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Saturday, July 12, 2008

*Post Edited*
hehheh! Dearie's officially back! wahaha.
Reached this morning.. :D :D :D :D :D
& he omgosh still hav the energy for bball game?
While enjoying do grab some rest :D :D

My count officially stops at Day 25! Tat's how long he has been away.hehe!

Just had a haircut this morning & i feel so refreshed.LOL.
@ home now & as usual, this internet connection sucks. It's damn bloody SLOW.

Just as I blog hopped randomly, I got the below link from Khim's blog.It makes me realised how much i miss huan can nv be compared to this particular lady tat lost her bf whom pass away a mth ago. She is really strong & i admired her. Tears automatically rolled down while i read her entries. It's really nth as compared to me missing huan. Though somehow the entry reminds me of first few days when huan left for China when i did really broke down...I do hope she'll stay strong, cos her partner will be watching over her from where he mayb. :( Go read & hav a feel of it. Life story tat touched my heart.


Ending my count Officially with this Pic:


Believe it or not, the connection is damn slow tat i took 30 mins to upload the above pic. OMGOSH.Neeway, need i say more? He is indeed SPECIAL la. I guess for those tat are on pretty close term with him would hav agree with me he makes a special friend, simply cos of his super nice character.I find the picture pretty cute leh.haha. While we get serious sometimes, there are fun moments too :) Aiyah, i miss him la..Somehow i got a feeling tat he's already back leh..HAHA. But well,hav not heard anything from anyone nor the man himself. So it might be my wild guess..So Kaileng...just continue waiting yea? & HAppy waiting..haha.. :P

Yesterday went singing with JS, actually i wanna sing myself but since she also had the intention of going to sing, might as well we go tgt. She told me she rather go alone cos i made a strong competitor & she dun dare to sing liao. Wah lao. Dun say until like tat la, i'm not some professional singers out there haha.. Well, true enough, throughout the whole session, i guess she sang less than 5 songs?!? Neeway, i'm addicted to BADBOY..haha! I just love fast numbers nowadays..& i love challenging DIVAS numbers!haha.. So singers like ahmei,Sammi,yanzi,coco just to name a few, would be very much my choice :) I think AHMEI is da BEST my diva always. :)

Think i should get going le. I cant stand this bloody network connection.
Random note, work has started piling up. Stress is coming in every min. I hate Mon to Fri 8.30 to 6!I can simply say i'm no longer paid to surf. :P This time round, 1 mistake & the whole team suffers. Ouch. I need to start to be more careful with my work...

tats all..You guys better take good care and for your daily undertakings too be it work or studies :) Love ya all! & He's finally BACK! Omgosh! :D :D :D :D :D

Kaileng wrote
7/12/2008 03:19:00 PM

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 25! :D :D

How come the 5 to 6 days seemed so long?!? Missing you as usual though i know i'll see you around soon :) :)

Pic For Day 25:


Well, this pic was designed like quite some time ago liao. Hehheh. He's loved by me, & of cos many others. :) Specially pick this up so tat i can save time in designing another picture :) This was the day where i got a lil emo cos i couldn't see him when all the others were seen. Okay, you may think this is silly of me, but i'm just dying to see him for tat day :) Thank GOD he walked past wardrobe area where my gurls, such as Rah & gang helped me shouted for him :) where he started walking towards our direction. Thanks dearie for tapping out of RG, it's always your super nice & touching gestures tat made my day! LOVE ya! Woah, i really love recalling all the lil moments shared :)

So,Yesterday there was movie premiere going on @ Vivo City. After knock off, went canteen for dinner then thinking if we should get down for the movie premiere cos it would surely hav 我们的人. Well for me, obviously sweetest Nat :) Ended up we went for it, after waiting for Superband peeps. :)

Die la, say not chasing ended up waiting for them?!? Well, at least not everytime we'r waiting for them, hehex this sounds much better. :D

Oh being random, support 三月 & dreamfactory for coming monday yea?
Fion Fion Fion!!!! Careen Careen Careen! :D :D :D


Photobucket ----New found idol :D Fion!!! LOVE LOVE her vocals! Well, the way she sings my hair stands if you can imagine how good she is :D :D
Go 三月!

Photobucket-----------Simply a DIVA. Omgosh. If you've heard her, you'd agree with me :) GOGO 三月!

Being Random, i told their keyboardist Mark tat i've a thing for talented musicians. hehex!

Photobucket -------Lovely Husband & Wife From DreamFactory :D :D I love her vocals too! Why are the ladies so powerful this season? Jiayou DreamFactory!

Coming Mon vote for your favs yea! :)


Saw Zijie,Paige & Yangtian while waiting for SB peeps too! :D

Photobucket -----Zijie!

