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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day5 & 6.. :)

A lil emo, cos i got news tat you'r online round evening,but the moment i signed in i couldn't see the nick 'zhenhuan' from my list of adds... :(

I thought a song could so much expressed my feelings now, tats M2M's The Day You Went Away..

Neeway, somehow i wish frenster could hav a function sorta like a chat box,cos i know i could always communicate with you there.. :) Argh! I miss you & I Love You!

aHA, being random, i kenna told off by beloved friends cos my blog entry is always about you & there's not much coverage about them.. OOPS!

They say,in da past it's always about clement,then now comes zhenhuan.. or simply the other loved ones & i nv really blogged about them.. :(

so today i shall blogged about them as well, & it's not a sentence like they always say wad i did to them as compared to idols,cos whenever i tok about friends, it's like a sentence or 2.. got see the difference? LOL.

So life has to go on w/o huan around yea? Later gonna go for Jon Bro birthday celebration. Sg flyer here i come! When huan's back, i wanna bring him on flyer too! Neeway, i gotta pass thru suntec later, hopefully no much tears starts falling again. cos that's the place where really all da memories comes.

Yesterday went to support Rah's friend at 'Poparaazy', a pub. Her friend being one of the organiser & there's this fashion parade going on(all girls show) sianded!haha!, so went along with Amigo & Grace lo :) Not bad la, the show. Just the same models with different sets of clothings. All pretty young also.. yeap.. I think our dear Grace can go for the show too!

Photobucket----The ticket with drinks ordered written on it :)

Photobucket -----The Models.

Photobucket----Not sure if it's da same gurl. hhaha! They all looked about the same..HHAHA!

Some pics outside with dear friends :)

Photobucket -----Grace dearie! She can also go for the fashion show..doncha think so...? :)

Photobucket -----Weiling Babe. Stop! I gonna write more bout you this time round. read up for more. HAHA!

*forgotten to take a pic with rah! OOPs!

Okay... so dearest Amigo is back le!I miss you so much ! Finally ya back...Thank you for bringing me my dearest laogong CD! shengjie = love! you too!

Photobucket ----Shengjie the king of love songs :) The way he emote the songs brings so much feel! Really! Shengjie=LOVE!

Anyway, went to TOP 1 KTV with Amigo & Weiling. KTV session rocks. Love it. We should go for more session!

Photobucket--------Dearest Amigo. I really really appreciate all you've done.Sometimes, we need not voice out or write out just to show you appreciate someone :) Thank you for all you've done for me... :) Dont complain it's just a sentence i blogged liao okay? Sometimes, words can't show how much i am deeply thankful for a friend like you. Thanks for coming to my life.. :) Love ya many.

Photobucket ----Ling! Darling. Same words as i had for Amigo. Sometimes i'm really bad at words, i dunno how to express in terms of writing.. so if i seldom blogged bout friends, hope u understand...Really appreciate all you've done for me, the love & concern you've showed as a friend. I'm really thankful from bottom of my heart. You are loved alrite. Nice gal i've met. If i've any regrets it would be takin such a long time to find a confide like you :) Thanks gal. I Love you!

Sometimes,sorry if i blogged about idol friends more than friends cos i hardly & seldom sees them, so tats part of the reason why i love to write so much about huan & so on.. yup..

to end off, i wanna end of with someone special as well, my dearest Marcus!


Photobucket ----Blur shots got feel! haha..


Shall blog about you :) This dearest has been busy! Very difficult to meet him. BUT! It's always nice to see him, simply makes me SMILE. this sweet boy is always nice la. Nth we cant tok about..hehex! wadever, he's loved as well!

I think i should get going le. shall update soon! Watching WWDZ repeat after tat, i'll leave for bro's celebration le. I really really miss dearie Huan!

Last note Dearest Amigo & Weiling, you guys are really SPECIAL alrite.

Xiaotiantian(he knows why)=LOVE!

Kaileng wrote
6/21/2008 06:08:00 PM

Friday, June 20, 2008

I've decided to start counting the days until you come back..infact day 1 since you left, i'm already counting..hehehx... :)

Day 4 already... ahum... everything is getting better, slowly healing,i'm already not thinking of places & stuff& lil things tat will make me run tap water. BUT! when occasionally when ppl starts calling your names, i'll start to feel something again...haiz...why am i so attracted to you my dearest?!? Perhaps you'r really one Mr Nice whom i can talk to ba.

