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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Heyhey! I owe ya a post yea? for thurs de. okay. I went to Nat's Gathering, or should i just say Naturals gathering? :D

yeap, before tat i went to cwp to get some present for nat, yeap, x'mas prezzie. aiyoo, a lil not so prepared lei, last min stuff usually dun turn up good de. anyway, luckily, it looks nice :D

Meet JS, & we took a cab down to Settler's cafe.On da way, slight traffic problem. Not soon after, we reached there. Nice ambience :). We were late. Were told to pick between 1 or 4 so i picked 4 & JS took 1. yeap. so eventually tat turned up to be our group tat we were suppose to be in. Before we joined our respective groups, we were told to introduce ourselves, name & age la. funny me. I'm not tat old yet i said i shall not disclose my age, 'age is confidential'..everyone burst out laughing :)

and not long after i get myself seated i get to know my members, fiona,mickey,rina,jess :)
& of cos it's my turn to try the board game not long after i joined them. There are various colors representing different categories, blue=drawing,green=performing,red=general knowledge,yellow=spelling. I chose yellow. infact they choose for me. & man i need to spell abracadabra? so chim lah. haha!

The game went on & on, Nat changes his group after certain timings :) Nice games & finger food. i enjoyed it. After the game, it was gift exchange between members. So sorry i din get a prezzie to do gift exchange. :( Not long after it was group photo, individual photos & naturals to present their prezzies to Nat :)

And of cos autograph session went on when most of us got our customised greeting photocard from the commitee in an envelope for Nat to sign :) haha. i'm greedy lah, i brought posters, Pictures & Cleo for him to sign.hehe! But of cos i made it a point to be the last few to sign :) Save time..hehex.

I think tats about all bah. oh yes, nat break down when he said' thank you for making my chrismas celebration so special..' :(

& there was a video presentation to do a proper ending. It was Nat's journey of 07.

---i did this collage when i'm damn sleepy! i was cam whoring while waiting for my sista to pass me the comp! haha.

Oh after Nat's gathering i went to marina to meet my gals for steamboat!
Nice catching up we did! Argh! Ailing doesn't want to take a pic with us! Sianz...

I observed my gals love char siew. haha!

-----Jas darling!we both love this pic lei!

Shar :) wah lao eh..yesterday i wanna delete some pics then she says ' dun delete..wo hen mei..(meaning she looks good in the pictures!) duhx!

My Darlings In Secondary school :)

----Nat Holding JS Storyboard(Nat's x'mas prezzie from JS)

----Nat Holding on to his exclusive 2007 Video :) His entire 07 journey :)

-----Ryan & Me..lai lai...wo men zi pai :) Nice! i like this pic :)

--------My Fav Pic for the day, prince santas Nat :D :D

----Santas Nat :)

---X'mas cake! Opps just now din mention about cake cutting ceremony! :P

--------Kaileng love Nat's side view so so much!!! :)(special appearance by JS) haha!

----Another side view! LOVES!

---------Our Love: NAT HO :D

kk..think i should go slp le! check up my updates featuring hady tmr! :)
Nitex! Merry X'mas!

Kaileng wrote
12/22/2007 12:37:00 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

today as usual, went to canteen durin break, while i was getting my bubble tea, chevy suddenly hit me on my shoulder, i tout wad happen, and wah lao eh..it so happen tat she saw Mark & wanna take pic with him. i was like omgosh..i tout wad.haha. but we din went over cos he was seated with somebody else.But lucky for her, we saw him again at wardrobe unit :)

Soon after, she said she saw sly i was like where where, and omgosh it's really sly!!! Sorry ehh, today i'll be having SLY fever! I was thinking back on how much i used to love him, since his SI days after revival round to be exact, i even voted for him lo. haha. so love him eh. actually towards sly, kaileng love & hate him..haha.. but no longer lah, i hate him cos of bad interpretation of his 'playboy' image..BUT like i say it's already the past le, i still love him :) SLY rocks :) He's actually a nice guy..
- saw him at canteen & went ' sly, ke yi pai zhao ma?' he said can lo, and after taking pics he was so nice to asked what we (Kailin & myself) were doing at mdc.. :) this is actually the first time i get to take a pic with sly, cos during hype up i din get to do so, so this is officially our first pic :) LOVE SLY! haha. madness!

-there! we wanna take pic at canteen but too many ppl, so we caugh him here at wardrobe instead! chevy high ar! Mr Mark is a nice beng :)

-Pat..damn funny how i called her..i was like ' xiao...ling....'she went on ' ehh..zuo shen mo?'..she was nice lah..in a rush for scene still stopped for a pic..this is wad i call good artist! :)

After break time, we went back to work, i decide to tune in to yes933 cos sly was involved as he old us he will be there for interview. waited for him to finish his interview cos i wanna take more pic, one isn't enuff, for someone tat supported him this much! haha. He was really nice la..before he left he said' ni men yao hao hao gong zuo oh'.. sort of saying you must be hardworking on your job.. tats really sweet of sly! aiyoo.sad i took a solo pic of sly but it was disfigured and blurred so i deleted it, argh! blame it on my hands, they are shivering! haha. i was shivering too when i saw sly! haha.. not even Jon T or Jon L lo.. :P anyway i kenna sly flu liao lah! :P

-saw chuifang after work. she cute eh..told us gonna rain le, faster shift to somewhere else,then we saw her happily chatting with crews. haha, we went ' ehh..she not afraid it'll rain meh?'..haha! cute lah!

