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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Harlow..since i've got nth much to write i shall do some promo for my dearies from Wei wo du zun..
Here we go..

Vote for the guys For the theme 'Mr Sunshine' on the 28/4/08.The Gals For the theme 'Ms Sporty' on the 5/5/08. Voting starts from 7pm-8.50pm.Every vote counts.

To support Clement(LemonBoy)....

Pls Join His Yahoo Group @ http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/clementfc/
Vote For him by dialing : 1900 112 7005 OR SMS M5 to 71199

To Support ZhenHuan(Huan)

Pls Join His Yahoo Group @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zhenhuanfc/
Vote For him by dialing : 1900 112 7002 OR SMS M2 to 71199

To Support Rachelle(Rabbit)

Pls Join her Yahoo Group @ http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/rachellefc/
Visit Her fansite @ http://rachellefc-rabbit.blogspot.com/
Dial 1900 112 7008 or Sms F8 to 71199 to vote for her!
Thanks for supporting them :)
You can reach out to other fansites or official yahoo groups by the links available :)
Thanks again!
With lotsa love,

Kaileng wrote
4/26/2008 10:19:00 AM

Friday, April 25, 2008

Morning! Updates...

Been a long day for me, din went home was at amigo's hse again then went straight to work cos of 'night life' again.. haha. yea, i agree tat i need to set aside some clothings at his house such tat next time i have something to change. :)

Anyway, being Random,i miss him, i really do.

if i say i'm not missing him, i'm lying with my eyes wide open lo.Haiz, why ar, 明明说好不要,不准对他那么好,却又在默默思念?事实始终是我一直从来没有办法放掉他吧。。Or mayb, the support is really too much tat ya.. HAIZ.. If i nv chase WWDZ,那该多好。。:( Okay okay, nobody is allow to think many many, cos i told my friends not to think many many so i'm also suppose to abide the rules.

well, these few days or rather weeks, if i'm really back home late,i really mean LATE, you'll see me hanging around mdc waiting for you know who or singing/ bar hopping. aHA! Can say it's really tired la. I can't go on like this, will die de. Not nuff sleep. :(

Anyway, clubbing & drinking just wasn't my thing la. I dun really like to drink. Infact i hate beer & liquors. haha. Yea, i dun get drank but my face will turn damn 'HOT'. aHA. I'm not much of a drinker la. & then you dun have to ask me to play with dices & those pub kinda games, i'll surely be the one tat lose thru out the night. haha! i'm not much a person to night life la. really. haha.

If you really wonder where my first night life came about, it was given to Gay Club 'PLAY'. haha!Yea. Everytime i go there, heart breaks still. Handsome dudes all turns out to be you know what. AHA. Anyway, okay la, overall all the night sessions be it where i'm will turn out to be a fun night, cos of accompanyment from beloved friends, & ppl entertaining us with their beautiful vocals & songs.. :)
kk... so yesterday i was @ kster lucky chinatown singing with Amigo,Jae Bro,Chris & lynn tat pops by later.Din realise it was already 11pm when we finished singing. AHA! After that, the guys went to plush pub lo. I Followed on lo, since i have no programs too. Yea. Yea. They drank & sang lo. Yeap. Playing around with dices too. Yeap.

Singing at kster was okay la, everyone seemed to enjoy. good good. the aim is to enjoy la. I observed they love fei yu qing so so much! lol! kk, basically i enjoyed the session with them. :) We should meet up more for ktv sessions :)

Yea.. Anyway some pics to share:

My surprise! Actually not really surprise la, just tat shengan reported to work, shun bian take pics :) Hey..He's a nice dude lehz.. Always nv once fail to say hello when he meets me by chance :) Oh this dude has got a great voice too. His CD is out! You might wanna show some support by getting his CD, i got my copy from Sembawang Music though :) Jiayou le shengan!

Random Zilian @ kster:

-----------I love this!

----HoneyLemon & Me! hahaha! LAME!

Ultimate Bestie,Amigo:

-----Thanks for Organising the ktv session, initially it's just ME & him haha, then he arranged with Jae Bro & ppl starts coming in le :) Thanks.

--------I love him :) Don't say i nv say tat okay fren? aHA! You'r damn correct, i'm always showing concern for ppl tat doesn't even really care about my feelings & totally ignored ppl tat truely cares for me. AHA. You said no matter how much you do, you'r nv comparable to Lemon. haha. Erm. I got no comments. cos you & i know why. HAIZ. I really wanna learn how to treat the ones tat really cared for me better & ignore the other instead. BUT why i cant do tat? perhaps it's human's nature ba. argh! Anyway, i still love ya! :)

With Jae Bro:

----------Okay why am i smiling? when he's not.. SO!

