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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Harlow! Am damn f*ck up now. Jiu not very happy lor. Haiz...

Hp suddenly blank out, think it's the LCD screen or wad bah. Sianz..strange thing is, it's after the alarm clock rang with Jon T's voice jiu blackout le. Haiz. Damn irritated. Haiz. I need my phone badly lahz!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(
Anyway, yeah, mood was really bad yesterday too. Haiz, most of my darlings were seen at rule#1 movie premiere :( JONNNNNN! haiz.. Damn it! so unlucky! Luoyi & Nat was around too. Haiz.. whole day i got emo, wishing i was there haiz.. so tat i could see them esp JON! hump! hundred years nv see him le, miss him so so so much! =_="
Anyway, yah, am just glad tat he's doing well bah, thank you xueting whom took the effort to inform me he's around, and helped me take his pictures. It was really funny, i told him over the phone, thanks to xueting again, tat he is to help me take lotsa pics. Damn funny, he replied, call one big guy keep taking pics of himself is very what de lehz! hehheh!. & he said he took the pictures already. I asked him to take more. haha! yeap then asked him to take care lor :) All thanks to my dear xueting, only then these pictures possible :) i know you took all these pics specially for me. Thanks babe & of cos dearest Jon for posing for the camera. :)

-------Haha, my fav shot :)

----Thanks Xueting, for this collage, very nice! Yes, Kaileng loves Jon<-------------------------this much-----------------------> :)

--------Dearest Nat :)

----------Dearest LuoYi :)
Photo Credits to Xueting :)

Yahz..Then i guess thruout the movie, yes i went watching leap year with special friend & Marcus, my heart somewhere wasn't with them. haha. emo-ing. lolx! But it's a nice movie :)

Anyway, thank you ar, special friend for your prezzie, love it loads :) Seemed like you'r really the one tat knows me best :) Purple=LOVE! :)

Anyway, put all the emo-ing aside, i'm a happy gal yesterday too!

Saw TVB, NATTTTTT & lemon boy! haha. Funny, was like hunting for Lemon boy lor, cos dunno if the guys went off for the shoot le. Tats when xueting got emo too. LOLX.No think many lahz gal..

Yah, TVB like i mentioned before was very strange feeling for him lo, nv even spoke to him before, i just long to see him! lolx, yea, see him jiu happy le. haha. Kaileng is a happy gurl! :) I haven been seeing him for days tats why. haha!

The hunt for lemon boy(Clement) is pretty interesting, went around mdc premise still he can't be spotted, luckily bus was seen @ wardrobe area, so i tried my luck to see if can see him lor, so he was there. haha. In case ya wondering why tat name 'lemon boy', i also dunno, see ppl call i follow suit lo :) As usual, i was trying to look for him to pass him his ai xin liangcha again! haha! Yeap, so he was there, passed him the stuffs took some pictures he went off le. This is when i remembered xueting is around @ radio, so called to ask if she has anything to pass, ran to her & get the stuff in case the guys went off le, cos Louis is still in make up unit, so i make use of the time to get lemon boy to go out take a pic with xueting lo. OMG, tat silly gurl is crying. I was thinking if i'm da one outside, feeling sure same de lahz. so yea. She cabbed down just to see lemon boy lo. :) Yeap, so they took picture & yah. Shortly after i 'escorted' him in quickly as bus was waiting for him to set off...

Anyway, he damn xin fu lah, so many ai xin stuff from us :) Haha, jiayou dude! You'll go far..Infact very :) :)

Some of our pics:

Lemon Boy..haha! no more clement = love, New tagline Lemon=Love :)
haha, you guys must be sick & tired of seeing the same old words, same old person appearing on this blog everytime BUT!!!
He seriously lovable by all. So Do support..hehheh!

Nah See, i'm here running an advertistment for him yet again.

Jiayou ehh! Anyway, yah, heard some crazy things happen between mr clement & my babes. He became Dr Clement? I was like laughing like hell. It was ohmygosh funny.

Yeap, haiz, dun feel like writing le, moodless..heavy mood swings can't be cured... =_='

till i write again bah!

Dearest Nat:

----------Finally saw him after really long time :)Still looking good & sounding great :) Catch him on channel 5, En-bloc every weds :)

Thank you Rah & Joyce for taking so many pics for me. hehheh! Love ya all! My precious... :)

cya around & root for Mr Clement Tsang for Wei Wo Du Zun! :)

Kaileng wrote
3/06/2008 10:16:00 AM

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back to update.

