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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Day 19~!

Finally a lil update from him~!Doesn't matter if it's just a sentence or two,it is really enuff to keep me going for the rest of the day~! :)This time round he's really coming back already! Prolly another 5-6 days!huh? One more week? HAHA. As long as he is coming back, how long it takes to wait i dun mind la..hehex!

Being random, this is also day 2 since lemonboy left..Nah...i wont be counting down..hhaha! Lemonboy will be away for like 2 weeks bah & will be back on da
18th.. :)Wadever it is, hav fun my craziest LemonBoy!

Pic For Day 19~!
Indeed I love you many many!
Huan, didcha hear me? haha!
I can't believe i've actually blogged about dearie for 19 days! Omgosh. hhehex!
till then, everyone, enjoy your weekend ya.. Love ya all many many~!

Kaileng wrote
7/05/2008 07:30:00 AM

Friday, July 04, 2008

July the 4th, Day 18~~

Didn't went to work today, took the day off to settle some administrative work for applying financial assistance for my mother as some documents are in urgent need so that they can process our application..

It's so troublesome tat i need to get down again tmr early in da morning to see the person in charge.Duhx!

Yesterday i broke down while i was happily karaoke-ing @ Party World. Tears just rolled down.Really been long, okay i know 2-3 days can't be considered 'long' but in my point of view, it's LONG cos i haven heard from you know who, & he's gettin me really worried.

Furthermore dear Rabbit words nearly scare me so much tat it's part of the reason why i broke down yesterday too. She said JiaXi heard from a fan of huan something like his operation got a lil problem. walao.upon hearing this my heart was beating faster than usual & eventually broke down lo. Cos i was thinking wad could have happen. Thank GOD after a while Rabbit explained it might not be wad she said.Only then i felt so much better. :)

Pic for Day 18:

------am not in da correct mood to decorate our pic, so yea but I'd always remember the above pic. How i embarrassed myself infront of thousands of audience in their seats by insisting on this picture with dearie when they'r all looking at us..:P

Did you know tat i really miss you so so much, to the extend tat i might collaspe anytime without your updates? I'm so damn worried. Call me showing too much concern towards just a friend like you..I dont care cos wadever i've said is really from my heart.Just wad are you doing at this very moment? :( :( I miss you, i really do..


Random end off with a pic with rabbit :)
She was @ party world too with 90, so before i left i took a pic with her lo. Yupzz..Hope they did enjoy themselves, though i was a lil down yesterday..

I was reading some article regarding Luoyi & i came out with a logic why i love Luoyi & zhenhuan so much..They're both from SiChuan!HAHAHA!

Mayb i shld go find a sichuan man & get married.waHAHA!


Kaileng wrote
7/04/2008 01:09:00 PM

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Day 17...

Really dunno wad else to say besides forever ranting i miss him & i really do. :( :(
Anyway, yesterday was randomly thinking about memories down the lane for WWDZ..

& i really love recalling those lil things i've done through for this whole WWDZ.Esp for darlings like LemonBoy & of cos Huan :) argh! I miss WWDZ period...i wonder how's everyone doing..i hope they're all fine yea.. :)

Pic for Day 17 :

Someone just as special ----------If i can make a choice, yea, he is indeed the best thing in my world.. :) erm, dearie's not a thing btw, it just so happen tat the whole quote is like tat.. :P

This pic was taken on da day of Spop finals when the they reported :) You know wad i really love his smile. hehheh. he once signed for me something like this: '不喜欢看你不开心的样子。。你笑起来比较好看。哈哈。。很熟吧?' haha.. oh it means he doesn't like to see me pulling a long face, i'll look better with a smile. & he finds it familiar cos i told him the same thing before. Tat he looks better with a smile :)

I guess lemonboy de would be most memorable besides Huan cos he is the first one from WWDZ i really go all out to support. I'd always remember the first gift i got him, the customised bottle,& then passing it to him as breakfast tgt with chocolate milk & some light food.6.30am is the time we reached mdc to wait for them.Am not joking.Then of cos the next memorable gift which is the giant milk bottle full of hearts & a plush toy. argh! Last major gift i gave was a Yellow Care bear plus bird nest & drink in a beautiful plastic bag..when i visit them @ their training place.Oh tat time i was biase, so i got lemonboy big bear,while huan's small one. OOPS!Of cos plus many many food & drinks for the rest of the days..Argh! I miss those days..of cos i miss lemonboy! HEHEx..Flying off tmr to sydney! Hope he'll have a great time there! Enjoy!Oh how could i forget the photoalbum i made specially for him on da WWDZ finals, it was also a special & memorable gift :)

LemonBoy & ME!!!

