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Thursday, May 08, 2008

harlow kaileng is back to update. Nothing much to blog about actually.

hehheh. yesterday as usual,after work went to recept to wait for huan & Lemonboy whom is so much my LOVE as you guys know.. hehe!

Let the pictures do the talking ba :)

oh random note, my friend commented tat my friendster pics are so much more than the pics on his PC. he has difficult time looking thru them!So funny leh! Tats why i told friendster tat i need a million photo uploading space! hehheh!

Don't believe it's alot? Click this link to see for yourself lo! hahaha! http://www.friendster.com/photos/2996789 have fun viewing them! & leave me comments yea :)

With Lemon-Boy :
-----Still so adorable..haha!
----LOL.Dont mistaken as i got high when i saw him okay, the fact is, this is a Candid shot la. out of a sudden this shot is taken! :P

Last to come out yesterday...then when he came out, ppl started saying, woah lemon, we'r all waiting for you. LOL. Actually, i shld thank all my friends la, i'm da only one tats waiting for him..hehe! then they hang around with me to wait for him as well. :)
P/S: Lemonboy, the barcode Joke is omgosh funny. 10 indians standing along a white wall. haha!

kevin's joke was omgosh funny too. haha! The jokes came about when we were on our way to prata house for supper. weiling & amigo were there tgt too! Talking about tat sorry to you guys, they'll know wad i mean :)

Randomrandom, Kevin is really cute when he starts to complain about various issues :P

Prata house thomson really has fucking attitude problem lor! arghhhhhh!

*My dear lemon, good luck to you &________! hehheh..you & I know who...Jiayou le! hohoho!
Damn high when i say You & _______ looked not bad tgt.. haha!....

yea lemon went off first while the rest of us chit chat around lo.Hang round till 12 plus with weiling & amigo taking cab home, both of us took bus to Yishun From yishun then i realise there's still bus service, nope actually it's he realised there's still bus service, me jiu wait for bus to W'lands then cabbed home lo. It's so much cheaper. :) Thanks dude, for acc me to wait for the bus :) Really la, i must comment tat you'r really a nice friend one could have. Nice to tok to :)

能找到谈得来的朋友并不容易。。所以I Thank GOD for a friend like you :)
Random again, your piano skills simply rocks! :)
----There he is.. Erm.. i said i won't post our pic to friendster means i wont..hehheh! But you'd still appear on my blog :)

With Huan:
-----Really very shuai la! :) 爱死他了! :P Not bcos he's handsome la, he's really a nice nice friend one could have. TRUSTME :)
-------Hey! I really love him this way..haha! 爱笑又不笑的脸!可爱又帅!
Anyway, watch out for him for Mr Metrosexual, he's doin catwalk :) Supports!
The Rest of the guys:
Louis Bro:
---omgosh! I so F*cking love this pic can! haha! Nicest pic out of the whole lot we took :) haha. so nice tat we both went 'WOAHhhhhh!'... LOL.
----& can you believe this is Him?!? haha. so cute neh. lol. looks like Jeff(pss2), kelly said so or who izzit tat said so? Hehheh, i burst out laughing when i saw his ID. :P Bro, you look so much better now. hehe!Anyway, your beat-box rocks :)
With Gavriil:
----He really looks good everytime we see him :)
With Shuai:
----帅really很幸福。。With many ppl supporting him & even printing large quantity of posters :) But all i can say. shuai is worth the support for those whom supported him. Random note, Stephanie's LED board simply rocks. So cool! :) wth chinese character '帅' plus the initials ‘YS' blue silver sticker plus BLUe LED. NIce! :) YS is fortunate to have a fan/friend like you :) & of cos teh rest whom really put in so much for him :)
-------My dear Amigo was so intrested in da old 50 dollars note tat he has to take pics of it! Nice leh...i also like the old 50 dollar note :)
Yeah end of post! Shall end post with a random pic of me & dearest Rah:

Bye Peeps! Take care loads! :)

Kaileng wrote
5/08/2008 10:26:00 AM

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

harlow :) :)
extremely happy cos of somebody! there he is. He dunno me, but i know him..haha!
just a random staff from mdc la,lol, remember long long time ago i blog about this guy? TVB? lol.