Photobucket ----This babe is really a very nice gurl :)

Photobucket------He was in a rush so two of us took with him tgt :) *oh! So he went for movie premiere too!No wonder he's rushing..* Still as nice cos no matter how time is pressing him, he'll stop for a picture :)

Pics from Vivo Movie Premiere:

Oh being random, chi ling is drop dead gorgeous lor! Kaoz! I saw one lucky person took a picture with her..argh! I want..too bad security is way too tight :)

I'm damn high actually when i caught, nope is Pam caught somebody by suprise! Big eyed babe! Fellow purple freak,Christalle :D :D :D *Misses* Been long time since last saw her! She was with shuaishuai :) Obviously see her must take lotsa pics yea?
HAHA. So here comes one whole load of pics.. :)

Photobucket -----Still as Pretty :) Poor babe, having many cameras asking her to 自拍。。yesterday..

Photobucket------Cute one!

Photobucket---------Blurred shots are usually the one with more feel. haha!


Photobucket-----Love this!

Photobucket---Was this gorgeous babe trying for a new angle? :)

Photobucket-----YBB! If you know wad are the initials。。。 haha! :)

Photobucket------The clue is only his nanny & parents addressed him tat way! His reaction was cute when we called him by tat name! :P

Photobucket----Feel so much like UATO reunion..Missing the times spent tgt... :)

Photobucket -------Sweetest!!!! As usual, he saw me from a distance & he stopped while i walked over to him for a picture. Managed to speak a sentence or two with him only cos he's rushing, & i also dun wanna hold him for long :) 不轨是 SWEETEST,
人太好了,难怪我那么爱他!哈哈!Pls take care my sweetest!

Photobucket------715 :) Wads up with his hairstyle?

Photobucket----Feli :)

Photobucket-----Des :)

There is a reason why i left this dude pic to be the last set to be up..
Thank You Weilie. You & I know why. Thank you for the concern towards us even when you have to rush off. The lil fact tat you'r worried for us is really heart-warming. I can say I actually dun expect tat gestures to come from you,hehex! You make me see the true meaning of friendship even though we've seldom communicate. The amount of trust you put in us yesterday speaks a thousand word. Thank you soso much. I believe you'll work out something from this entertainment industry. I'm waiting to hear more of your success coming up in near future. Once again, heart felt thanks.


Photobucket ------Everybody's looking better these few days! :D


Shall end of with random pics:

Photobucket -----This note is ever special :)

Photobucket----HAHA! Cool lehz!

Logging off, so byee! Missing dearie huan as always. XOXO!

Kaileng wrote
7/11/2008 11:27:00 AM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 24!

Pic for the day :


Yea.Love many many! I Love you my dearie!:) Oh, simply seeing this pic makes me feel so guilty. Remember mths back, i blogged about how i was chatting & takin pics happily with LemonBoy infront of Huan & left him all alone? Argh, thinking back, i was REALLY SILLY.Finally Kaileng has woken up from her Dream.Yeap definitely referring to LemonBoy.Oops.梦醒了,现实可能就是凯铃是傻的,付出换来了什么?大家都说‘他’只是在利用我,但那个时候的我还深信,不!他大概还是懂得Appreciate我所做的一切。。HAHA. Wadever, competition over we'r no longer in contact, i mean you cant expect me to drop him a call or msg him? feel so weird, i guess he also wont reply?Haha, 顺其自然吧。。Prolly one day our path will cross once again, but i guess it will nv happen..

Thinking back, i was really so die heart supporter of this lil boy tat he says he wants to eat wad for breakfast, it was bought all for him the next day.Omgosh. Roti Prata! Argh! 不讲我都忘了。。

Neeway Back to dearie, after going into deep thoughts from past few mths to present, i realised i really love dearie more.我爱你!:)

So many days i've spent with both guys during WWDZ period, the most zek arh thing will be to have left with LemonBoy leaving behind all the other so called 'much more important ones' Haiz. You know wad esp towards dearie, tat super nice dude as always whom nv fails to put on a smile to add on to my gloomy days.
好啦。。不讲了,只是有点醒悟。。But since I was once a lemonboy's die heart supporter, I'll continue loving him until the day he says he want me out of his life :)Perhaps it's just tat my topic doesn't revolves around him tat often anymore.


Being random, Mr W is attached..Well, i feel happy for him la, as long as he's 幸福, i should be happy for him. Strange thing, i really nv spoken with him before. HAHA. Not even hi-bye friends though sometimes i can't help myself by saying goodbye to him when he walk past. HAHA. Neeway, i wont stop 'bio-ing' him from a distance.HAHAH!


*Ehh..so how did your project go? Mr Kazaf?*
Hope everything is good for you la.
See you work so hard, obviously the effort are worth when you see results la..

hehex.Argh! tat guy has got himself tic to Yoga's 校园演唱会?If it's Jam's I'd have killed him. haha!

Kaileng wrote
7/10/2008 12:10:00 PM

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Day 23! :D :D :D :D :D

3 weeks plus a day..haha! I'm in a super high mood actually esp after tat comment he left for me just yesterday & yea, i just saw it today when i logon.

A Short & simple message from him is really enough to keep me going for the rest of the day cos at least i know he's doing good at somewhere where i cant see him. 重点是,他真的要回来了!:)

omgosh! 是真的吗?你真的要回来了?hehex. Sorry arhz, I'm damn happy la,the thought of seeing him once again is NICE cos I haven been seeing him for a mth lo, & yea. MISS HIM loads.Much more than you can imagine. HAHA!