Neeway,i duno why but i seemed to be doin up photo collage this few days. aha. missing you too much tat i've to play with our photos. & yes. You are "ALWAYS ON MY MIND" :D :D

woohoo. desktop wallpaper on my working desk :D :D

(Last min addition to my entry :D)

Anyway...Aha. I'm super high la. Finally caught him on msn. :D :D

Can somebody sensed my happinesss? hehex.. Though the conversation was short it can keep me going for the rest of the day :)
*click on image for the chat logs :)

Short & simple plus sweet :) Sad leh. His operation gotta wait, meaning i gotta wait even longer in SG for him to be back! argh! :(


yea. so yesterday...went to had lil dinner gathering with Jiaxi :D

Thanks Olivia darling for inviting me along.Dinner was fun. We were split into 2 tables. Me,Rah,Mel,Chantrice & Wendy was seated tgt while Jiaxi,Olivia,DaEvon,Grace & Stefy was on another table. Jiaxi was initially seated with us. Half way thru he said he needs to go accompany Olivia,i was like ohh~ understood. LOL. They very kelian la, kept being made fun off. hehe. Alrite Jiaxi is really sweet towards her la, omgosh sometimes to the extend..ahum..see liao also hair stand. wahaha.Somewhere in between we had lotsa fun banging back to back. i dunno how to desribe la. LOL! chantrice & Jiaxi.. knows better! LOL!

Anyway, after the dinner, all of us went to take neoprint, with some dun wanna take so the rest of us carry on with takin lo. Yea. Tats about all ba, heard he left to find the rest of the fellow contestants for movie after leaving us. Thanks for the treat Jiaxi. Some paid him back some did not. For us that had not paid, we'll give you a treat back yea :)

haha, being random,Jiaxi wanna whack huan cos he flew off w/o informing him.hehheh. So should i feel xinfu instead? LOL!i was recalling how huan replied jiaxi..."sorry bro, already in China, can't go to Zouk with you le.." or something similar in content. so funny la. gosh.

Anyway, really thanks for the short dinner gathering Jiaxi, Olivia & co :)

Thank you guys for your consoles. :)

Enjoyed myself. Sorry to have break down again yesterday, must have shocked you gals yea. No worries. I promised you guys i'll be fine, i must stay strong, in order not to let the rest of those whom are so concerned about me worried :) It's not as if he's gone forever..hehe..

----------Chantrice! I hate bei hou ling! LOL!

-------LOL. everyone was saying taking pics with him inside the neoprint machine looks like couple shot. So he has so many girlfriends for the day?!?cos so many of us took. hehheh. LOL!

Being random again, dear Chantrice asked me a very good question yesterday, would i forsake Jontoh for Zhenhuan?!? If these 2 are the only man left on earth who would i go for?!?

My answer to her, dont make me choose i hate making choices. Both are equally good & i love them equally alrite :)

Talking about tat thank you my dearest Kazaf, for your message. It does makes me feel better.'It's not as if he won't be back..so don ponder over it' :) yea so true. I'll wait for him to be back. :) Thanks dear!

Oh yea. Entry getting long. Before i go off shall leave you guys with my pic with a handsome dude..hehheh. This is Jackson ever looking good :D Poor dude needs to study scripts already. Their scripts totally scare me off. One episode so many pages. Like how u gonna memorise everything?!? Anyway, hav fun in your new show Jackson :D

Random Zilian! This pair of spects rocks like totally!

Byeeeee.. XOXO! I'm still MISSING huan :D :D :D :D :D

Kaileng wrote
6/20/2008 09:03:00 AM

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aha. i found ppl tagging on my blog regarding zhenhuan. hehex. & it's not something good. check out my tagboard man. SO wad if i love him & dun get anything in return? Is there a problem with it?It's my choice to choose who i wanna LOVE & well, i wanna say, i'm not expecting LOVE in return. BOO!This applies to all other idols friends i've loved.oh yea. Last time i'm gonna say this. There are so many kinda LOVE, it depends on how you see it. :)

Day 3 since he left.. & i'm feeling much better.Hopefully i'll heal slowly.I must get used to this.Anyway Specially like to thank Stephanie darling for informing me tat huan's online. Though i couldn't get to online at such late hours, this babe is really kind enuff to help me pass online messages to him...while on da phone with me...

