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Friday, January 25, 2008

okay, my heart is still beating fast remember i was talking about mr tvb haha, finally i manage to take a pic with him lehz.. Okay, i admit tat he dun look really look like lahz..But haha, who cares! handsome jiu hao,i dun care if u tell me he's not good looking cos i tink he is. Kaileng likes older guys remember? Actually they'r not old . just pretty matured :)

If you realised my idols also kinda mature kind, like xiaogang & shengjie :)

anyway this is our pic,thanks to kailin..haha..he actually wanna reject me de lehz.haha. But in da end he ask me where to take a pic. haha. :) *super high* oh, so his name is wayne :)

---------Haha, neh mind if he looks fiece, happy enuff to have taken a pic with him.haha, after looking at him for couple of days,when he walk pass.LOLX!

Yea, lunch time went wardrobe again, saw zzen & Jess, jiu took a pic with jess :)

------------------------Since she walked back, i might as well take another shot, cos she is relatively difficult to bump to besides jeanette :), except the days when she's filming shou zu :)

Well, also saw Zoe Queen, but quite paiseh to ask for pic as she has two PAs besides wherever she goes :P

Anyway, like i said in my earlier post i saw sweetest NAT! haha, was surprised to see him though it's kinda expected tat he'll come back for costume fitting & image styling for new show' nu ren dang zhi qiang' :) Din dare to call him at first cos he was like holding on to so many sets of clothings, must be pretty busy. I hang on for a while before deciding to call him for pictures, cos i said before when an artist enter either of the rooms, makeup,wardrobe etc, they'll take long time to come out! haha. yeap.

----------Isn' he adorable with his small eyes? :P Nat=LOVE!

---------Sweetest ever Nat :)

wah sianz,, dun feel like writing so much but i have to! haha..Saw Yiqing after work , the bai fa mo nan! Damn funny lahz.. if you remember him, he's from nv say die, the variety show back then..

-----------see i so pei he him! haha! monster battle starting!His hair color already wins a hundred miles ahead.haha!

Saw Daren too! Be sure to get his album & you won't regret! It's really nice! As a musician myself, i'll give it 4 stars out of 5 :) Go buy yea!

-------Da Ren :) I think he's appearing for yess933 interview tmr! So catch it if you can! :) Last note, remember to BUY HIS ALBUM! Titled'bu xu li you' :)

Yeap, Saw Feli & Julian & Zijie Too :)

--------Dunno how she does it but she's getting prettier each time i saw her :) Jiayou for new show!

----------------Julian himself requested for guilian, funny face,so we did this. HAHA. i merely forllow him..cutz eh!

-----------Zijie came back for fitting i think :)I wanna take a pic, but suddenly recalled he can't zipai de haha! Luckily marcus & eva is around so they help me take pics lo! haha..

& yes obviously Most of the pics would not be well taken without the help of this friend:
Marcus! haha.. & Eva! haven take a pic with me :(
tats about all, blog again yea :)
cya! Very random *Nat=LOVE!*

Kaileng wrote
1/25/2008 10:04:00 PM

i'm soso tempted to BLOG!

I saw sweetest Nat again! haha..

so random huh..haha! my msn nick says'somehow i miss nat'.. and there he pops out he was doing up his image for new drama' nu ren dang zhi qiang'..

be sure to catch Nat when the show goes on screen :)
He has soso many images, damn cool, saw him holding lotsa clothings, manage to catch one of the image he dun like. :P

& man he says tat set not nice, then when i wanna take picture,he says dun want cos later i'll blog! yes i'll blog about it.. and says 'Nat doesn't like this set......'.haha. he says wardrobe will see the picture when i blog haha! again i said nono, they won't by pass my blog de lahz..haha!!!

Pictures up tonight :) tata! haha :)

Kaileng wrote
1/25/2008 01:41:00 PM

wad a day to start! haha. while i was walking towards mdc..today saw TVB shuai ge! *blushes* i just got a feel it's him lo..though only the back was facing me! he was in Blue..hehex.. well, dun mistaken he's not any tvb hongkong stars haha! just one guy i met at mdc, nv had any contact with him before, just find him very shuaiz, and tvb star look alike lahz.! haha. then yeap.. saw him jiu very happy lo. haha! But he's always with the 'aunties' haha.. :P

Well i know where to look for him though, he's always around wardrobe area de :)

Enuff of tat, sianz..while i walk to my office thru the radio building, saw best fren again.she was in a van going out for filming i tink.. woah! her eyes si bei tua(very big), like staring at me machiam got GOLD! so scary. i know she dun like me, or rather us, but dun see unitl like tat lahz, early morning see ghost! :P

anyway, put tat aside yesterday went to catch feihui laoshi @ SPOP recording, haha, how i wish he's my teacher lahz, my musical inspirations somehow comes from him :)

