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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Argh!!!! My friendster dunno why..press wrong thing, all the beautiful css settings all gone! argh! *pissed*

Anyway, yup..got myself new phone! Purple in color! love it loads! Didn't i say purple equal love? hehheh!

Purple=LOVE! So i took picture with my purple stuffs! :)

Anyway,yup..Some overdue pics..actually not overdue lahz..just thought i'll post them out lo.
since i really have nth to show :)
Before i post the overdue pics, i 'll show ya my fav pic for the day yes?

It's with Rabbit hehheh, rachelle :) Suddenly love her very much, i shan be bothered wad kinda person she is in many eye's cos at least in me & kailin's eyes, she's nicey! Love her! So there goes my support for the female, it landed on Labbit :) We love her for who she is.. woohoo! :)


kk..not forgetting Lemon=Love okay :)

Lemon Lemon..i can go chanting lemon non stop, no wonder my friends can't stand me! haha.
From now onwards even more jialat, cos Labbit=LOVE too! :) :)
Anyway yah.. I shall cont blogging in a new entry!

Kaileng wrote
3/15/2008 03:09:00 PM

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm actually kinda happy de..But due to some reasons between my dear friends, kinda got myself involved....in their 'lil misunderstandings'..sandwiched in between. I shall say i'm not going to side anyone cos it wouldn't be fair to either parties :)You'r all my precious, i'm not particularly close to anyone of you, Perhaps in your eyes i might be closer to the other one but yea, i see you gals equally de. Got benefits we all shall share. So, You gals shall sort things out soon. :)

I wouldn't say it's a quarrel cos it doesn't sound right, i'd still prefer the term misunderstandings.Nth can't be resolved, i think you gals really need a heart to heart talk & foresee all the problems faced between both parties.. Like got mayb you got wadever bu shuang also thrash it out all at once lor..such tat you gals may still remain friends, dun nao dao lian friends also cannot become... Not necessary to ruin such beautiful friendship. You gals dare to say u gals din gain benefits from each other before? I'm sure you do yes? So yah, even though you are not on very good terms with each other, ie, best friends, you'r still friends aren't you? So yea..dun wei le such matters shang hai the harmony :) I wish you gals could sort things out soon yea :) Peace & love to you gals.

Anyway, i got myself a new purple watch, haha, bought it like very fast din even check if it's working jiu buy liao.. 5 dollars only. BUt lor! haha! & somehow after i bought it i realise i can't set the time. haha. Luckily my friend manage to do tat for me. :) Anyway yup..was so surprise to see special friend @ bugis with my dearest granddaughter. haha. i was like walking around Bugis Junction then saw familiar faces waving to me. haha! yeap, so it was them. So coincidence. haha. wo men so got fate lah. LOLX. My intention of going there was simple..haha. so see Lemon again..LOLX! & the gang lo.. Yeap.. So did manage to see them. Only knew Caleb & lemon would be there. Who knows reach there, yuan shuai,jianfeng & rachelle was around too :) Yup :)
------------Purple watch! ohmytian! Purple=LOVE!

Jianfeng was pretty cute, he asked where's his fan? haha. referring to kelly. wahaha. Then i said she resting at home lo, but will come to see him soon when they report to mdc. haha. he said after drinking the herbal tea, he kept the empty bottle warm. lolx. Or something like tat lahz. He was cute la to ask about kelly aka 'his fan'..hehheh!
Yeap. Shall not talk so much let the pics do the talking:

This lemon is forever crazy de lahz. no words to describe.haha! perhaps tats wad makes him so lovable by all? hehheh!

Rachelle babe knows all about how lightings should be like..haha..she was da one tat gave me instructions where to position myself..hehheh! I'm getting to like her more lehz! Rach-Rabbit :D :D

This dude here..haha..his zipai skill ahum..well known to be..ehh..i dunno how to describe..always will have big gaps..so i cropped for better view :)

Prolly i shld be smiling..Look at the dudes clement & yuanshuai, so cool!
-------------Rachelle babe & her dudes :)
Tats about all for the day.shall update again..
Babes, do sort things out yea. I felt a need to cos even though you dun consider yourselves friends,you'r mocca colleagues, wouldn't it be weird if theres no interaction? So yea, kan kai yi dian bah :) Though i may sound it's really easy to do it, i guess you would say it's not. aHA. wadever it is, i hope you gals will make the right decision, by breaking the silence :) :)

Kaileng wrote
3/14/2008 11:41:00 AM

Thursday, March 13, 2008

*updated entry with Pics*
Some Shining Stars(Pics tat's not similar to the one uploaded to frenster):

-------Rachelle,Nice babe to talk to, she kept stressing she's not fierce.hehheh!

