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Saturday, March 22, 2008


kaileng is a happy soul :)
Cos her so call TVB, smiled at her, & she finally sees her Jon Toh! wahaha!

Okay, shall not say so much. Just feel like posting his pictures up..llalalala!
You must understand lah..it has been 'thousand' years since i last saw him.

wahaha. LALALA! No want say many many liao..Happy jiu hao..You must undertstand the feeling of over the sky.haha!
Kaileng's greatest love of all =_="(*blushes*)

haha..hao shuai oh! hehheh! :)

& my fav pic for the day:
This few days life has been pretty fun, full of ups & downs, but more on the brighter side lah.. Yeap, enjoyed the k-ing session with Rabbit & JF :) We sure shld have more of this kinda gatherings! JF can really imitate so many ppl can. haha! it was fun lah.. pics can't be posted cos i dun have a card reader with me. aHA. sianded.Rabbit sounded so much like Selina :)

& yeap, think the day before went to see Jiaxi they all yet again. Aha! Gavrill damn shuai. Tats da truth. & the way he plays with tat weapon is omgosh handsome. aHA...
Yeap.. I dun feel like writing le lah..Some random pics:

Our Basketball Prince: Huanhuan :) Shuai oh!

----Me & Basketball Prince :)
-----------Huanhuan dui! :) Obviously our dui zhang will be mr huan huan himself..hehheh!
Then now picture with friends:

Shall End With my madness photo again:
Random note, *Life w/o her seemed so much better!*

Kaileng wrote
3/22/2008 10:07:00 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm so proud to announce tat since yesterday, I've lost a very good friend whom makes me looks & sound like a total idiot.
I couldn't accept wads happening, simply cos i didn't knew such a thing could happen to me from a friend i once very rely on.

We shared basically everything, she treats me sometimes much more good than herself, bought me personalised gifts, lends me a listening ear whenever i need it.

Wads more touching, she would always stand by me whenever i'm in a conflict with the other party.

So it was really hard for me to say, since yesterday my heart is dead. I can no longer hold onto her.

So Wad she did tat really makes me so agitated & even lost my sense yesterday? I hate the fact tat she sow discord between me & the rest of my friends. & wadever she said none were the truth.

I can only say, i was so wrong to have trusted such a friend.I was blindfolded all along. Wadever she says about my friends, sometimes i add on bad stuff. I really feel bad now.

I owe so many ppl apologies esp to Ryan,kailin & couple others, just all with the exception of her.

I'm really sorry to have badmouthed you guys. I hope it's never too late to apologise. :)

Haiz..We wouldn't know she has such problems if the couple of us didn't sit down & talk among ourselves. We find her acting strangely nowadays, her msn being so ever emo..well, wadever lah.. She REALLy needs to see a pyscologist.. Cos wadever she said to us, the next minute she forgets, worst still said she never said such a thing when so many ears caught wad she said...

It was somehow ridiculous lah. Pls la gal, you'r 21 yet you'r acting like a small kid, there is not a need to say things tat are untrue okay. You got your motive, you got me upside down, believing in you, & misunderstand my friends.

Wadever, i felt Rah's case rather ridiculous too, just by taking a picture, you can say she likes huanhuan. Gal, i tell you straight you'r not allowed to judge by your own instincts, which is always wrong. The problem in you is tat you love to elaborate & said things on your own accord.

I can give you many examples which it will take me hundred years to name it out. Yesterday a couple of us sit down tgt & really finds ya fishy. You really said so much tat's so untrue. Take it as we'r fools to have believed you. I think Olivia & myself zui kelian. We were the so called 'closer' to you de ren, yet you treated us like tat..

wad makes you think have the right to use your own imagination & words tat caused me to dui bu qi peiyi by saying her until she's not worth a cent? I feel so sorry for her. & indeed i'm so sorry.. Sorry dearest babe, peiyi..

You told me she told Caleb about idols stuffs, fine. But why on earth you said she told him about us snatching guys? Ridiculous, i'm so sorry tat i've to bring raynard into the picture too. She din say tat at all. Wad snatching guys? For you is marcus, for me is raynard. wad the fuck! She din say anything okay. Infact after hearing wad u said to me, i immediately dedicate a blog post for her, & you were so happy when i scolded her upside down on my blog. Just wads your motive?

Fuck off bitch!

You get me even more hot now, why on earth you told us she went to dig marcu's bag without his permission? We believe you tats why we began to see her as a bad freak. Now you'r even more disgusting. Wadever, i think you'r also trying to put marcus & peiyi on bad terms. Just wads your motive? She was like so shocked why marcus suddenly puts her off his list, contacts update also not informed.. Prolly things weren't tat bad until you went around telling stuffs to him. Okay, this is my assumption, like you always assume okay. Get this right all this is my own stand i din say you said all those except the bag part when she sees without permission.Peiyi said if she ever has something to pass she will pass to him directly, why would she wanna open's other's bag? so impolite. Basic respect alrite gal. I bet you won't undertstand.