There he is holding to my gift :) It so much suits him. Cute person shld get cute gifts.hehex! Love this crazy lemon Boy!

Yea..Back to huan, this dude got my support really late & i must say i really regret it so much tat i hate myself for not supporting him earlier. Such a nice dude tat is really hardworking towards wad he wants & of cos appreciates wadever i've done or others hav done for him :) Yea.. Being random last two weeks of WWDZ is when i truely understands this dude better. If only time could go back, I'd love to support him right from the start :) Cos being able to find someone nice tat you could really talk to, it's difficult..算是投缘吧。。 Love him loads...

Anyway..Both are really dear to my heart alrite BUT something i realised since huan left, he matters SO MUCH MORE than lemonboy now.Infact before he left, their ranks have already changed.It used to be the other way round.. OOPS!

Darlings :)

Absoulutely adores them! :D :D Now & Forever..


Today, i sat on a cab. Tat uncle kept talking non stop like a machine gun & machiam he thinks he's very humorous..ehh.. I'm just game enuff to take his jokes la..or rather too boliao tat i kinda listened to him thru out the trip.

Kaoz! He kept asking for numbers & namecards. & tat got time can go ktv or dance tgt?!?Argh! He was so observant tat he gave comments like nobody's business. From my head to toe you know? Like my hairstyle is nice, my eyes are small ohmygosh i cant write on. He can even tell me woah my clothings matched with my shoes & tat i bought it on purpose.. I mean izzit his concern? Mind his own business la.Aiyoo.. Gosh... I wouldn't say he's scary cos if he is he wouldn't have let me off when we reached destination. HAHA. he just wont give up, keep trying to grab my number even to the last min. Sorry la. Big NONO. Oops!

Random jokes he made, 'Yes? 933....'

then Icic....'IC inside your wallet'....

Then i went 'ar...ya...' he'd say i love to eat duck..

oh most ridiculous one.. i have 5 ear piercings on my left & 6 on da right he commented i like '5566'..

i was like duhx.! gosh... SOmetimes dun keep thinking you are humorous when you'r not...I dun find it funny, i'm just laughing for the sake of entertaining your jokes. DOTS!

Omgosh, pls dun try to drive past my area just to pick me up on your cab, i'm having phobia now.. Dots...

Random end off, wad i love most about mediacorp, is not the artists, not my colleagues but the staff canteen aunties & uncles :) Nicest Peeps!

hehex. I got 3 nicknames coming from them, '美女' , '偶像' & finally '小酒窝' ..
haha, those nicknames are just too nice tat i dun tink it fits me at all :P
Damn adorable la..those peeps! Love them!

Till then, tata! Dearie Huan, I miss you <--------------------this much------------------------>!


Kaileng wrote
7/03/2008 10:55:00 AM

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day 16~! :)
Sorry if i sounded a lil harsh these few days to anyone i spoke to~
am burned by many many things on da mind.SORRY.

*Life sucks. Family sucks.* Why are all the responsibilites coming to me?!? I've really got no time for all the things i need to settle? The need to settle outstanding bills? The need to bring my mother for follow up? The need to grab the neccessary documents to ask for financial assistance?So many things awaits me to settle yet i cant even settle one of them right now. Wadever Life seriously sucks. At 20, i really think i'm a failure. Piece of SHIT tat nobody adores. HAIZ. Waiting for miracle to happen, praying for more time each day. Now everyone knows why i'm always hanging out outside when i'm supposed to be back home. I guess i have no courage to face all those SHIT. Just when will i be able to handle all the responsibility?I'm not at all ready.Fuck.
:( I may seemed happy all day long, but i've problems awaiting for the day & many more to come. Well, i live in darkness, tats why i'd prefer to be out with friends, go & support dear idol-friends?!? Simple reason behind all those, i'll be a happier person when i see these group of people instead.. :)

I dun wanna always write the same old contents for the start of the blog entry practically everyday but yea, when somebody matters so much & when he's suddenly gone you'll really WILL feel a part of you missing. haha. tats obviously how i felt when he left.. so yea. I'm telling you yes. He's still missed by your majesty me. :)

Being random, Joyce was searching for her EZ link card in her bag yesterday tat left me thinking about him again cos he's always digging his 'treasure bag' chinese we call it '八宝袋' haha. Yea. If he's not looking for his EZ link, he'll be looking for his wallet. haha. it's time to change a new bag dude~ oops! Oh i actually told him before i'd get him something for him to keep all his cards~! hehheh! Only yet to do so.. :P

I wonder how his follow up & consultation goes, well i guess for now can only wait for his updates .. :)

Meanwhile, pic for day 16~!