---------------Hahaha! With Louis. Bro, you really have ming xing lian leh!

---------This shot is...erm..i dunno how to say, but giant & dwarf..Shhh.... :P JianFeng is damn tall lahz!

----------Huanhuan like tat very shuaiz lahz! haha!

------------no comments. haha.I find this shot cute though..

Anyway random note,
Kaileng is addicted to gary's wu gu!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Finally, i've collected the cheque from mediacorp :) woosh! Long waited okay..like 2 mths liao?

haha..so yah, a lil bit high, woke up early in da morning went bank to drop the cheque liao..haha..kiasu! so yah, by tmr 2pm the money shld be in bah :) To friends whom i promised i owe a treat too, come contact me hor! :)

Anyway, baby(my phone la) was discharged from hospital liao, but it dun seemed to get betterm it gets worst the screen will black out on his own.. & aiYah wadever shitty issues i might faced with tat bloody LCD. argh!! Dunno if i should sell it & get a new phone anot.. So wads your view? Let me know ya? :)

Anyway yeap, yesterday was err..not bad..i got to see a different side of lemon boy, yuan lai he also has his bad days. Haiz. He dun look like himself lahz, like in another world. No worries friend, i believe you'll work things out. Don't think many many :)

Yeap, so after seeing the guys off, we intended to go for supper initially but sorta ended up @ k box, yeap. :)

Sang all our hearts out, pour all our sorrows to our songs.. argh! Basically we got crazy lahz. Yeap, & it's my treat okay :) Total bill $240 plus. :) Nvm lah, kai xin jiu hao!

Shall let pictures do da talking again..Some pics were taken @ mdc before we headed for our supper which became ktv session :)

Pics taken @ mdc:

---------Okay so this is wad i made for Lemon Boy. Wah lao damn cute tat i wanna keep it for myself :P These hearts represent Good luck & best wishes & there's actually a plush toy inside as well. hehheh! :)
-------------This xin fu de boy boy got his gifts from me & xueting! tat puzzle was done up by xueting for the obvious, hehheh! Great job gal! :)

----------Oh tat monkey he's holding was a gift from rah, it's a mini fan :) See tats how xin fu he is to have so much support! :)

--This is my fav shot :)
Yeap, so the later part of the night was spent at ktv with 2 lovely guys.Ehh.. Did i use the correct term? how come it dun sound right? hehheh..

---------Crappy Caleb! :D :D Hehheh straighforward guys rocks lahz. hehheh!

-------------Lemon & Kaileng doing Fir's Qian Nian Zhi Lian :)
------------This pic is omgosh funny lahz, wad u doin kailin? pai shen? lolx. so cute!
-------------Fir's ni de wei xiao if i'm not wrong :)
------------rah & kaileng dunno doing wad song.. haha!
------------I love singing with this babe :) Our Ni Guang sounded nice okay! :D :D :D
-----------Lemon & his Ju Hua Tai :D :D

Cam-whore with friends:

End of Camwhore, i think there are more to come, it's with another friend :)

Anyway, Joyce told me Caleb was really sweet tat he went to meet his babe after our ktv session..How she comes to know about it? Caleb msged the wrong person! hehheh! But wadever it's like near to 2 am le lehz.. Aww.. Isn't tat sweet of him? Actually if i'm him, i'd do the same :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the session argh..
Thank you Lemon Boy, Caleb,Joyce,Olivia,Kailin,XueTing & Rah for the company.. :) Love ya all!

Anyway..Yeap, shall get going...Will update again soon. tata!
*Lemon Boy, hope everything is working out fine for you yea, dun think many many. I pray tat everything is coming back to pieces for ya. :) *

Kaileng wrote
3/13/2008 08:19:00 AM

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello, i'm in a damn good mood today, cos baby is coming back to me tonight. wahaha. my precious handphone! :) :)

Okay i was informed baby is not coming home tonight liao..too new, there will be delay in the collection.. :(

anyway,yesterday & the day before as usual went to see lemon boy & gang. haha! As days grows my friends & i grew fonder to them! hehheh! Simply lovable.. & Lemon Boy was so high yesterday! lolx..

Let's put up pics..instead of writing tat much, as i move along i'll tell ya more :)

-----------I like this shot :)

-----------Monsterfaces! :)Haha, ask a good looking dude to do monster faces? Still no diff lah.. haha. ask me to do it, sure got difference! hehheh!