Anyway, So much things to be said la, i can't possibly name out all. I just wanna say, Dun always assume.. & self add on... You'll make things worse..

All i can say, You've been a great friend all along until this day when my heart is fully dead on you..

I'm really bu shuang when you get the rabbit pouch okay..stop saying your zodiac is rabbit...!Obviously,regarding lemon too.

Why tell me he took of the plush toy when he didn't? Why tell me he said numbers dun give to others only & you self pin point names liek dun give to Rah,Xueting & etc?

haiz..You really made me sound & look like a fool.Harming my beloved friends around me doesn't help...Sorry...

I was stupid enuff to tolerate all your 'strange behaviors' all along. I guess nth would be cleared if the couple of us didn't sit down & talk..

oh yea, you said olivia likes jianfeng & scare kelly will have hard feelings?!? my foot. She didn't even say tat alright..Get your facts right. Dun always assume. & have fantasies which is not going to happen.I guess tats why you are self contradicting. Too much fantasies! Fuck off bitch! You'r erased off my life for good.

Wadever it is, thank you for being such a great friend before i knew you were such a person.

I love you for all da beautiful memories tat shall stays.

Go & reflect bah. Sighzzzzzzzzzz...

somehow i feel she's right, she's always causing problems.

& yea right, she does have big mouth, and can't keep secrets, everything also must share.

Not tat i'm being bad, cos i myself will somehow leak out secrets too, but she's way scary. She can tell this person something tat will somehow influence the other party to dislike tat person. Scaryyyyyy is all i can say.

Think about it, do you really feel happy now tat every of your friend is leaving you?Tat everyone's relationship is turning bad cos of you? Haiz..

Picture Time:
Yea...Kaileng loves Rabbit & Lemon :) wondered who appeared on my hands before? TVB & Jontoh :)

Secret to my wallet....Lemon & Rabbit's Picture :)

Thank you lemon for the consoles :) I tink i got better seeing you & Rabbit :) So sorry to let you guys see me sobbing :( You can always crack me up with your lame jokes & actions. cute lil lemon :)

Mummy Rabbit :) Really thank you for all the hugs & supports. I love you rabbit :) You will always be the one tat listens, though i dun really know how to talk to you regarding my matter yesterday. Thank you dearest anyway. Seeing you, i'm more than happy le..
So sad din't manage to take more pics with you.. :( will do so soon!
Now let me show you my two dearies okay?
They are the two tat i really love so much :) Just by seeing them, i got happy le.. Lame lemon cum Sweetest mummy= Kaileng's love...

But huh..they'r not tgt okay..cos the pic seemed like it..hehe..so i better clarify..hehex! Bro & sista only.. :)

anyway, for some others seen:

-----Huan Huan, forever so nice :) i'll always remember he's 3rd in line after Lemon & Rabbit :)
--------Caleb! Thanks for being such a nice dude, lending listening ear, believing in us :) The way u msged Rah makes me feel tat you'r really sincere & nice. Thanks for everything!

-------Shuaishuai...oops they'r running late!
-----Yanyan :) She's not fierce.. alright.. :)

Anyway..yah...may all da good things comes & bad things goes. *shiew shiew*


Kaileng wrote
3/20/2008 10:50:00 AM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Harlow.. :)

back to update..office work per normal, but somehow certain stuff wasn't in place, & some colleagues gotta help to sort things out.. Haiz..

Anyway, yea..after work initially wanna go get 'sky of love' de novel, but went down to cairnhill cc instead to see huanhuan :) yeap, Gavrill & Jiaxi was there too. before tat went woodlands collect my new spects! Purple in color! haha! ate KFC! Nice nice!!!!! They were practising for their individual segments.. Wah the way they play with the swords & 'weapons' were way cool :)

I think Gavrill looks cool on those :)

Yea..Strange enuff i went to buy liangcha for huanhuan, haha 3rd in line after lemon & Rabbit!

Haha, yea, hope tat gives him more strenght in da comp! :)

Anyway, yeap..so pictures time!

----------He looks way too cool with his 'weapon' haha!

--------Kailings with Huanhuan :)

yah...so this is Gavrill :)

Find him familiar? Yea star search 2001 de batch, wen sui, haha, wu qi long de twin bro! lolx..super long never see him liao eh..haha.. use to like him de.. & he dun seem to age lehz! & he say he old already when he came he was 19 now 26 liao..haha!

-------------Vincent! :D First time see him in person, hen shuaiz lor..haha.. esp when he demostrates how the move is to be done to his students :) He might be coming back to film, well it depends, haha he says he bu xiang pai xi le..wahaha. :P

Think tats about all lahz, we went supper with the Jiaxi & Huanhuan lo, no Gavrill cos he went back cos he's tired..Yeap, food was okay.. AHa..Jiaxi paid for the drinks :) yea, talk talk gossip gossip then cabbed home with kailin & huanhuan :) Wah tat dude passed me too much cash & when i said i wanna return him change he was so nice to reject it.