Nuff Said. Pic for Day 23:


Indeed I love his priceless smile. HAHA. Out of 10 pics, only 1 or 2 comes with a bright smile..hehex...Actually, dearie looks good with a smile yea? :)

haha, i do hope this is the last set of pics i gonna post already & tat i have to stop counting cos you are coming back! *LOVES*


Anyway, boss came up to office yesterday & said something like:"Die heart fans of Hady Mirza can catch him at the canteen, he is having his lunch..."

At first i have no intention to get down to see him, but somehow dunno why just follow on tgt with some colleagues to look for him for a picture lo. Afterall it has been some time since i last saw him.


He's doing great,he came back with his artist managers for interview. Anyway, thank you ladies from Hype for your kind gestures by allowing my colleagues & I to grab a pic with Hady :)

Yeap, couldn't hold him for long, so after taking a picture we went back to work :)


Not much to be said today, just feel like updating blog everyday so yea.
Have a nice day to all! OMGOSH, dearie's coming backkkkk! :D :D :D :D :D

Kaileng wrote
7/09/2008 11:25:00 AM

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day 22!

HAHA. Anytime where he'll be back which my guess is within this week? Okay Kaileng is daydreaming again. Ignore her.

Pic For Day 22:


Yea...will always remember tat shot which obviously he did on purpose when we requested for a cute shot? Huan, i din know u can be tat cute. OOPS. i always thought you belong to 'Man' type..out of so many categories for a guy.Neeway, it's cute!


Yesterday went for Superband QF3 recording, as usual supporting 樱.. :) I just gave a new name to them, the awesome 3..haha...It's really difficult to find ppl coming together to produce great music to the ears. & yea.They are one hardworking grp tat had came tgt to produce some quality music. Well, sad to say they'r eliminated. & yeap, i broke down for split second cos i thought they deserved to advance. Well done guys, nvm if you didn't make it, cos to all '樱' 3 Fs, Friends,Family,Fans, you guys are already the best. We could see your effort. Keep living your passion guys!

Well, the bottom line, i disagree tat having strong fanbase means you'r good. Yes, my sentence is directed to the one group, you know who.You chose a song tat requires lotsa tedious techniques. Nv play with fire if you ain't tat good. You'r shouting ain't singing. Ouch! Sorry If i'm mean But, yea, you shldn't be advance to the next round. Let's see how long you gonna last on stage.Good Luck.

Yeap, Results were kinda expected. Judges Favs are 森林帖,异世界 & 大风吹 whom were really good. Esp like the last one. 一场游戏一场梦,cool!

Oh, hehex, being random, i like 娃娃头's harmony's to 爱上一个不回家的人!Nicey!

Pics from yesterday!

Feel Like putting 樱's pics first. HAHA! Shoutout to you guys once again!
You will know who i like out of the 3 when i started posting his pictures.Cos for the obvious, i took alotalot! HAHAHA!

Photobucket ---The awesome three :) xiaoshao,xiaolong&Xiang :)

Photobucket ----------Mini 樱... on stage. they look really tiny from this shot.hehe!

Photobucket ------How could i miss this chance to grab a grp pic?

Answers reveal, Kaileng's fav out of the 3 is none other than...

Mr Simon. hoho!

Photobucket ----His sudden reaction all very cute one leh! HAHA!

Photobucket ----Well, he can be shuai too!

Photobucket ----- I feel really bad having you to walk over for a picture. I should have gone over instead. Thanks for you kind gestures by walking over :)





Photobucket -----Extremely love this shot :)

Photobucket------Popular among the gurls. :)

Hey! The number of pics doesnt mean I'm crazily mad over him alrite.I guess my reaction are just like any normal gurls rite? Tell me? haha!

With XiaoLong & Xiang :




Photobucket -------He's really got this unique 帅 lehz. I guess minority agrees thought.


Omgosh. I finally caught her. Thanks to 90. Oh, i almost thought i mistook her for somebody else. Actually inside the theatre i've been observing if it's her already. hehex! I love love her vocals loads. Esp after IMM scream Party. Solid la Fion! Go Fion! Go 三月!


Btw...FIR is in da house yesterday! :) Sang Fly away, a relatively fast number from their first album :) Faye is good as usual. Actually the first time i saw her live, Pretty babe. & 建宁老师 is omgosh good looking la. Many will say Qing is better looking though.. Dun care, 建宁老师 shuai means shuai! LOL! :) :)





Bad photo qualities though, sorry yea.

Earlier on yesterday saw Carrie & Elvin too :)

Photobucket -------Thanks for stopping for us for a picture babe :)

Photobucket ------Still so shuai, haha! Infact he's looking better each time! :)

Shall end off with random zilian @ TV theatre!


Photobucket -----These two gurls beside me are really nice peeps. Damn fortunate to know them. GOD pls watch over them in their dailyy undertakings :)

No more! End of this bloody long entry as usual! haha!
Huan ar Huan, I MISS YOU MANYMANYMANY!!!!!!! :) :)

Kaileng wrote
7/08/2008 10:51:00 AM


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Shld any senarios seemed familiar to you,
am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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