---------Here's the correct expression instead! haha! :)

---Bro was so worried tat he has neglected Amigo & myself. No worries la dude, we'r fine on our own. We're all there to enjoy. So yea, it's good to see you mingle around :) Cos he says he brought or rather drag us to Plush then he has his own activities going, always moving around saying hello to friends. AHA! It's ok la bro. No worries :) We have our own entertainment. hehex! Anyway, he was so worried lo, so i said something like if you feel guilty then take a pic with me lo, haha, that's when i see him smiling & finally he feels so much better. hehe! This is how the besides pic came about :) Love it loads, might set it as hp wallpaper oh! Really nice!Being random, Bro says i might bump into my 'ai ai's' inside the pub, cos they might randomly pop by & it's kinda true! haha! COS i've got surprises..

Surprises seen:

----------With Jeff, aHA. Actually i do miss him. Been sometimes since he reported to mdc and PSS has been almost near to 2 yrs. So yea, i love him besides Jon for PSS lehz :) in case you dunno. haha! Just hope he's doin well ba, cya around!

-----------Kwan :)

------------KernBai :)

Tats about all la. so yea. Night life for me should really stop soon. Tiring. haha. somehow i enjoyed it though. hahahaha!

Really do miss him. Haiz. Full of mixed feelings.


Crazy lil boy!or rather lil bro.. aHA!

Kaileng wrote
4/25/2008 10:00:00 AM

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Harlow.. updates in! :)

Well a lot of stuffs sets me thinking esp regarding LemonBoy.

Friends came to me & tell me tat for the obvious huan is a better choice than Lemon. :( Yeap i agree totally, whole-heartedly.But somehow i've put in so much efforts & support for him tat letting go won't be easy. I need some time. BUT!

I'm getting sick & tired of this game.hao lei hao lei!

I don't see a need to see your 'Black face' nearly most of the time you come out from reception. You dun even have the heart to bid a proper goodbye?!? Look around you tat if i'm around? Okay i know i'm just a nobody can't expect you to always tink of my existant But at least bidding a goodbye will be so much better than just dashing off like tat.

Like i always say, imagine if i cabbed down, let's just say not waiting for huan but you instead, & then you gave tat sickening face? Haiz. I dunno wad else to say la. To you i'm already on the verge of giving up cos i am tired of this game already. Haiz. Dunno why on earth i gave so much support to you, perhaps you'r really a lovable boy ba. Haiz.. I do understand tat by nature you are a crazy boy, perhaps it just so happen tat whenever i go down wait for you guys you met with some problems so there comes your 'black face'. argh! I dunno wad else to say. I am somewhat lost. You know you really mean something to me. As a crazy lil brother, cute & lovable. Haiz. Dunno wad i'm trying to say. But somehow i feel so wrong in supporting you this much already. I'm sadded by the fact tat everytime you just dashed off like tat. HAIZ.NUFF said. I regret so much for the efforts. Tats why whenever you gave me this face, i feel so guilty to Huan which really appreciates things much better than you do. Haiz. Wadever it is, i'll still lend you my support but i'll just tone down a lil. No point doing so much for you, & in return getting the sickening face from you. WEll, again i understand you have your own problems so yea. Never mind then.

Yesterday i went to Nicole Lao Shi de CD launch at Lunar :) She is my idol. Someone i admire for her musical talents. Congrats to her launch of CD. I can say she's blessed with a good voice & beautiful personality & a good daughter. Of cos, beautiful support from friends too :) Nice lady.I'm just sad by the fact tat she's down with cancer. How could such a thing happen to such a nice & talented lady? Anyway, i first like her when she go for a recording for yin yue ge dou chang, the channel u variety show back then. I felt her comments in terms of musical wise is really valuable & it does makes sense. Since then i like her tat much le lo. Yeap. So, when i heard she released her single, i felt so happy for her, went down to show lil support :) A dream came true for her. Jiayou le nicole lao shi! :)

some pics:
CD Cover, Nicole Laoshi zhen de very pretty :)

