various ppl. Esp Jay Chou. hehheh!*Wad happen to his hands?*

With my 3rd in line Huanhuan:
This dude is really nice lahz, can see tat he appreciates all your support :) This dude is learning to smile more! Shuaiz!Anyway, it isn't easy juggling between school & competition. So I wish he is doing well in both! :)Anyway, the two pictrues at the side is wad i'm talking about earlier in my post, the distance is omgosh far, yet i insisted on taking pictures! Childish me..machiam nv see before. oops!
With Gavriil:

----Looks a lil alike yes?

This dude is really good looking & I can see tat he'll go far. Dun ask me why just a feeling bah :)The more i look at him the more he looks like 2moro the twin bros from Taiwan :)

With Mabel:

Nice sweet babe..No wonder peiyi loves her so much :) Jiayou bah! I think Rah also likes Mable yes? :)

With Twins(ShiYing & ShiQian):

My first ever encounter with them :) Well i think da jie(Shiqian) is really classy while xiaomei is pretty in a way i dunno how to describe :)
With Yanyan:

this pretty babe, will go very far i think cos many around me says she'll make the cut to be last few standing. & she really wants to win this tats why. With her determination, she might just take the crown for the female cat :) Jiayou bah.
With ShuaiShuai:

This dude also another nai kan one lo, good looking dudes has much more advantage? We shall see :) Jiayou.

With Louis:
-----Wah he really getting darker lah! hehheh! :P Nice to talk to as usual :) No wonder Rah & Ryan loves him :) Oh random note, luoyi says he looks more like shan wei than luoyi himself :)

With Jiaxi:

First time he's not on his bike! haha, okay, i'm random..He's one nice dude to talk to too :) Jiayou.

With Christalle:

Hey! I love her eyes lehz, dunno why. Okay i'm oh-so random! But yea, she's indeed a big eyed babe. Anyway, i told her hundred years nv take pic with her, her expression was cute! :)

Some Random Shining ones Saw :
----Mermaid Averil..'Hundred years' Never see her le, still as funny & crazy in a fun way.. :)
--------ShengAn. Haha. Hao shuai oh. Like him but not love him :P He's friendly too! :)
-------Sistas & me :)
--------------Jae, the budding talent.. :) Stop calling me chipmunks hor.. hehheh! =_="
Tats about all folks.. Have a nice week ahead!
XOXO! LUOYI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehheh!

Kaileng wrote
3/24/2008 10:17:00 AM


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