Yea he's nice as usual lah..yea.. tats about all lor.. update again soon!


Kaileng wrote
3/19/2008 01:15:00 PM

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

omgosh!!!!!! Here to promote a movie! Damn nice! Female lead pretty,male lead shuaiz!

Go catch sky of love yea? I got addicted will be watching it again :)
& i'm so desperate to find the novel version, wanna buy & read! :)

so there ya go..
some pics from da website:

Yui Aragaki is damn pretty & Haruma Miura is damn shuaiz pls! *drools* LOLX!!!

so a lil more about the show:

Synopsis: The cell-phone novel that moved 11 million to tears
Uploaded to a cell-phone website, this tale of an average girl’s three stormy years of high school, a saga of love, rape, pregnancy, miscarriage, parting, and reunion, is in fact a true story. Striking a chord with many women, its popularity spread like wildfire by word of mouth, and published in book form was an instant best-seller, with 1.3 million copies snapped up in only three weeks. The work is a true phenomenon of the emerging cell-phone society.

go catch the movie yes? haha! Haruma so shuaiz! wahahahaha! *Madness*
can't wait to buy the novel! omgosh!!!! *Madness*

Shall end with some cam whore on da bus.. haha!
--------Haha. With this crazy dude.We should stop our ki-siao-ness! wahaha! Is jielun's wo bu pei damn nice? Cos seemed like this crazy dude is addicted to jielun's wo bu pei! lolx! keep repeating tat song!
Shall update soon! Buaiz! xoxo!

Kaileng wrote
3/18/2008 10:42:00 AM

Monday, March 17, 2008

hahaha! kaileng very high today! I weekly got Jon toh lehz! :)

small picture though..hehheh!During Rule#1 movie premiere :)

well, & some wei wo du zun news, first 8 contestants..

I'm awaiting for next week's issue! With Lemon & Rabbit included! :D :D :D

okay lahz, yesterday as usual went back to mdc to see clement boy but today got new addition, Rach-Rabbit!

Lemon+ Rabbit = Kaileng's love :)

---------------Cope From Rabbit's blog :P

----------cope from lemon's blog. :P

I absolutely loves them! :D :D :D <-----------------------this much-------------------------->

Actually ar..i'm starting to like huan huan more too! lolx. But not as much as the two dearies! :)

kk..too many pics to share.. So you guys see picture jiu hao okay? haha!

With Lemon Boy as usual...hehheh! Pls don't get sick & tired of seeing his pictures! wahaha! Support M5 yah? :)

----------Morning when he reports..oops! He's da last to reach..

-------------I love the first pic :)

With Labbit! :D :D :D :

--------Labbit & her ever supportive kailin-es..haha! :D :D :D we love her, she loves us! :D :D :D

--------I love this set of pics :) Anything with Rabbit=NICE!

-----------Happy Family :D :D Labbit,me & Monkey..haha..oops! JianFeng lahz!

With Huanhuan :

-------------Huanhuan! He really argh! the more i look at him, the more good looking he gets :D :D shuaiz!!!!! :D :D He will be 3rd in line if i were to make another choice besides Lemon & Labbit :D :D

With Shuai Shuai:

-------With shuai Shuai lor :) Another good looking one, hehheh!Just like his name speaks it all! Anyway, yah..he looks cute in da first pic :) & he's so nice to write tat long msg on da poster for kailin aka 90 :)

With JianFeng:

-----------Jianfeng is one crappy guy lah. Damn funny the way he communicate, hehheh! Always asking around who is supporting who, if you'r not supporting anyone, can go to him! haha! He says he'll treat you guys very good de..LOLx. Immediately after he got a keychain from kelly, he puts them up okay! Lolx, & yah he kept stressing he very you(3) xin(1)..haha! 'tou kou wo bah!'...

With Gavrill:

---------I like the 2nd pic though..look at his hairstyle! hehheh! it's the effect from the lightings! lolx! Damn cute!

------------Louis! :D :D Always so photogenic! & he knows how to joke around even more now! haha! Fun fun!

----------Jiaxi, the super nice one tat stayed on to mingle with Joyce & Olivia for quite sometime after he came back from shoots. :)

Some Random Grp Pix:

-------Kailing-es with HuanHuan & JianFeng :D

Some Random Zilian Pics Of myself & Friends, of which i think Joyce really did a major makeover haha! But it's nice lah, for at least i like the new her.. :) Refreshed look! :)

-----------This is before...

----------& this is after..haha!

With JS:

With Kailin:

With Rah:

There are actually more but i got no time to upload all! & i'm doing the blogging in office during working hrs! haha..

Think tats about all bah..shall blog again! Supposed to be working not blogging! :P

so yea..

Lemon cum Rabbit = Kaileng's LOVE! :D :D :D


Kaileng wrote
3/17/2008 12:09:00 PM


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Shld any senarios seemed familiar to you,
am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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