Take a look inside:
----Nicole is really nice to ask for everyone's name to sign on the cd :)
Nicole & her lil Thought:
-----It says : "Freedom is a choice in life. We are all free to make our choices in life, and even if we decide not to make any choice, that in itself is our freedom to choose. This song is to remind us not to always remain in our comfort zone, but to be brave and seek out real love and happiness in life... :)"
It does makes sense. She makes me understand a lil more about freedom now :) Thanks laoshi!
------Nicole & her darling dearie, Carmen. They are really very loving :) & Carmen, just like her mother has a beautiful voice too! Ohmygosh! :) Xin fu nu hai! :)

-----Lovely Nic signing autographs :)
----She Simply Rocks :) Stay Strong dear nicole, you'll be blessed with good health :) Get well soon :)
----Random pic of Daevon,me & Rah. haha. Daevon is afraid of height. so cute la!

Tats about all for Nicole laoshi's Event. Anyway, being random, qiyu lao shi's reaction when he saw me & Rah was so cute. hehe! :P

These peeps were seen so take pics lo!

ahtye! Long time no see! aHA! She's in da run for stardust, singing comp. Do support her!

With Lawrence:

----MacDonald Guy. haha! :) hen Shuai lehz! haha. Free blusher when i see him..lolx!haha. Macdonald guy observes tat i love purple. wahaha. okay i'm random! & he's on my office desktop wallpaper now! LOLX. shuaiz!

Back to Idols stuff :)

Today let's just put huan's pic first. Suddenly i realise i love him so so much. haha! I'm slowly learning to appreciate him more cos i need to. He's way better than you & i know who. =_="

----PLSPLS support huan for coming episode of wei wo du zun! M2 M2 & M2! :)

----it was my idea to do this shot! hehheh! interesting huh..haha!

-----My fav shot for da day! :) Huan=LOVE! Thank you Pam for your help in taking these beautiful pics :) Let's support him tgt :) Huan is loved :) :)
-----huan & his two ever supportive ones :) hehheh. i can't help but think about the joke we made. Like Pam is his wife & i'm da mistress. Such cute terms. LOLX. Anyway. i gotta admit she loves him more than i do :) So i won't be selfish such tat i see him & just keep him all to myself. :)

----Btw, this cute dude says his hands can stretch longer, so he tried taking pic of 3 of us la, but it ended up taking pics of me & pam only. Ohgosh! You love us so much yea? lolx!haha. wadever. It's a fact tat we love him. Huan=LOVE! :)

The reason why i posted this pic below is bcos i made him sign on this picture & he signed something tat made me so gan dong. Really. I love huan. :)

-----it says 'very happy to see you,it's you tat made me sees sunshine,sees hope,sees the beautiful life'... omgosh. Really all these words is what i'm suppose to say to him instead...


Thanks for always being there, your care & concern is always so dear to my heart. I am really fortunate to have supported you & have you as my friend. You must Jiayou! No matter wad happens, you have my support always! I love you huan :)

haha. as much as i love & hate this lemonboy, i still support him & help him advertist la okay? :) Moreover it has been couple of months le, not really easy to let go la..so yea.

Do support M5 Clement Tsang.. :)
I really love his 'Ta tou tie'..always damn cute. aHA.

----& so as usual he's rushing for time, so after taking this pic, he dun even want to spend a lil more time to retake a proper one. Haiz! wadever la!

The rest of the peeps:

---Shuai Shuai! fans getting more le huh..

Talking about him, a special dedication to XT: can you stop being so sensitive?!? I hate the fact tat you mass bomb the gurls with your smses. & denied you actually have hard feelings, if you know wad i mean regarding shuaishuai de. Haiz. No want talk many. Pls be more tactful with your words. so many loopholes. haiz.

-----Jiaxi, you know wad, i always love our pictures so nice! :)

-----Feng :) Forever so interactive with fans. Nice dude :)

----Louis Bro! Thanks for being ever so understanding towards Rah.. :) You'r really a nice bro!
Oh i saw cuipeng too! He was so surprised why we aren't inside waiting instead, then i explained after work cannot loiter inside mdc lo.. yeap :) He's nice as usual :)
The best for the last my sweetest always, Nat!
---You shall be da sweetest always. Nat=Ultimate LOVE! :) Jiayou in everything!
I guess tats about all le.. 90(kailin) is complaining i took so long to blog & it's always so long & boring! lolx! yea, i need at least 3 hrs to blog lolx!
so xoxo!