Yesterday around 5 plus, a familiar person sent a msg to me, Mr Jae, haha, saying he come fulfil his promise liao, and asked me where me. aha! i was tinking huh? promise? yea.. Owe me a picture lahz..haha! Then chatted for a while lo, haha, he coming up with two new compositions? called 'ji dan'(eggs),thanks to Casey whom taught him the egg game, and 'kailing'..cos he's got 12 friends named kailing! woah power! haha. i'll be the first to grab hold of the demo if tat song really comes out, i'll support! hehex! then yea, tok sbout spop songs :)

yeap. there, our pic:

------------Haha. his zipai also good lehz. i should learn a skill or two! Anyway, this is taken from from his handphone :) i like the effect!

-------------And this is from my hp :) see the difference?Anyway, this dude has got a new parting for his hairstyle! haha! i couldn't tell lahz.. cos when he asked me i was like got mehz? haha! :P Sorry lahz dude! Din pay much attention, but it's nice okay! :)

Yeap, then i went back to office to work lo, come to meet him for a while only, haha!okay, did i say i came out during office hours? :P

yeap. say goodbye & catch up with him after work..

waited for 6 o'clock to come...then went to have dinner @ canteen with marcus. haha. i saw a handsome guy lehz! too bad he's a tv extra too, or izzit i could't regconise him & i think he's just a tv extra :P :P

After dinner, went to meet JS lo, to go for SPPOP show, woah i feel so weird lahz, so many focus ppl :P yea.. but the recording was great, in between damn funny lahz, din know feihui laoshi can be so funny huh. haha!

Yeap, he did some interviews, and sang songs with peifen jie & 'nets', panying jie..

Oh nets is actually nat lahz. damn funny lahz. the warm up emcee. haha! round round so cute! Shhh! yeap..All i can say is damn nice lahz..

So funny recalling how feihui laoshi used to perform as a host for live shows back then. He said he was stuck for words & he couldn't react to the situation so he straigh away call for commercial..funny thing it's just after commercial break!@ hahaha!

Then tat was this part where qi xian da ge went to hotel, and the receptionist will ask hym whether he wants to call for a 'girl'..get wad i mean? haha. he'll always reject, then one day he just ask feihui Laoshi to hold his hands n he did lahz, then they went up to hotel tgt, then from then onwards tat receptionist nv ask qi xian da ge whether he wants to call for a girl anymore. haha! Damn funny lahz. lotsa fun details, be sure to catch SPOP for more explosive contents! :)

Tats about all lahz.. was kinda tired so we left after his segment, following up is Joi Chua de recording i din go, like i say was tired...

went to snap some pictures with Nat & kwan & my musical inspiration Feihui Laoshi! :)

I love his songs, esp shuo zou jiu zou :)

Super funny, dunno why also whenever i wanna take pic with laoshi, will feel damn shy. haha. i was recalling how kwan was laughing at my reaction towards laoshi :P

Haha, i'm just another shy gal okay..haha! :P

Pics for now:
-------------Kwan :)

----------------Kern Bai :) Like our pics too!

----------------JJ, been sometime since CSS ended, you guys remember this pretty gal? :)

------------Presenting to you my musical inspiration, Feihui laoshi, seriously i hope one day i could be learning music with him lehz!

Tats about all, great day ahead readers!
* random random*why no JEFF!! AHA!

Kaileng wrote
1/25/2008 10:11:00 AM

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good morning! :)

Nowadays i'll blog in office lehz..so cool haha!
Talking about my office, mocca is getting smaller, so sianz..

One by one leaving, perhaps i should tender my resignation letter too :(
sibei zianz..

Though i love this place so much, nv in my life i feel damn happy working lehz. haha. & strange enuff i stayed here for about near to half a year le, coming mth will be my 5th month :)

I feel so surprised tat i could actually hang on for so long cos, my previous jobs, i couldn't stay on for more than a week lahz, haha.

I went to try out yoshinoya restaurant, & i left after 2 weeks i think cos i couldn't stand the manager shouting at me when i couldn't remember the food names, damn chim lahz!

