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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hello World! Happy Saturday! :)

Being Random, i miss HUAN :) :)

Yesterday i was really happy. Looks like i'm gonna be a happy soul these few days.Got to see dearest Nat again :) So nice to see him again after so long. Glad tat he's doing well lah.. So many projects on hand, hope he can cope with it lehz, cos he looked really tired :( Jiayou my dear, you can do it! Haha, saw all dearest 5 with the exception of Bro Jon. Siand-ed.! =_=" If only i get to see him, jiu perfect 5 liao! haha!

Yea..yeap picture time!

Rules of the game, dearest one to my heart will appear first in the pictures..

So here's prince charming Nat :)
*No drooling gals...haha!*

----------Year 2008 Spokesperson for Pokka. hehheh! :)

I love him for being Ever so sweet though i dun get to see him often :)

Feli was around too so yea, saw her during dinner time @ stuff canteen :)

-----------Envy her...so pretty :)

Presenting to you, long time no see de phyllis :)

--------omgosh...She's so tall. wahaha. okay i'm short :)

yea..& i made a new poster for lemon boy! haha!
-------------Support Lemon Boy! :)
Tats about all, take care peeps!

Kaileng wrote
4/05/2008 11:33:00 AM

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hello! Blogging early in da morning again :)

Was damn tired & restless, not enuff slp these few days. As expected today i cabbed to work again..Wonder where my cash went? It's all given to taxi drivers already.hehheh! I dun even know the feeling of taking buses anymore! alright kidding lah. i still make an effort to take bus.haha! Like real. I mean i give it a try lah. :P

Gosh, even boss & colleagues says i dun look good & asked if i'm feeling alright. Haha. I'm okay just perhaps really tired out tats why..yeap :P Boss said something like i've been sobbing too much tats why. Yea..Yesterday my tap water runs like nobody business.haha! Anyway, yea it's over so no tink many :)

Yesterday, heard tat The guys might be coming back for meeting, Jiu stayed back after work to try our luck to catch the guys. Rah,Olivia,Kelly & myself was around. :) Tada! The guys were all there with the exception of Louis Bro & Huan :) Argh! I miss huan.. i really do..he couldn't make it cos of classes & tat his talent segment wasn't ready yet.. Well, this is considered a last min thing too. So can't blame them :)

Alright some pics to show...haha! Obviously you'll see Crazy lemon's picture up first as usual. lolx!
---------Haha. He says:"huh... take picture again ar?!? "so tats how tat picture came about.. His bitter gourd face(ku gua lian) & mine just to go along with tat face of him.lolx! So much like siblings here. haha.. :)
------------Yesyes..my promotion for him as usual... Do support Lemon-Boy coming episode of Wei wo du zun, the theme being 'Mr Cool'..Am sure he won't disappoint & put on a good show! :) Jiayou dude!

Side note, his strongest point will be the upcoming theme to come, "Mr Sunshine"..We all have faith tat you'll clinch tat title lehz! So do work for it! Jiayou Jiayou! Sunshine jiu shi ni la!
Some Others seen:
------------Shuai Shuai! I dun realised he's really nice until yesterday i felt it myself. We was on the road towards Radio Building when a car suddenly drives in, tats when he pulls me over & ask me to be careful. Aww! Damn Sweet. :) No wonder so many peeps are attracted to him :) Including Rah whom shift up his ranking yes? :) & i was very cute to comment tat his zipai(self-shots) always leaves a big gap in between the photos. hehe! Then after taking our pic, he looked at it & smile to himself saying, yea indeed a big gap..hehe! Cute la, Shuaishuai! Jiayou lor!btw being random, the one in blue is dearest de back view. lolx!
-Gavriil..woah dunno how he does it la, possess some charm..always dian si those ladies out there. haha! :) Jiayou!
------------------Feng :) He was the very first to come out, though he was in a rush he still stops for a picture. Nice gestures. Jiayou dude!