This lemon boy was so clever tat he signed this to me:

haha, can't blame him, cos i asked him to write tat. LOLX.

Aiyah..i took far too many pics with lemon boy liao eh..go to http://www.friendster.com/viewphotos.php?a=749194007&uid=2996789 for all the remaining ones. i'm like so damn tired to post out everything. hehheh!

Anyway, lemon is so crazy yesterday lahz.. keep going'SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'..lolx. no matter wad we told him tats his reply. wah lao. lolx. & he loves xiaozhu. haha.. 'xiao zhu wo ai ni (with the sa jiao tone).. wahaha..

i guess tats becos he sees my video lahz..making a fool out of myself..cos rah lah told me xiaozhu likes gals to sa jiao.. so i went to record a video of myself sa jiao to xiaozhu. funny... 'xiao zhu..ni shuo ni xi huan hui sa jiao de nu hai zi dui ma? xiao zhu wo yao bao bao!'... wahaha.. damn funny lahz.. nv in my life i'm tat crazy.. if xiaozhu ever stops coming to S'pore, it must be me tat caused him to be afraid of Singaporeans. wahaha! tat funny mr clement, asked me to sajiao to him Then he went 'SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' again. funny lahz.. dunno why whenever he with Rah always will have sparks.lolx. laughters none stop. & Rah requested a monster face pic with him, his reply was kinda mean. But was kidding lah.. He said 'you already look like ghost le w/o making the faces..' i was like.. ahum...laughing to myself..

Anyway yah..yesterday was a long day at mdc...early in da morning reach mdc liao, after seeing lemon report, rah wanna eat so our intention was prata house but end up taking wrong bus so went to AMK instead. There she had her breakfast & we went walking around. She was cute, she saw this milk bottle & had the sudden thought of doing some 'hearts' for Louis bro. so yah.. she bought the bottle, we went hunting for straws...yup.. bought 5 packets..went back to mdc to rot & make those hearts. It cost us solid 5 hrs okay. No play play.. haha.. Yeap..I might be doing tat for Lemon soon. :P

Yah...Aiyoo..i have far too much to write..but dunno where to start & end..haha!

So i'll post some pics of the rest of the guys:

---------Mr Straightforward, Caleb :)

-----------Shuai Shuai :)

---o.O so Lemon Knows WenZiYaoYao! :) thru filming? & they'r from same hometown? HK?!? hehheh. HK guys leng zai!! :)

-----------I love this! :)

----------Long time no see de Jae :) hhaha, still looking good!

-------------Madness me & Louis :)

----------Huanhuan..first time see him smile lehz. hen shuaiz :)

I really have lotsa pics to show but am lazy to upload everything go to my friendster for more pics yes? :)

meanwhile, here's my crazy cam whore production while waiting for lemon boy & gang..haha!

& shall end of with Lemon Boy yet again! Seemed like i'm running an advertistment for free everytime!Support him yes? haha. No answer? i take it as yes lahz. haha. okay Kaileng is crazy again. Self asking, self answered. wahaha!

I had better get going so many things needs my attention :) haha! I'm blogging during working hrs & haha..i'm suppose to be submitting my assignment by tmr! haha! so tata! Support Clement yah.. Join his YG, Join his frenster fans acc, and anything lah.. Buaiz guys. Back to work..haha!
----Tats Peiyi on da right :)
Oh to Miss Peiyi, whom was once my very good friend, We have nth against ya. So pls dun go around telling the dudes tat last time we have misunderstands cos of idols, guys or gals or basically anything. I dunno wads your motive of doing so, gain sympathy? or trying to sound kelian? Haiz.. anyway yup, we just disagree with the way you chase idols, the way your tried to get closer to them so yah..Understand the fact tat we won't stop ya from chasing wei wo du zun peeps, but we'll always bear in mind wad kinda fans you are, so yeap, pls understand if sometimes we whisper among ourselves. I can tell ya straight yes, we'r talking about you. :)

Oh! I didn't snatch Raynard from you okay! Why tell da dudes tat i snatch him from ya? funny funny.. Raynard is just like a good friend whom i once really thought i was fond of .Well, i'm still very fond of him, just tat we didn't manage to talk to each other very often. :) so yea.. haiz. so sad to note tat you've been telling stuffs to the dudes.. Haiz...
Hao la, didn't i say i'm going off le.. so tata!

Kaileng wrote
3/10/2008 09:13:00 AM


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