Then i went to 7-eleven, sell some chinese new yr goodies like chocolates? Funny thing, it's one month before new year, & it's damn difficult to get ppl to even look at your stuffs. haiz.Damn sianz, as it was the year of rooster, we were selling candies store inside a golden rooster lahz. & there was this man walking pass us...then came back after a distance to buy tat rooster COS her thinks it's cute! Damn funny! he just says so cute & pass us the money & dashed off liao eh. Haha. he doesn't even need a plastic bag! haha! imagine him carrying tat golden rooster running round Orchard! haha!

kk..enuff of tat, my pt is, i've nv stayed on for a job more than 2 weeks as u can see! So i really love data-entry! Nope, i love MOCCA, bosses,leaders,colleagues! haha! Dunno leiz..the tout of leaving came only when the idol issues came in lo. Like you shld not look for 'them' during your working hrs & stuff..haiz..

Anyway, i guess i totally ignored them cos i still went to wardrobe area during lunch break! :P

& i saw Zzen again :) haha. he was like '你怎么在这里?' Haha.. i replied i will come by everyday hehex! he needs to go off so i quickly asked for a picture lo, I am getting to like my pics with him nowadays, so got feel lei! haha! His self-shot not bad de ehh :)

----------------- Aww! so sweet! lolx. Zzen is attached lahz..!For the obvious not me! haha!

Then nth much lo...saw lingling pinghui too, but the latter went to to up his image for upcoming show? Haha. Actually ar..when artist gets to the make-up room, wardrobe room etc, They will take up the least ½ hr before they'll come out. haha. so lesson learnt i should look for them before they went in to any of the rooms. But sometimes ar, i dun really dare to call them llehz. Damn scary the feeling i tell you esp when you din realise they are in a bad mood :P

Went back to office as usual, nowadays afternoon very slack, time passed so slow, i played dunno how many games, gone thru frenster,facebook, even went blog hopping. sianz! :P

After work, head to canteen to have dinner loz..yeap, hoping we can catch canteen jian :)Before that went to studio 6 to see their filming..Actually i dunno if it's restricted area, i think it is lahz..haha... i wouldn't go there alone, and of cos even in a group i wouldn't be the one opening the studio door :P Scare lahz!

We ate finish & slowly zzen,dawn & even Mr J came to have their dinner lo.

waited for them to finish eating then of cos take pictures :)

But sianded by the fact tat best friend is around with best friend. Haha. i guess everyone likes to suck up to best friend becos seriously she has really good connections someway somehow.so if anyone can be her friend, good friend if you are, you'll get some benefits i guess. tats why recently someone tried really hard to get close to best friend. But the sad fact, best friend dun really hiew her. aHA. aiyOo. it nv pays to suck up to somebody like best friend lahz. haha!


-----------Dear Dawnie :) She's seriously in LOVe with Kitty! :)

------------You din see this pic on my frenster did you? haha. i won't post double pics featuring same artist on da same day, cos i'd only do so to those artist tat i love :) But well, tat doesn't mean i dun like them lahz! I just dun see the point of doing so...Anyway, zzen was cute lahz, he asked me didn't i already took one picture tat afternoon? haha! Then i gave a cute answer obviously, i said something like huh, take already jiu cannot take mehz? haha! or izzit one day can only take one picture wor? haha! Nahz. he's kidding. He's nice. Did i mention he's really a good actor? catch his shows on tv & you'll know wad i mean :)

--------------Mr J, he seemed tired, & i guess he is lahz.. Haha, i think we hold him up for the longest yesterday, keep snapping away..hehex! wadever, he's nice to stay on just to take pictures with us! Do support zhang lang hor!

------------Another shot! I love this pic too :)
Tats about all bahz, haiz.. weird lehz..these few days i always say best friend very pretty haha! BUt she is mahz.. just tat heart not as pretty, But well, i still think mayb she ain't tat bad bah? Why argh! am i keep pysco-ing myself tat she's not tat bad as wad we thought? 哈哈!i tink i'm being super kind, tats why. tata! blog again soon!

Kaileng wrote
1/24/2008 10:45:00 AM

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ok hundred years neh post already rite?
haha! on sunday i went to see tvb stars lo..yeap. 6 came to promote for starhub kinda mobtv where u get to see top rated and newly release tvb serials.. those tat came includes, wangxi,bobby,BOSCO,KEVIN,Charmaine&myolie :)

The babes are pretty & we have handsome man too! haha. esp BOSCO. zhen de hen shuaiz lah. and man! kevin doesn't look like 38!!!!! haha. i dun have much clear resolution pics for that day, but i'm just happy enuff to see them in person lah, though i dun really catch tvb serials. :P

before tat i went to sing KTV lo at party world, haha, kept singing ahmei's & kelly's yi miao zhong de yong yuan :) haha!