Kaileng & Zhenhuan

aHA! He is really good when he plays basketball..i was stunned when i first saw him played. one word: '帅' :) haha. I would easily labelled him '篮球王子',寰' :)


Today is my fellow purple lover aka Big eyed babe's Birthday.
Happy 24th Birthday Christalle dearie!

May all the sweet sweet things comes her way & have a blessed birthday dear!
Here's one specially for her :)

beautiful christalle

& of cos a picture i took with the beautiful princess some time ago :)

Kaileng & Christalle

Once again, happy birthday dear! Do hav fun & enjoy on your special day! Am sure lotsa surprises will come your way! Misses&LoVE!


Okay..so kaileng randomly saw shuaishuai @ canteen during dinner time yesterday :) He claimed to have come back to see his 'boss' for some discussion, prolly on his contract? :) Yea, still nice as usual. Just for the sake of shuaishuai's supporters,some updates.. his life goes on as usual after WWDZ,his PC is down, then practically when he's not at home will be out with friends & loved ones :)

yea.. & for you all, i got a pict of him :) Look for me for the original copy :)


Hehex..isn't he sizzling HOT? aHA! Cool Cool kinda guy, it's either you love him or you dont.. :)

Our picture tgt :)


He was really kinda restless when we saw him yesterday. Pls grab enuff rest yea. :)
cya around.


To end off, I'm gonna say a lil something to Xueting..

I'm not one tat will take lil things to heart but your actions somehow always turns me off & therefore i gotta shout at you yesterday.Can't really blame you also cos you are REALLY QUIET by nature..BUT at least if you wanna request for me to be around can you pls do it in a polite manner? Pls understand this ya..?
dont always '鬼鬼祟祟' & pls act like your age. :)

oh stop poking ppl! :P


HAve a great day! Once again, Happy birthday dear Christalle, & huan you'r missed 24/7 :)

Kaileng wrote
7/02/2008 11:17:00 AM

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

第 15 天~!

最重要还是明天的眼科复诊。。希望一切OK :)
我会在这里耐心的等待你回来的那一天。。 :)

大家都知道我喜欢Wayne那种类型的男人,Not 男生hor! 哈哈哈!



第一次去看他训练。。 :) 也是从这一天决定支持他的。。。:)



Photobucket ----Do Support Sweetest Nat in his upcoming shows! 你们的支持将是他的推动力来做得更好献给你们。。 :)


Anyway,88(我) 快要火山爆发了。。最近开始对一位朋友感到反感。。她的举动让人很愤怒。。甚至感到很Disgusting.对不起。。我真的忍很久了。。憋着并不好受。。所以就决定写下来。。可能她不知道自己为他人做的事已经超越极限。。有时我真的觉得没必要。。尤其是接近我喜欢的人,更惨。。可惨。。我更愤怒。。可能你认为帮人家做点小事并没什么,但看着你的举动的人觉得你真的很会‘搞好关系’。。Get wad i mean? I really hope you can STOP doing all those,keep your kind gestures to yourself, esp towards ppl tat i like, it's getting irritating.. Okay, call me jealous. wadever u named it.BUT i guess they really appreciate all you've done though. 还没写完。。其实很想说你‘说大话’的习惯一直没有改掉。。我只是希望你能够改善。。每次讲话都怪怪的。。这些相信也有人认同我。。我们都有向当事人求证。。Anyway, 放下一切负面的缺点,你其实是个很好的女生。。希望你真的能够检讨。。,当然我不会因为这点是对你态度转变,没必要,大家依然是朋友。。


昨天,去看了Superband II QF 2, 大家都蛮稳的,最欣赏DreamFactory:) 主唱Careen 很棒。。Hot MAMA 加油!The band itself was also very well organised. Liked the music arrangement.

当然,我是去支持'樱',支持Simon的。。呵呵。。他们很用心去编曲,去把表演做好,最后也进圈了。。继续加油吧!Chantrice! 樱的鼓手很帅hor? 哈哈!