Well, glad to hear from him la, at least we know he's doin fine there.Random update, he'll be under going Lasik operation to his eyes so tat he wouldn't need to wear spects anymore.Hope everything goes well for him, my dearest.

Random chat logs:

>我是玮玲<。。 says (11:34 PM):

Zhenhuan says (11:34 PM):
not sure leh.

Zhenhuan says (11:34 PM):
depends la

Stephanie™........ says (11:35 PM):

>我是玮玲<。。 says (11:35 PM):

>我是玮玲<。。 says (11:35 PM):

Zhenhuan says (11:35 PM):
he he i miss her also

Zhenhuan says (11:35 PM):

Stephanie™........ says (11:36 PM):
要快快回来!! 大家昨天哭了

>我是玮玲<。。 says (11:36 PM):

Zhenhuan says (11:37 PM):
ok ok ..coz i need to do the lasik or sth dun know how to spell. i mean the eye operation..so after that i will come back .so it really depends on how long it will take

Stephanie™........ says (11:46 PM):
Stephanie™........ says (11:46 PM):
>我是玮玲<。。 says (11:47 PM):

Zhenhuan says (11:48 PM):
kk i will try to be on msn duing daytime
Zhenhuan says (11:48 PM):


Thanks darlings for your help in conveying messages :) Love you gurls!Praying for him to be back soon! :) Pls pls rest well after the operation :)

Anyway, finally now i hav the time to spare to thank you gals one by one, sorry if names are missing, you gurls sure know tat thru WWDZ you'r part of my memories too!

I dunno how to elaborate in details each of your individual good, in case i keep repeating the same good words used on different babes, i had better just thank you gals by name hehheh!
Thanks Serene,Stefy,Wendy,Weiling,Stephanie,Rah,DaEvon,Xueting,Kailin,Olivia,Melissa,Sofia,Chantrice,Peiyi,Kelly...
I believe a lot more tat i've yet to mention. Really thank you for being tgt for past few mths. Really will miss those times. I'm looking forward to gatherings. So pls jio me go yea!
Think i should just end my entry here le. cya all around.
& I'm still MISSING & LOVING HIM! Go ahead & say wadever u want to the one..You know who you are, the one tat dun even dare to leave a NAME behind the tags.

Kaileng wrote
6/19/2008 09:33:00 AM

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 days since you left, my dearest huan~
Still feeling a lil lost, still a part of me went missing.

Really hate coming to mdc to work,everyday walking past the area you were once there makes me even more emo. Places like canteen, wardrobe area..such a pain walking past those places.

I really really miss you. Got some news tat you'll be away for a month i dunno how the rest of the many many days i gonna spent. I can't go on crying as if somebody pass away yes? Haiz..

Really really miss you. I hate myself for growing closer to you during the last two weeks of the competition such tat now i feel a lil lost w/o you around.. :(

I miss the way you laughed when u start imitating your fellow contestants,
I miss the way you sing randomly everytime we'r tgt,
I miss taking buses & train with you..
I miss bitching & crapping around with you..
I miss you always reminding me tat i was paid to surf net :P
I miss basically every lil thing we shared.
I dunno why, i just feel u'r really special, someone tat i'd always put on my mind...

Pls pls at least drop me a msg so tat i'll know you'r doin well @ somewhere far away where i can't see you yea? :(

Neeway, you are loved no matter where u may be :)
I Love You :)

Enuff of my dearie huan, in case tap water starts running again :(I just wanna let him know i miss him alot alot....

Randomly blog hopped, realised many of my dear friends dedicated short messages to me & some special others. We've been tgt like for mths. This WWDZ really made us grew closer,shared a lot of good & bad times.. I can't thank everyone in detailed but you guys really made my life beautiful, you know who you are.. :) Beautiful peeps, thank you for the wonderful memories...:)I will definitely miss the old days where we waited for them, crapped around, doing crazy things at reception.kenna chased out at certain timing, our late nite suppers, hang out outside besides WWDZ recordings. I really miss you gals! Thank you so so much for the wonderful times. I love you guys loads!
----Love you my darlings!

To all 16 WWDZ contestants, you guys were great! Jianfeng,Caleb,Jiaxi,Louis,ShuaiShuai,Gavriil,ShiQian,Qiuting,LiangYi,Germaine,Mable,ShiYing...