Kaileng wrote
4/24/2008 10:02:00 AM

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Harlow back to update! Life is really madness for me la. Been doing lotsa thinkings. Funny lil fact about kaileng..she knows how to say & she knows her own problems BUT! She always say and then won't do anything to resolve those sickening problems.

ARGH! & she needs Advisor AMIGO to be around to consistantly remind her of her own weakness. AHA! He's 100% right. Majority of my time is spent thinking about unneccessary stuff, things tat doesn't conern me, i got emo too.

I'm easily affected by persons & the environment around me, tats why when one gets emo, i'll get effected. Actually it doesn't concern me, but i made myself think about it just as well. ARGH!I'm really finding it so hard to understand myself. Once again, i feel so zekarh cos of somebody i neglected the rest. haiz... haiz...

Anyway, did i mention we(Rah,Joyce,myself) coincidentally sat on Daren's 2nd uncle taxi? hehheh! Funny encounter. Actually i've got some of the pics to share but it's in my lappy. :( yea, took some pics inside his taxi, daren's autographed CD for his uncle, Daren's solo pics, even his taxi's car plate number! haha! Woah! he's really supportive of his nephew! Playing his CD on his taxi is a good example :) It all happens when we heard Daren's song from his taxi. Then we thought it was from yes933 or some radio stations, but it can't be it already cos! the 2nd song running is also Daren's! hehheh. That's when he asked us, 'you know how Daren addressed me anot?' in mandarin of cos..then i realised it can't be tat simple. hehheh! He said Daren called him 'er jiu'..o.O i went oh!!!!!!! If you remember there's this very sporting uncle, red-dyed hair during PSS theatre recordings. Tats his uncle lo! o.O o.O o.O!Funny, he's very nice la, after we dropped off at mdc, he pass us some sweets. & he told us he was waiting for our reaction before we even knew he was his uncle when we said we'r going to mdc. Cute la! & his two other uncle also drives Taxi! haha! Random Random! :)

Anyway, I'm so damn lazy to upload pics in sequence so yea. Wadever you see is not in order, quite random! yea.

This is some of the pics of Superband 2008 contestants,haha! I made a promise not to chase after superband, if not i owe my friends treats so yea! It's a fact tat I WONT CHASE :) haha! got some shuaige's inside though.hehe!

--------Shh.. i think Simon's really handsome when i first saw him *blushes*

----------Xiaolong as wad ppl called him. Wads up with my 'diaoding' eyes? =_="

----------Kenn :)

----------ZhengXiang :)

-------------HaoYang :)

With Dawnie:

--------@ Stage Opening Far East Plaza :) Being random, many ppl says her manager is so MAN. haha! :) I agreeeeeee!

Went to drink with lemonboy,Caleb & friends @ BoatQuay..Jae Bro was around too.Went 'bar/club/pub' hopping'..Den randomly went in to this damn good club. Club Sake :) Some laoshis were around. Alright i should just say musicians. & ppl down there can really sing. Esp the laoshis...So yea. make me feel tat i really wanna do well in musical wise. :)

* The reason why i got so emo is because i simply forget about huan yet again after lemonboy came out from recept la. argh! & worst thing i've got photos for huan to sign & he mentioned we'll do that after he came out. So wad happens after he came out. I totally forget his existant. ARGH! & to Rah, damn sorry too. Forsake friends for the sake of you know who. Haiz. Mayb next time i should think before i act. Yeap. Sorry to birthday gurl too. Din bid proper goodbye to her. Haiz.Sorry Rabbit..Huan... :( Lessons learnt*Think about other's feelings before you act, even though they might not bother about you, at least you explained & will feel much better* :)

Random Teachers saw at Club Sake:

--------Jones lao shi :) Not Daren hor..haha! the resemblance makes me goooo... erm.. lol! Damn lookalike la.. Anyway..Very difficult to take this pic, cos i was like running very fast to try to stop him after he left quite a few steps away. Dun care about my image..Just shout 'Jones! Can take picture not?'..AHA! then he asked like that ar? down here? aHA.Yea. Grace says he's good looking & i agreed. Yue kan yue shuai. Grace was too shy to ask for a pic. & she keep asking why me & weiling took a pic with Jones laoshi. hehex!

---------qiyu laoshi :) He's damn good in terms of musical wise la. Wo like his wo yao kuai le!! haha. Yea. Mayb one day i should learn a skill from him :) hehex. my musical inspirations still comes from feihui laoshi though :)

-----LemonBoy! Fierce seh!