Let's talk about yesterday & the day before.

Day before i met up with a special friend, been sometimes since we met up. So yea. Nice catching up with him. haha.Initially wanna go for run, but was raining so went to have dinner instead. Damn the bubble tea stall, she was counting the no of pearls given for a cup. So stringy! yucks! We always end up talking craps & stuff like tat lahz. So funny. Some funny stuffs happened while we were tgt. Damn funny lahz.Everything unglam about me will always be seen by him. Damn it. haha! Yahz.. Went looking around @ sheng Shiong. Saw this red bread, guess wads the name of the bread? Make me laugh like hell seh.! ANG PAO! madness..where got such name de..argh!

------------This Is Angpau! lolx!

-------------Special friend de back view! haha! It's really difficult to find someone tat knows much more about yourself than you do :) So yea, i really treasure wad i have :) Haha, i can't believe i told him i wanna get married @ 23 have my first kid at 26. LOLX. He says being single is better lehz, but i think it's better to have a partner tat can listen to you and stuff like tat lor. wadcha think?

& Yesterday as usual, went to send ai xin liangcha to clement again!& i myself is a sick patient. Feeling cold & dizzy. & it was my off day But was seen at mdc. haha.. yea. being baised i'll post up his pics yet again :)

----------Shuaiz lehz!

I know you guys are damn sick & tired of seeing Clement aka lemon boy de pics huh. hehex! But he needs your support. So yes pls support yea? :) CLEMENT=LOVE :) I dunno wad else to say am running out of words to help this dude promote himself :P All i can say, he's super NICE, super TALENTED? :)

------Haha, i'm not sick & tired of doing his photo collage time after time! :) SImply becos he's so lovable! :) remember my tagline? Clement=love? hehheh!

Well, alrite now for some others seen for the day:

------QQ aka Qiuting :) She's among the gal i think the one tats the nicest, initiate to talk to you & stuff like tat. :) The rest of the gals was erm okay. Not as warm as QQ. :)

---Germaine, i think she looks so much like huixian from CSS. ehh.. haha. Even the way she speaks.. haha. But she's nice too.

-----------Shuai Shuai! oh..now i know, next time must get him to zipai, it looks nicer tat way! :P

---------mable :) I liked her when i first saw her from the website. She looks even better in person :) oh yes, she looks like Taiwan actress Lin wei jun :) i mean at least i think so.. :)

------Mr nice guy! Louis! haha.. can't help it but think of Rah whenever i see Louis from now on..haha..we were like saying to Louis, Rah loves you, then he replied i love you too or something like tat..haha! so sweet ehh? :) yeap..I guess Rah made her right choice in supporting Louis. & yes, i love Louis for saying '她的心里只有你', meaning my heart only got clement to clement when they'r at canteen having dinner. Eh, i can't recalled wad was our concersation about tat he replied tat.hehheh! Thanks ar Louis, for speaking for my heart. hehheh. For tat i give you some support too okay? :)

haha. Rah ai Louis! :)

---------Caleb :) He was so mean! haha. okay blame it tat i'm too short. haha. I know he's kidding so nvm..haha! He asked me not to bend down anymore! lolx.Anyway, he was curious why i know he was gaming all day in front of comp! haha. then someone answered can tell by his face?!? haha. i can't tell lehz. Anyway, this dude is addicted to DOTA lahz. i thought wad. haha! Then i think Chengying was like want him to take a picture with the no smoking sign. He went on saying 'dunwant lahz,! he still needs to do tat!..' if you get wad i mean..haha! Smoking is his 2nd life lahz besides gaming hehheh! :P Yeap, he's indeed a very crappy & funny guy.

---Huanhuan :) Omgosh. So man can. I like him like this. haha!

------------gavrill also so man! :)

-----------Christalle, so pretty! Photogenic too :) Big eyed babe :)

------Jiaxi, wah, da tou tie! :) But i think this pic is kinda cute! :)

While waiting for the guys to come out, as usual some cam whore session going on!

See my production:

Far too many pics so yea, more pics, as usual you can go to www.friendster.com/kkailengg :)
Bye peeps! Great day ahead!
Oh yes, sometimes Jokes can't be carried too far. I simply DUN LIKE IT! Get it right.Thanks.