其实,翼璇风真的是个很有潜质的乐团。。可能输在比赛当天刚好音调有很大的问题。。主唱跟乐手打的音乐完全不在音符里面,个玩个的。。But i really see potential,you guys have a long way to go! Jiayou.

Okayokay. 娱乐性的照片!

Photobucket -----Superband 'Mari Kita'! haha! Red & White dominates! 大家好爱国!哈哈哈!

Photobucket --------90 的 Rabbit, got herself injured,therefore landed up in this position. :P

Pics With Superband 08 peeps!

Simon from 樱 :)




他讲话的时候很可爱。。呵呵。。记得支持‘樱’哦~! 我真的不敢跟他讲话啦!

超级辣妈 Careen~From DreamFactory :)



音质很特出。。声音相当有爆发力。。 :)加油!

The Young Ones:

Mingyang from Synpathy


哈哈,笑的时候动作超可爱。。! 双手交叉,盖着嘴巴。。呵呵!

Kwang Yueh from 伍个人:



Chris & Janet from 二做据:



Kunio From 异世界:


搞不懂为什么他拍照总是这样?!?可是还蛮Cute 的。。呵呵。。

Chenliang from 大风吹:



Bryan from Screamm:




A picture with 大龙。。


好帅哦!来支持弟弟小龙的吧。。呵呵。。 :)


Shall end off with a random pic of me & SHENG AN :)


我们很像白痴。。。哈哈!他还蛮配合的。。 :)
Sorry leh. 那天真的打算等你的。。呵呵。。But i went off first!


till then XOXO!
Huan= Love MAny Many!

*support INK*

Kaileng wrote
7/01/2008 11:26:00 AM

Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 14 :D :D

*another wordy entry* & call me crazy cos i'm way too happy~!

Exactly two weeks since dearie left for China..& i'm really happy la, cos he's gonna be back...
REAL SOON.hehex.

Happily counting down as usual :D

This dearie gave me a surprise by sending me messages on msn. wads so surprising?the messages were sent when he appeared offline. duhx! tats why i got so high when i saw his reply. plus i dun usually get the chance to tok to him on msn.So, all along he's been appearing offline la?!? lol. i dun care leh,i asked him to look for me next time he logon msn before he really offlined.

anyway, i left him offline message the day before & he replied kinda fast.. saying everything was fine & tat there's still earthquake going on but he can hardly feels anything, so i assume everything is going on fine for him & his loved ones there :D :D

Anyway yeap, short update, he's still not done with his lasik surgery cos he has to stop wearing contact lenses for half a month. haha. from the very last time i asked till now, the surgery was still not done! :P He will be back there to follow up this coming weds, hopefully everything goes well for him & tat he could get his surgery done asap bah :)Afterall, it'll be easier for him to go w/o specs :)

Being random,I had the intention of picking him up at the airport but this ever considerate dude says it'd be too troublesome for me cos he'll be arriving like really late midnight.:D :D So i just had to wait at home lo.

Meanwhile, here's picture for day 14 :D :D


HAHA. Absolutely loves tat pic of us :D

Neeway, friday after work went to canteen saw Jiahui :D
As usual, i'm so shy to approach him for a picture, so 90 helped :D
Thanks babe. Jiahui was cute, he asked if i still wanna carry on with takin the pic cos his hair is not styled. i dun mind, so we proceed with the pic :D Nice dude. Jiayou le jiahui!


Then headed to Jurong Sports & Recreation hall to see Feli?!? haha. she was one of the representative for the Asia challenge? I dunno wads tat in detail, but some basketball challenge.Yeap. Yangtian was around too. Talking about him, he was with mdc ppl so i dun dare approach him, all thanks to XT..helped me called him & request for a pic. thanks babe! :D
He's nice as usual, there is already ppl waiting for him yet he still stops for a pic. Appreciate it loads! Yangyang, is a really NICE DUDE. :D he will stay for 4 mths this time round. Good! :D


Yea. to end off, super random, we saw a grp of young boys grabbing signatures from one of the basketballer. i was thinking, ehh who is tat tat they are asking autograph from? Orh..some well known basketballer. Well known in their basketball world. Just like how we chase stars from mediacorp, they hav their own idols too from their own cycle. :)

till then...XOXO!
Huan, miss you loads!

Kaileng wrote
6/30/2008 09:10:00 AM


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