----------I love this pic many many! Most importantly i love these two guys many many! :)

--------Jae Bro. :D :D Sometimes your passion towards music is something i wanna learn from. The never give up spirit & wanting to find chances along the way, just makes me wanna do well in music scenes too though i dun have a proper music school, music guidance. You are just my inspiration just as well. Just plain singing wise, i wanna do well. let's jiayou tgt :) Btw, you got me addicted to my blog song now, 'zi qi qi ren' :) & you really sang well. :) Tat lady tat sang with you has really good vocals. hen hao ting. Ohmygoshh! :)

Being Random, like to thank you for being so considerate :) Xie xie your charger,jacket,etc. Esp tat charger. haha. thanks to you my phone is alive. hehe! Xie xie, appreciate your sweet gestures. :) Many Thanks :)

----HAHA! your outdated pics..LONG LONG TIME ago :)

Wei Wo Du Zun Peeps:

---Forever my big eyed babe. (Christalle) Poor babe got gastric pain that night. Hope it's getting better. Rest well. You really look like snow white tat episode. Love your image loads. Ji xu jiayou yea. big eyed babe!

--------Louis Bro! Thanks on behalf of my lovely Rah for your unconditional LOve as a bro. The way you show your concern to Rah is really touching. We'll help you shout loud loud when your turn comes. :)

------------Finally i'm taller. Okay i'm lame. Louis has got a great smile. Always nice to see him SMILE :) Jiayou Bro!

---------Gavriil :) HAHA. Next time i need to stand 3 steps up instead of 2! :P He's really tall & GOOD Looking. hehe! Kelly loves ya!

-------ShuaiShuai! Okay sorry gals. Only i manage to snap one pic with him when he reports cos Cindy was rushing him. So yea. Sorry gurls.He's da one tat many of us, mainly my gang of friends will always give our utmost support cos he's really a nice Friend to us. His concern is totally different from the rest. He mayb quiet by nature But if you know him, he can be a really nice friend to talk to & he has got something special in him tat we love so much. :) Jiayou shuai!

----------QQ. Long time din take with her le. So yea. Just take lo. She says something about dimples when one grows old, the dimple will become lines on your faces. argh! i can't imagine. eeyer! haha! lines vs dimples. Such huge difference! Dimples are obviously better! haha. I'm LAME.

Dearest Huan:

again, previously i wrote bout how sorry i feel towards him, & i really feel sorry. Even though he won't feel anything, but i still feel quilty & sorry towards him. Zhen de.

---Love this, He's cute but i'm not. Sianded.

This 2nd part of pics i got so much feel to it. Cos this is da day where i got emo. Almost near to crying when i din get to see huan. haha. i really got so emo lo. Then yea. Thanks to babes like Rah,Peiyi & gang, helped me to shout when he was seen walking towards wardrobe area. We were outside RG btw. So he walked towards our direction. Even tapping his card out. Haha. This is when i stopped my emo-ing & started putting on a SMILE on my face :) Huan=LOVE. haha. then the gals was like telling him i din see him almost wanna cry. Piangz! but it's da truth leh! hehex! Thanks gurls & Huan of cos :) I like his shirt, damn cute!

---------I love this :) haha,always wearing couple suites. hehheh!

----Simply love him. Everyone is asking me to treat him better. I'll, I'll. He's really NICE LA. I love you Huan :)

With Rabbit:

----------Forever so sweet & dear. Jiayou gurl!

Finally, the best for the last.. Luo Yi & Nat Dearest :D :D :D

--------He was there for Stage opening. Yes, xiaozhu's shop finally made it's stop at Sg. Far east Plaza :)

---------Candid shots rocks.esp if you love tat person, you'll find his actions adorable!

---------This is omgosh shuaiz!

----He kept moving around when taking pics with me la. haha. His expression is simply ohmygosh Cute! cute LuoYi :)

---The floor has got some gold tat he needs to see for himself wads going on..haha!

----Love this shot!
----Machiam press conference. LOL!
Sweetest Nat:

--Wondered why only got 1 photo of sweestest? Cos they rest appeared on previous entries liao :) & i'm lovin these past few weeks cos i got to see sweetest much often after work while randomly waiting for WWDZ peeps :) haha.
Wadever it is, NAT & Luoyi=Ultimate LOVE!
Tats about all,
No wanna think many many liao!

Kaileng wrote
4/23/2008 10:41:00 AM


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