---okay. i snapped his pics secretly de :P i will die if he learns all about it. lol!*my tvb always*
yesterday kaileng is a really happy gurl!
But yesterday's results were once again shocking :P
Congrats though to Jiejie, i like her cheerleading!

hoho! Rabbit da best still! :) 虽败为荣:)
You still have us to cheer for you always!

most happiest day among all other days of waiting for WWDZ peeps.
Infact, i'm just waiting for the solid 2 :)

Haha, i'm really a happy soul la, at least this time i'm not biase towards either one..lalala! Happy gurl, cos i fork out equal time for the two, din know it can be done. Perhaps next time won't feel as happy as yesterday le, so i really treasure yesterday so so much.hehex, i made a special wand for them yesterday thanks to Stefy de straws :)

Happy Gurl shall let the pictures do da toking yea? :)

我发现我真的好爱LemonBoy& Huan :) okay, i admit Lemon is forever getting more. OOps. BUT! 我真的很爱他们 :)

------Pls support them yea :) aHA..the thing they'r holding is my magic wand made for them :) Actually it was just meant to be a star only, then lemonboy made it into a wand from the leftover straws on my hands :) haha. just as lemonoy's wand is more perfect, huan's one wasn't really perfect cos the sides are not trim off. Then Lemon insist tat tats becos i love him more tats why his star is perfect.& huan asked why my ‘星 ’is black?!? haha!

-------since i so so love them, how could i not take a pic with them? :) It always ended up with two parties smiling the other one not.Next time i should get them to S.M.I.L.E tgt :)

----i like this leh! So A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

-----haha. lemonboy named us 'Lan JiaoBins'. wahaha. Izzit i'm lan he's jiaobin or i'm jiao he's bin? haha. forget le la! Oh btw, he nearly rejected a pic with me cos he said i already had 100 over pics with him liao. haha!lol! & still counting.. :P

-----------omgosh. so cute! & he said he has nv ride on a bike before. aHA.! i think he asked jiaxi if he could try to ride, haha, better not la! :P

Random Random, i bid goodbye to gavriil cos he went off on a cab, and i said something like 'Bye handsome!' Gavriil then asked if i'm calling lemon or him, lol, cos lemon is just beside him, then i told him i'm referring to him. LOL, cheeky lemon asked wad about him then?!? HAHA! Cute la, wad else! hehheh!

------------Always looking good! Tats huan. my 外遇。haha!

------This pic is not so easily taken de lo. It's damn scary to sneak out of office having asked boss for sometime to get down to see huan.Anyway, yea, i waited for like 5-10 mins ba. cos he said he'll come round 3pm. yea, by the time i saw him & everything else was done, photo takin, chit chat, i ran like nobody business back to office. :P btw, he shocked me by appearing out of a sudden while i was looking towards taxi stand direction. :P

HAHAHA! chicken rice series!

This dude is damn cute la, he keep insisting he wanna take at the chicken rice stall.Now okay tats fine, but he wants to get the 'chicken' into our pics as well! So hilarious! haha. After every shot, he asked if the chicken can be seen! haha!

-----Dark Dark, can't see us.

-----------Omgosh! I LOVE this pic loads!

----Another one with the chicken being much more clearer seen.

------LOL! I just can't stop laughing when i remember the fact tat he wants to get the chickens into the picture. AHA!

-----Christalle Babe :) Oh i really like her martial arts :) Welldone babe!

----Getting really bored so i got Jiaxi to post for the cam! Cute isn't he? hehheh!

-------To da space...

----& our shot tgt :)

-----Beware! Louis Bro is a wanted man! Nah..kidding la! He scolded me stupid for telling the world tat he's going to update the blog. BUT i didn't la! haha! I know you'r kidding too! LOL. i was recalling how he react when we play tricks n telling him rah is looking for him,lol, he'd run for his life. :P Mayb our dearest Rah sometimes gets too high when she sees you tats why.. ahump!

---Anyway, a proper shot :)

----ShuaiShuai! I love takin pics with him :)

----Yan :) i think she's the rightful winner for yesterday though :) nvm, there's still another theme to go! Jiayou le!

----Albert from star idol :) Oh i declare it's da first time i saw him in person. hehe. hen cute leh! lol. small version of 'Luoyi', yes one of my dearest 5 tat is. I mean at least i think so. :P

--Lincoln..wah..so man liao eh. Also from Star idol :)

-----dear Dawnie! Now really canteen jian liao..she filming studio le! Good good! Jiayou le babe!

----Ah wu! Very shuai lo. Still so quiet by nature. aHA! :)

----Random Random, this is Lemon on Jiaxi's bike :)

Shall end post with the pic above. me & weiling saw....................................Clement! LOL. Acting nia..! :P

yeayea. kaileng loves lemonBoy many many!

kaileng loves huan!

Kaileng loves Rabbit! :)

Still my ultimate LOve is given to dearest 5! Ultimate 5! JonL,JonT,Shauna,Luoyi & NatH :)

VOTE for M5 clement,M2 zhenhuan next monday!

Kaileng wrote
5/06/2008 10:11:00 AM

Monday, May 05, 2008

woohoo! Kaileng is back to update!

Randomly did a test & it's omgosh so true!


