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Saturday, December 20, 2008

To my Dear friend Joyce Stella...

Okay, first of all, I think I'm being nice cos I'm not all set to give you a bad testimonial.
It will take me ages to do tat. :)
However, wadever i write here in today's entry might not be pleasing to your eyes.

Btw,you're still my friend la... cos people tat know me would know I dont like making enermies,so eventually all become my so called "friends"..

Keeping Quiet doesnt mean I dunno wadever you're up to on your sleeves alright.I'm really tired on this "game" anymore. I've always know there were so much more to you but i continue to stick to you on occasions.Friends has been saluting me for bearing with such a person like you knowing you aint that "simple". Well, the reason why i chose to continue telling you stuff is because there's still tat amount of trust I had on you..Unfortunately, You misused tat privilege or tat weak point on me...Sigh....Neeway, I'm writing not bcos i wanna let know tat you're such kinda person but pinning some hope you'd change for the better. I know it's not easy but it's all enough time since the very last time things happened. Sigh...Perhaps, You're always the innocent one infront of ppl whom are not aware of wad had happened.I'm not gonna rant much on other things but work wise. From wad I've heard,It seemed like you've been making yourself sound so miserable that things has been thrown to you by me while i do my own "things",that you felt injustice cos supervisors has been throwing work for you to bring home to complete. Let me tell you, they didnt at all encourage stuff to bring work back to complete, let alone you! Plus, i didnt dump undone work to you! Ask your conscience, on occasions, i did ask if you need any help but you decline my offer saying you could manage...so why complain? More to come! Thank you for putting such a good act infront of me by standing on my side when things goes wrong yet behind my back, i dunno what the heck you've been complaining to the people in da office. I'm not afraid to say I really suspect you share an unusual relationship with the "new Sup"despite saying how much you detest her. Omg, God knows how you actually suck up to her when nobody is around? Okay, all these are my assumptions. You shld feel nth if you did none of the above mentioned. Wadever, I feel really out of place. I guess..nope I assume again you've been telling tales about me that everyone's behaving rather weird. Duhx!You guys can lunch tgt, leave the office tgt..leaving me along... Gosh! I just felt amiss lah. I can tell you i'm not even aware of new projects in hand..which i guess i shld know cos i'm part of the team! Perhaps, now everything is directed to you bah, cos you're so good in making yourself a good employee, slaving like mad while I do my own work like you claimed. Muaha! For a person like you tat can put on such a good act infront of me yet gossiping behind my back, I really doubt your social qualities. Haiz..

Anyway, i shall not comment much cos i'd need to be good myself before criticising others. Yah..Heard many stories about you and surprisingly, they all are similar senarios from different persons..Wth.I really salute myself, many told me to be careful about you yet i ignore their "alert calls". Foolish me. Somehow I regret bringing you to MDC. Sigh...

Last note, stop sucking up to different people & twisting words quoted from other people's mouth.I BEG YOU. PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS, dont harbour bad intention on "my people".

Alright, May GOD bless you my dear friend.

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Kaileng wrote
12/20/2008 06:45:00 PM

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time to reflect? Am I serious at work? I dont think so la. Haa..
Just got some wake up call again this morning..cos i was caught surfing!!!

Dunno lah.. to me.. I think so long as i got my assigned work done, then there's nth wrong to surf while working...

But I guess to them, you shld only do your "own things" when all work is done.

Argh! Heck, I dun think i gonna change anyway,Wait! Perhaps i shld say..I'd try to! I just cant stop going to my facebook,forums,check mails etc. Muaha.

Neeway, it's not tat i dun like wad i'm doing for my job, aiyOo..I dunno how to explain la. Perhaps..getting too sian liao, so I do wadever I like, didnt think about whether wad i was doing would affect the other colleagues or simply ppl sharing da same office.Too many eyes looking,or shld i say SPYS? Sianz.

Neeway, towards MDC i also very sian liao. Outside ppl can tell me how good MDC is, they wanna work here & etc, actually it's just the surface nia la...Was thinking of quitting, but huh,say as if it's easy la, somethings just stopped me from doing so, be it my idols here or i couldnt find a better job...MDC is the place tat brought me most of my friends, the ups & downs..so yah...

KK..so yesterday I saw LP again, so coincident la, she just wrapped up for the day, so yea. Looks like she's feeling better from the last time we waited for her ..good! Must take care eh, darling!
Heh, she was surprise why so many ppl would want to go vivo for countdown when there's no international stars there. Heex!

No picture taken. Haa, cos she requested not to, so i respect her decision. :) Actually i kinda admire her attitude cos to some artistes, if you ever realise, they'd find it difficult to reject photo requests...& so they took the picture but with a fake smile.
So RuiEn darling rocks. Heh! haha. No I aint sian after so many pictures with you! Muaha! :)
Infact, I love to have many many pictures taken with you. Haa!