Anyway, yesterday went to mdc to catch SPOP recording. It was the results show. MAN the results were rubbish! haha. i mean certainly there were much more deserving compositions! SOngs like sha mo? Xie xie ni de hao? or even love is forver is not in? NOt a single one? I think it sorta become a competition between superstars rather than the composers, cos mayb they wanna see their favs shooting an mv? i dunno tats just my personal stand. yeap. Anyway, half way thru the show saw an sms from 90's hp, saying' .... says you all dun go look for artists DURING WORK, cos got artist complain you all, might kenna ban'...

was damn pissed n kept thinking who the hell could say such a thing! an artist somemore? which artist would be so bo liao as in to go & report. i mean pls lo, we, ok i dun wanna drag the rest in, myself even when approach the 'stars' i won't hold them for long lo, i merely asked for a picture, & prolly talk for a few mins lo, sometimes when they'r in a rush i'd only look at them lo, or if they looked really fierce i won't even approach them lo. & worst of all, i din look for them during working hrs! is lunch break even considered working hrs?!? i don't think so, i dunno wad about you.. haiz. i mean seriously lahz..if you dun want ppl to go around wardrobe around, dun put benches & pls put down a big signage tat is so visible'Restricted area' then ppl like me, or mdc stuffs jiu won't go there lahz! wth! argh! who arrowed us really sibei bo liao. i dun see any wrong with approaching the artists. argh!!! Don't really wish to touch on tat too much..not any artist would complain about ppl approaching them bah? I mean it's not as if i hold up their precious time or look for them so many times in a day!!! Cos if they ever in a rush, they'd smile & say' sorry i'm in a rush...'..so yea.. pics for now..

----Zzen, okay i admit i love this pic loads :)
---- hey gorgeous! Look at the camera! :)
--------Jeanette, actually she looked fierce ar..but i think she's got the coolness in her when she dun speak :)
---Feli, this poor gal films almost everyday till late night, Must rest well argh!I really appreciate tat dear gal always stops for fans no matter how late it is :)

-------FeiHui Lao Shi :) Nope not my laoshi, though i hope one day i would become one of his disciple :) Well, really admired his musical talents. esp love his shuo zou jiu zou hehex!

---------Jing Xing da ge! my idol, i think he has his charm lei, haha..chinese says bao(3) dao(1) wei(4) lao(4).. :) haha..lawrence & BOBO :) Best screen partners too, not only nanxing da ge can match with zoe queen okay! haha!
----AhHai..haha..getting cooler ehh.. :)
-------Pretty Candyce, i dunno how she does it but she's really pretty... :)

----------Cong Cong, i think the last pic i took with him was during pss competition? haha!

----------------Diya, woah damn chio lei, yesterday! :) dun look like her jay chow style no more. haha!
------------Jeff!!! haha. always when he's around i nv bring him ' ai xin liang cha'..haha! One of the few i'd buy a drink or pass some stuff to. :)
--------Jiaying..woah her new style rocks, hen piao liang!! :) & she's extremely nice yesterday..hehex! well, at least when she's nice we feel good too!
--------First pic with Leon, he's really nice, no wonder he's one of the hot favs among fans during pss :)

------------Maomao, woah i dunno how many times she recorded love is forever yesterday..hehex, wadever it's nice & she's nice!
-----------Marcus, always initiate to say hello & start conversation, nice jacket dude! :)

----------I like this pic too, also long time din take with nat liao, he's looking better each time too! :)

------------Sugie looked damn cute here lahz, i dunno why perhaps din see this kinda expression from him before :)
--------------------Zanny :) her singing really improve alot leiz!
tats about all forks. :)
Miss C, i know u won't by pass my blog by coincidence, but if you did, pls watch wad u sae, GOD is watching. We din offend u or wadsoever. If you ever wanna sae something against anyone of us, come straight to us, dun need to sae behind anyone's back, i'll be glad to have a PEACEFUL talk with you. :) Don't worry lahz, i'm not one tat will use violence. I mean i even bother to smile at you if you remembered. haiz. Tats wad we get for being nice. *tsk Tsk* mdc is really complicated haha.. like wad sk said in his blog, on one of his entries :)

Kaileng wrote
1/23/2008 10:46:00 AM

Sunday, January 20, 2008

fuck! i dun like my home too! Don't ask me how to settle the bills! i dunno!

Go & die u stupid adults! ESP him. yes i know he din shout @ me but i'm utterly bu shuang when he see the bill & ask me how to settle...Go dig out the insurance money & pay la! bloody idiot! since u already took so much money from her!

No mood now, am of to sing k. vent out all the anger! eeyucks!

Kaileng wrote
1/20/2008 01:20:00 PM


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