Dawnie! out of 7 princess, the most real de, kawaii sia! her tone is super similar to maxi! kailin hor? madness argh! she recorded a voice msg for us, so cute eh! :P she's cute lah. i like her manager :P :P

-chris..still so shuaiz lah.. :P

shaun..this one wah lao eh.. so diff to catch, as said by kailin..haha..yea..i shall named him' gan shi jian' rushing for time..lolx.. he always tell me this de lo. haha. BUT hack care, today he was nice to spare us sometime to take a pic :)

Yangtian! he was surprised we were still around to wait specially for him :) Another hao hao xian shen.(mr nice)..Oh no his birthday is coming up..thinking of wad to give him eh.. sianz...he's going back to china soon le lei.. gonna miss him i think, he's been nice all along! :) oh he knows nat argh! :) neh mind.. i like them both!

- US! woohoo..wil nv forget this day, we walked him out to catch a cab :)

To end of! this is mabelyn surrounded by KAILINGS! haha!
*Random, Chevy has good yuan fen with dong fang billy :P
hehhehheh! byee..blog again soon!

Kaileng wrote
12/19/2007 10:39:00 PM

Monday, December 17, 2007

kk..updates :)

today entry will make 5566 fans go gaga! lolx. will be posting their pics during yes933 interview.. :)

anyway..today went to work, feeling giddy, a lil unwell. then i reach office nobody de lei..8pm le still nobody i tout today was official off for all.haha.

did the newspapers as usual, after that i couldn't make it le, really tired so jiu request leave, and yeap i left during lunch time.. :)

yeap, i took pics with this yr's best actor & actress, tats ge ping da ge & sweet yvonne :)
Heard them on air 933, so decide to try my luck to catch them & tada! i manage to :)

Ge ping da ge was so nice to offer to help me take a pic with yvonne & of cos yvonne in return also offer to help me take with ge ping da ge :)
-- with sweet yvonne :)

---ever dashing ge ping da ge:)

And i happen to catch a familiar face, tats joey from star idol, at wardrobe :)
Look out for her new show mi tu, featuring Joanne,becca,pinghui etc...

I din went back early despite taking leave, cos i wanna catch 5566! haha. My aim was to take the same lift as them, and guess wad i did! togther with kailin & xueting(so in love with shaowei), same as me! :P

Took the lift to level 6 the place i work as well as radio station which is just opposite!They went in straight to the 933 studio waiting to start their interview..

Things tat happen in da lift, the whole lift was packed with 5566 plus the crew from Taiwan, a lil breathless.haha! i kept looking at shaowei & yeap he did look at me too, machiam alien.lolx. tat that point in time, i really wanna say 'shaowei ni hen shuaiz lei!' haha! xiezhi was at a corner to himself, same to renfu & mengzhe..haha. i din pay much attention to them la.. :P

before i display all the pictures from the studio, i wanna share something! zax really dun look like a father of one. haha. he was busy drawing on tissue papers. so funny lah! kk.. here comes the pics!

tats all today, shall update tmr!

Kaileng wrote
12/17/2007 05:32:00 PM

harlow..am here to blog..early in da morning..about yesterday's happenings :)

kk..early in da morning went for a jog, did some exercises, but makes no difference cos after tat i went to get myself a packet of duck + chicken rice. haha!

then afternoon went to AMK hub walk walk with my fren, he wanna get shirts. then we saw this shirt very nice lo, long sleeved black top, but too bad the size doesn't fit la. the larger size one is too 'loose', cos tat shirt suppose to be tight fit? :) so in the end din get anything, went back to watch star awards..

erm, was a lil surprised by some of the award winners :) But well, it's their hardwork regconised so congrats!

my predictions for top 10 male & female got 80% right..

got 7 spots right for male & 8 spots right fir female.

My wrong guess for the night for guys- pierre,terrence, hanwei
My wrong guess for the females- ou xuan,jopeh

anyway, they'r all good lah, if not why get nominated ? con't to jiayou dear artists!

hoho, after star awards, got qing gong yan lo, wah tat korean prince hen shuaiz lei. haha! yu rong & shao wei too..shh..the rest also lah.. :P but these in particular.

sianz..din get to see JON T. on tv. haha.After sometime after the qing gong yan, i received a call from JS, she passed phone lo. and i was like sleepy so i asked 'who is tat guy i'm speaking to?'..

LIN KE LUN! replied he is xiao zhu & rattle on..i was so sleepy so i believe every word he said! argh! i wanna kill him..haha!

Then after tat JS called me again, this time another guy, but it's dearest NAt lah, n i knew it was him, cos iof his tone. and obviously he said he was nat. i went on to asked izzit really him cos! kenna cheat by kelun so once is enuff.HAHA! he reply was pretty cute' he says if i'm not nat then who i am..

hehex. cute lah! anyway after tat i went on to slp le..while blogging now, i just saw this yr's best actress & actor! Truely deserving, they have good gestures, and is really real, not fake at all. :)

congrats to yvonne & ge ping ge! :)

hao lah. i wanna go off liao. blog again when i feel like it. am really tired! feeling giddy,think got headache, and falling sick real soon! pls dun make me fall sick! PLs do so only after thurs & sat cos i'm attending Nat's christmas gathering & jon's bookfest event. :)

tata! tired & restless!

Kaileng wrote
12/17/2007 09:30:00 AM


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