Yesterday went to SPSB's concert @ VCH to support Grand-daughter Serene. Argh! I miss Band! I really do. Heex, saw YTWO seniors. How cool! :) It's great to see their love for music still going on after years, cos who knows some may hav stopped..Haa!

I miss these babies:

-----------Trumpet & Cornet!

Been playing for over 10 yrs heh! It all started from my dancing band in Admiralty Primary.Heh! Yes we dance & play! Argh! Then i went to YTSS, took up band, went ITE it's still Band! From Trumpet to eventually playing the cornet, i feel so much being part of the band's family.

Miss all instuctors tat has been with me thru the years. I think Mr Chew deserves the most mention! =DDD

Back to SPSB..

SPSB was good! Love their music, but perhaps I've been away from Band for sometime, i dont really understand the repertoire much. Haa! Nonetheless, i still tink it's some great music!

Glad to see Friends from ITE Bandmates too!
Alright, some pics taken from sweet Joanna....

-----Beautiful musician friends I've made.

-----These photos is a mixture of alumnis & current members of the ITE band?

Not much to say liao, I miss schooling days, I miss having band Practices.
Haa...faster go form ITE Almuni Band leh friends! heex!

take care all! Didnt i say i was letting DearieHuan go? HAA! *Call me stubborn cos i cant help myself to leave a comment on DearieHuan's friendster page*Wad does tat show? Haiz..

Kaileng wrote
12/18/2008 12:40:00 PM

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heh! I think i'm in x'mas mood leh! muhahaha!Happy!
Just surfed Jon Bro's website,Photo Gallery & forum..

I just realised it has not been revealed where Bro's gonna be at for this yr's countdown!
I'm praying hard it's Punggol! Cos i can get to see LP & Bro @ the same time ..Heex!
& somehow managers wont have to split themselves up to so many places? haa..

Some gonna be at Marina side already cos there's Hady & Taufik..
So i'm praying the remaining ones will go Punggol la. Heh!

But wherever i gonna be at for this yr's countdown it solely depends on Jon Bro. Cos I'll be @ where he is based!

I said i surfed Bro's fanclub gallery rite? omg. I think time really flies leh. So fast year already ending. & it's as if we just held Bro's birthday celebration on da flyers yesterday. Muahaha.I'd say these are all beautiful Memories. Been 2 years & counting! =DDD

I still keep the badge I made with Bro & I during meet the idols @ Mt Emily on 31.7.05..

2005 leh! Haa! =DDD

Before i write on, feel free to visit our fansite @ Jonathan Leong's Fansite
Our Fan Forum @ Jonathan Leong's Fan Forum
& lastly our Fan Gallery @ Jonathan Leong's Fan Gallery

Cya there..
These are some random pictures taken during our celebration on the flyer some time back in June... =DDDD

----Auntie Mag With Bro whom just arrived at the VIP holding room where we waited for him :)
------Dearest Bro.
---Birthday dude cutting his Birthday cake.
-----His birthday gift from the FC,A Cert from ASD Sponsorship. We always know he loves animals & he dun really encourage us to get hime xpensive gifts, so this is the best gift we thought we could give. Plus. it's meaningful.
----I like how he post for the cameras! :)
-----Pic with Dearest Bro!
----While waiting for his arrival...
----The team tat welcomes him! Muahaha! Spot me?
---Somehow i love love love this pic. So nice!
-------This too!
----Everyone's busy snapping away! Love for our dearest!
---My club President Eveline & Bro. :)
--------Tats Bro doing an item for us with his guitar. He sang one of his compositions :) How cool!

---Preparing for Q&A Questions!
---His birthday cake!
----- :)

Okay.. Nth much liao.. Just bringing back some beautiful memories! Heeex..

Being random, Before LP knows me ar, she used to label me as "Jonathan Fan" leh..
So Cute! Imagine..dearest LP goes..."eh... 你不是Jon 的Fan咯?" Heex...

alright, hav a nice day all lovelies!
*Missing JonLeong,JonToh,Sweetest,LP!*

Random, I signed up for Basic Theory Test liao. Wish me luck! One more mth plus a few days to go! Must pass ar!!!!

Looking forward to tonight's concert @ VCH! =DDDD

Kaileng wrote
12/17/2008 01:02:00 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

omg. I'm finally back. muahaha. Cos i was emo-ing for days,thinking about some disturbing issues, so I decided not to blog. Heex.

But now, I'm back! Haa..I had nice week start! Met so many lovelies, whom i've always love to see no matter when or where! Heex. Shall talk about it later. :)

Since everyone has been asking me wad happen between somebody & myself, I shall just say la.
For those tat know me, asked me wad had actually happened, & I'm so glad to share with them.