时尚的快乐精灵   你相当自信、乐观,不会为了虚无的东西浪费感情和精力.充满活力,善于装饰和表现自己.   你的动感魅力常常感染周围的人,让大家由衷的希望和你做朋友.最有可能发生一见钟情   的爱,不过往往是对方一相情愿,而你总是“拿得起放得下”.   提醒:即使爱情重复发生,适合你的,也只能有一份!   

So many happenings! lol. Really dun have time for home anymore.
was out all day past few days. Drinking Clubbing, mediacorp. Aiyoo..just so many happenings..

Just yesterday went for Joyce's bd party! The atmosphere there was way too great! Food & everything else was good too! With great company from friends :) Yeap.

Day before went to 'PLAY' again. Inbetween many things happen, i got very unhappy but luckily everything was fine after tat. I just can't believe i slapped my all time advisor Amigo. Sorry dude. I just have to wake you up. I can't explain in detail wad happen but Rah knows all about it. Haiz. Anyway, it really hurts when he pushed me away and ask me to stay away from him after tat slap. Haiz.Wadever it's over :)

Yea, aiYoo..wadever it mayb, i really enjoyed myself soso much past few days, esp tat late night out with my precious gurls. Chivas for $50 :) hehheh! Shall let the photos do all the talking, prolly with some lines to go along :)

Pics in random order. Since yesterday was joyce's bd party, i shall post up pics taken there first. Sad to say, i dun have a pic taken with bd gurl. :( haha. Before tat mayb i should show you my zilian pics first alrite?My zilian level is really high! HAHAHA!

----haha, 鬼脸!

------All time favourite pic :)

---------Natural shot :) Wasn't even aware. I mean my camera just snapped this itself. Eerie! :P

------Chivas for you?


----------Love this too! :)

Being random, people i met recently are all really nice to talk to :)

Amigo,Kevin & even friends tat i've met but nv really tok to are really really nice :)

Rah this is for you:________'s sister is out of shape?!?


Fooling around with Jae Bro :)

Haha, our faces really are oh-so-Flexible! hehheh! Try us! :P

Rahrahrah..haha. being mention so many times today on my blog!

Happy seeing the madness pics yea? :)

----He can really make all kinds of faces :)

----Dining & Drinking @ Joyce's bd party :)

-----oops! i should have had the correct expression to this pic. :(

-----Supposedly he should look to the camera as well, but oh well? ended up with me & lemon boy looking only. :(

----We suddenly have so much feel tat we started taking pics of HIM :) 帅 hor? hehex!

----Woah...new 代言人 for red wine :)

Bro ar bro, you really very talented leh. :) Anyway, got to see some of his pics from HK, damn pretty sista he has :) being random, bro you look really different from da past.. hehe!

Oops It's Lemon Boy again :P

----Do a lil promo for him like i always do :) Don't have to remember anything, Just M5 alrite when you call or sms.. :) hehheh! Jiayou le lemonboy!

------This pic is ohmygosh pretty la! haha. so much like photo shoot :)

------Few days back @ mdc :)

----Randomly saw Paulie while waiting for lemon boy :) He was uhump! still da same la. LOL. asked me how Jon was & whether we married already? LOL! Damn funny!!!!!! Bro is still bro la. lol!

---------Feng :) So cute in da shades...

------Marcus :) Woah, long time no see!

-----Louis Bro :) Weii! where's your blog entry? For lying tat you'd update & have yet to do so, you owe me & Rah a meal! aHAHAHAH!

----Miss Fiona :) So much prettier liao leh!

---Miss Joyce Stella's birthday cake :)

Pics From the pub :)

----Rahhhhhhhhhhhhh! lol. today your name really appear on my blog for very very many times :)

-----Ezann was seen tooo! Grace was so high can. She was like asking me if i think E will appear at Boat Quay, cos she might be going clubbing. Then there she is really pop out in front of her :) & she took really lotsa pics with E. :)

--------Love this shot many many! Kids dun play with fire huh! Sofia was damn cute in da pic :)

--Judy :) Thanks for introducing Club Sake :)

-----Grace :) haha. I wouldn't forget it's all bcos of her we get Chivas for like $50 dollars only & mixer totally free? aHA!

------Weiling :) I regret not interacting with this gurl more last time. We only got closer like these few days only! Such a nice gurl to tok to! :)

------Gurls Nite Out :) Love them loads. Though some i may not really tok to as much, they'r still loved :)

Yeayea.finally done with updates!

cya around yes. Vote for F8 Rachelle Lin tonight yea!

Lemon,Rabbit & Huan= LOVE!
Meimei & Dada= LOVE!
一眼瞬间is omgosh NICE!!!

Kaileng wrote
5/05/2008 11:37:00 AM


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