Kaileng wrote
3/05/2008 09:17:00 AM

Monday, March 03, 2008

Harlow back to blog after such long time :)

So yesterday even though was a typical sun where you normally dun have to work & rest @ home, i woke up early in da morning tgt with some friends to send breakfast to our special ones. haha! woke up as early as 5 am i think. :) So who has got such irrisistable charm? haha!In case ya wondering who he is? Answer revealed!

He is :

haha. Clement Tsang! Well, do support him yes? :) Yeap, Some others received their breakfast meal too, ppl like Shuai Shuai(Yuan Shuai),HuanHuan(Zhenhuan), and xixi(Jiaxi)! haha. wad a term! came out by my friends & i. haha! Anyway yah, Mr clement, due to his ke-ai-ness got the most number of breakfast set. :) I seriously tink those food can last for a whole day! :)

Yeap, just a day ago before meeting those guys at mdc when they report, my friend acc me to bugis to get supposedly some gifts done for Clement. I couldn't make up my mind wad i wanna give actually, till i saw a bottle, which can be personalised with a picture & wordings. So i got it made for him :) Been some time since i get something done for idols or simply somebody tat i really supported :) So yeah. After getting tat bottle done, went to get some chocolate milk lo. to be given tgt with the bottle as breakfast set :)

Yeap & this is the bottle:

In case ya wondering why the tagline clement=love=his friends? cos i think he indeed loves his friends, haha! actually the bottle only wrote clement = love, but in my letter letter to him, i explain in details wad the tagline actually means. haha! dun want ltr all the gals come killing me! lolx!
Haha, hope the food & everything given from us to you guys taste nice huh! hehex :)

So pics with the guys..

Of cos being biased i'll post Mr clement's pic first wahaha!

-----Early in da morning, we'r all kinda shag :P

---Zipai! :)

I remembered i was munching on to my mac spicy burger when phone rang & said the guys came out liao..so with no image JS, Rah & i ran down to the cross junction there. haha! & Well, i really have no image tat i din know i had something on my mouth la, mayo or something! haha! until he says' you have something on your mouth.' tats like so unglam lah.. sometimes i wonder if he keeps quiet w/o telling me & leave the mayo there on my mouth will be interesting. haha!haha. & poor me kenna shoot by rah, saying since when i got image..duhx! haha! & glad tat Mr clement like the food, drinks & letters given to him :) Anyway yah, this dude seemed easily contented & touched :) hehheh. Read his blog to find out more. Anyway, yup, the guys & gals have a blog of their own from mediacorp.I'll pass you clement's link :)

If you wanna see pictures of him, can just change the 'blogs' to 'photos', same goes to looking for other contestant's blog just change to their name :) alternatively you can try searching for keywords of your choice :)

Rest of da guys seen:

-----gavrill :) Quite a good looking dude :)

-----JianFeng Speaks no Evil?! haha.

----------Jiaxi, madness lah, Morning we mistaken someone for him, haha, tat fellow was on a bike too! lolx! & can't blame tat guy keeps looking at our direction! Okay, so this is the real jiaxi. haha!

----Shuai Shuai! Looks so much like zombie here. No offence! He's still cool as usual!
------Zhenhuan, aHA. he's damn cute when he gives the nerdy look. I'm sorry once again. :P hehex.

Yup, we din see Caleb for the entire day so yeap, no picture taken, & Louis, Rah take jiu okay liao! hehheh!

Yeap, & some random Spop, mdc artist seen for the day:

----Marcus :)

---------Leon :)

----His gor gor Garrett :)

-------HuiWen :) All her funny faces made so pretty de. haha!

Anyway, we went cam-whoring the whole day. From morning till evening :)

Some productions :

You know wad darlings? It is almost impossible for me to upload every single pic. It's just far too many! go to www.friendster.com/kkailengg for more pictures taken yea :)

yeap. I remember we sat on a cab to Thomson Plaza from mdc, & there were 5 of us. Uncle was really nice to be daring enuff to pick us up. cos you know lah, got penalty de. In a cab maximum of 4 adults are allowed only. so i had to hide lo! haha! this is me hiding! But i dunno if ppl can see a red rambutan from the glass window of the cab. haha!
Byee..shall end with Clement=love! hehheh! Do lend him your support yea? :)
Okay, since my friends want me to say it, i shall do it, kaileng loves clement :)
If only you dun misunderstand the word Love which can have so many different meanings to it :)
Oh on random note, i miss Dearest 5! From my blogskin you can tell which 5 le lahz :) :)

Kaileng wrote
3/03/2008 10:28:00 AM


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