Esp like to mention my dearest huan, dun need to say many, you know i always loved & supported you my dear friend. Life with you around is really fun & enjoyable.i will definitely miss the days we spent tgt. Thought it's within short period of time, i feel tats nth we can't talk about. You are a great friend i could hold onto.I'm waiting for you to be back @ Sg yea. We can go back to Boon lay tgt :) same old words, wherever you go, i'll follow. No second thoughts :) Waiting patiently for you to be back.. :) You once wrote something for me tat i'm so touched & i would like to repeat the same words to you,yes specially dedicated to one & only you.. "Dearie Huan,You made me see sunshine,sees hope,sees the beautiful life.." :) No matter wad you mayb doin now, all da best! Misses & love loads!

Dearest LemonBoy,Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to my life, always being crazy & playing a fool,makes my day. Simply seeing you makes me happy.natural 'kai xin guo'... :) Nv regreted supporting you, cos you deserved every bit of my support. I dun care wad you are in others eyes, but i see you as a very special person. your bubbly personality really makes me loves you even more. Pls continue to do well & keep going crazy! :) cya around my dearest!

Dear Rachelle, thank you to you as well, for being so true to yourself, i remember i really like your personality, ever so real. Dun hav to keep anything to yourself. Anyway, really like to thank you for being around everytime when i'm down during the first few times i met you. :) I did feel better.. Though my support for you was not as strong as before liao, you're still loved :)

Dear Christalle, my fellow purple lover as well as big eyed babe. Though my support comes a lil too late, you'r still loved. hehheh. I dunno why, but there's this special feel i have towards you. I just simply felt attracted to you. :) Anyway, it was really nice knowing you. I also dun care wadever you are like in others eyes. For at least, in my heart, i've always believed your every word :) Remember i can vorch for you for your character? :) Jiayou in wadever you do..

Alright, my entry is getting long, should get going le..Dont miss me many! haha.& i really really miss Huan... Nv knew i was so attracted to this dear friend.. :( waiting patiently for him to be back. I miss you my dear!XOXO!

Kaileng wrote
6/18/2008 09:10:00 AM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Harlow time to update after so long.
Anyway.sorry kaileng is feeling really down now. Emotionally down tat is.

My dearest huan left sg already. i dunno why but my tap water keeps running since last midnight after receiving his sms :(

"Hey Thanks :) i am flyin off in one hour. Last min decision. You take care ya keep in touch"

If he's someone not really close to my heart, i wouldn't really think so much. But HUAN is SPECIAL

It's too sudden, somehow i dunno how to react, moreover i dunno when is he comin back, it could be a day, a month or a year. :( The feeling of parting sucks. I am beginning to think of the time spent tgt, going back, going for lessons and many more.I didn't know WWDZ finals is the last time i gonna see him. :( :(

I really didn't know i would miss him badly.Someone help! nah see, tap water running again as i typed this entry.

Anyway, yeap,last set of pics with dearie Huan. :)

Sorry can't help it, but everywhere i go he keeps popping out of my mind. Mediacorp esp. Thinking of all those lil memories we share.. simply sweet. One wonderful person i've met.

You are always the one :D :D :D
Posters i've done for im.. :D :D

I Love you & will always do :) Thank you for everything...

I really really miss u badly, pls be back soon yea.. :( :( I really feel apart of me went missing when u left... :( :(

Anyway yesterday went to send lemonboy & Jae bro off @ airport.They'r leaving for HK. Hope they hav fun there!
Thanx 4 da treat @ Ajisen clement's mummie :)
---Lemonboy is supposed to be in da pic too! haha!
----My dearest lemonboy! :)
----------Pic of us :)
Pics @ mdc with lemonboy!

-----------Ever so lovable!

Face of the year! ShuaiShuai! :D :D

---------Congrats shuaishuai! you deserved every bit of it..Your hardwork pays off! All of us are super proud of you :)
Random Zilian:
---Yea, me with shuaishuai's board :)
--------Cute close up! for entertainment purpose...
---------Going crazy... :P
Shall end a pic with my "prince charming" Wayne. HAHA!
--Thanks Kailin aka 90 for helping me to ask for a pic with him. haha. his reaction is really cute! :D :D :D Just plain happiness when i see him :D :D
alrite i should be going. dont worry friends, i'm okay & will be fine soon, I'm really missing huan badly such tat if i know where he is, i'll fly over.. :( :(

Kaileng wrote
6/17/2008 02:50:00 PM


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No Ripping to any parts of my entries..
Shld any senarios seemed familiar to you,
am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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