Actually nth much, I'm just way too disappointed. I said tat I hate you, but i really cant bring myself to do tat la. I know I'm still supporting you. I guess I love you too much tats why i find it really hard to hate you for the huge change in attitude. Hate is too strong a word la. :(

I guess i'm not the only one experiencing all this SHIT but i just wanna say...

_________, my piece of advice for you, It's not worth to forsake your loved ones for that amount of Fame. I'm sorry if i've wronged you btw!

Perhaps you shld learn to be more humble like Elvin, Nat or even YuanShuai...

Nuff of tat. Spoil my mood. Neeway, went DF again. Bloody hell! I told myself repeatedly not to head down too often leh. But i guess somebody has so much charm to make me go all da way there.Muaha! Jon you heard tat! =DDDDDD

Photobucket----- There you are. =DDD

Thanks for looking into my camera once in a while. *Loves*

Oh yea, gg down to DF also have it's good points la, I pick up some nice songs from their repertoire. muahaha!

Even started K-ing their songs at KTVs. haha! I've been singing "我相信" which is sang by 杨培安(yes! another 88's lao-nan-ren) & did by Celeste during her set at DF.

为你而活, By 神木与瞳 , & also by Jon & Izzit Skpe or Celeste. =DDD

Blues,By 萧敬腾, also by Shibuya. OOps. Shinya. Heh.

Haa..btw, all the songs on my media player in da office are songs i picked up from DF.
kk.. some pics of dearest Jon & myself!

Photobucket-----I really seldom get this huge smile. heh.
Photobucket----Blurred. But Heck, there's JOnNnnnNn!

Heh. He was cute la, asked him for song titles he passed me the whole run down & I have to check from the paper myself. muaha! Oh yea, thanks for coming over to my side out of a sudden during one of the songs. Scare me, but it's all worth. muahaha!

Keep doing your thing on stage cos you belong there! Jiayou!

Couple of Pics with some performers:
Photobucket---I call her Queen Of Dragonfly. Hear her, you'll be stunned. Celeste, you're really good! =D
Photobucket----KaiLi whom I'm still admiring her vocals, it's unique =D
Photobucket---Phoebe! =)
Photobucket----Shibuya! =DD
Photobucket-----& Tommy! =D

Neeway, after so many pics @ DF, the nicest I've taken is actually with Kelvin? Guitarist from Puzzle Band? heh. Nobody knows his, but i kinda tink he's good on stage! =DD

----HA! Nice leh this pic. muahaha!

Pamela was kind enuff to offer to take a snap of us with her camera cos my hp chose to give up on me tat very moment i want to take pic with him. muahaha.

End of my entry on DF with well respected guitarist Six :DDD

Photobucket---- I love it whenever he's on guitars =D

Days back I saw Sweetest & LP! So happy can. Two darlings leh. Okay, IF i say IF only i am only allow one male & 1 female artiste these two will most probably comes into the picture! *Loves*

Dearest LP:


Oh dear, so shock to note tat she's not feeling Well leh. God pls watch over LP. =DD
& hope she's feeling so so much better! =DD
Argh! Looks like i-weekly which LP is featured needs to wait for sometime le. Sianded.
But i've gotten over the fact tat good stuff are worth the wait! =DDD
Darling, I'm sending some luv to you thru my blog! *Loves*

Dearest Sweetest:


Haa...Dearest sweetest sounds a lil weird.. but heck, i love it this way... =DD
As usual, this is the one tat would automatically acknowledge from far with a wave =DD
He was exactly like a boyboy, heh, i guess only Joyce knows why. His actions says it all. Heex. Cuteeee! Neeway, we were discussing about him being unusual. Haa. Go figure out why?
Neeway, Love to this boyboy! =DDD

Happen to see Elvin while waiting for LP & Jesseca when i knock off from work too!


Tats all lor. Oh yea, all starring for the same drama..."未来不是梦"
How cool! I think the cast & the script is pretty good!

Actually when i'm waiting for either LP or Sweetest, I'm so so afraid to run into DearieHuan lor. Luckily I didnt. Cos i tink it'd be very "尴尬"... I really didnt expect things to be like tat la. From so much wanting to see you until, having to play hide & seek.. Haiz... I dunno if i shld continue calling you Dearie though. Haiz...

On Sat, randomly went to meet Pam walk walk round Bugis. Bought 2 tops & a jacket. Heh. Oh yea. Things i got normally cheap la, infact if it cross 10 bucks i'd have to consider & consider. Muahaha.

Some fun & arcade!We turned to 职业杀手!


Finally so long huh, as usual la, my style of blogging. Heeee!
Final note, Everyone shld just relax, dun get over sensitive to small issues.
Tat applies to myself! =DDD

TakeCare all Lovelies! Most importantly, to enjoy wadever you are doing! =DDDDD

Kaileng wrote
12/15/2008 12:07:00 PM


Basic respect to my blog required..
No Ripping to any parts of my entries..
Shld any senarios seemed familiar to you,
am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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