Yea..after work went to Wardrobe with dearest, cos he wanna see jeanette lo..Jiu went. Got a surprise there. Dawnie! Super long nv see her, She became so tan lo.. Partially cos she has been filiming with the hot weather at sentosa pass few days.. Poor gal..take care yea :) Grew prettier too! Anyway, side note, Jeanette's mood not very good yesterday..Oops!

--------Dear Dawnie! :)

------------Kawaii Princess :) Jiayou on your filiming :)

This is the madness me again:

Before i end off, I'll Do a lil promotions for my loves from wei wo du zun again!
------------Please support, Clement Tsang, Rachelle Lin & Zhang Zhen Huan :)
Photos credits to Lemon & Huan.. :)
gtg! XOXO!

Kaileng wrote
4/04/2008 09:26:00 AM

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hello World, post espcially dedicated to those involved.. :)

Sorry for all the misunderstandings & sensitiveness caused by me. Time will heal i guess. I won't say it's easy to change the way i deal with people & issues but at least i'm willing to try :)

Give others a chance, give me a chance :)

Yea, i understand tat everyone needs private moments with 'someone special' so i'd try to refrain myself from interupting you guys yea when ya tgt :)

No want tink many many liao. All happy souls shall we? :)
Thank you so much 'DEAREST' for sitting at a corner with me when i broke down cos of this issues. Thanks for the concern & tissues. Thank you for loving NAT Too! o.O oh yes! & my dear 'TVB' whom i bearly knows..=_=" haha!

Anyway,i was really SILLY to say things like stop supporting, mayb it was a moment of foolish bah.. 90 was damn right..say only lah..tink so easy to let go meh? hahaha. true la..

Anyway i wanna really thank Rabbit for being really nice. Don't worry, i know you'r always there to show concern for me in a different way :) I appreciate it loads. I love you Rabbit.

Anyway, happy note Kaileng saw her sweetest Nat again after a long time! Nat= her love! :)

Haha..He looked damn shuai with the suit :) He's appearing at a wedding scene at nu ren dang zhi qiang :) Look out for him! oh at the same time catch him @ enbloc every weds channel5! :)

LALALA! Sweetest Nat.. :) made my day just by seeing him.. :)

Ok la..i better get going again.. cya around.. All no want think many many. I know it ain't easy for me to change, BUT i promised to give it a try & let everyone has a easier time :) Time will heal, hopefully. Sorry Gurls. I really dun mean it. Stay Positive people!

NAT=LOVE! haha. Dearest 5 Dearest 5! Dearest 5!

Anyway, as you know i'm damn good at promoting lemon boy on my blog. Today still da same.. Do support Clement Tsang,Rachelle Lin & Zhang Zhen Huan :)

hehex! Great day to all!


Kaileng wrote
4/03/2008 05:07:00 PM

Hello world..

as i'm blogging my eyes are half closed simply bcos i'm not fully awake. Gosh. Was really tired..*Yawns* Yesterday was a long day. Esp after work, cos we waited for the gals to come out from their fittings...& by the time they came out(12 plus), i was lying on the reception asleep. haha.

Yea, obviously frens woke me up, & i really look like a zombie lo. Messy hair! & stuff like tat. Yea, can see tat the gals were all tired..after a long day.. so yeap...Lotsa discussion going on yesterday..All those Idol & fans stuff. Aiyoo, sometimes things just gets complicated. Esp if you start thinking..aiyoo..am i right to support him/her? Cos it seemed like he/she treats everyone so good..so wad am i to his or her eyes?He/she changed, no longer the one i knew when i first started supporting. Even worst still, kenna neglected. Haiz. Chill, my friends. I know it's easier to say than to be done. But we should try yea? Must be gracious. :) Share? If you ever have such thoughts ar, life's gonna be tough cos sooner or later, more fans/supporters from the public will support them.. so yea. No want think many many yea? I understand your concern, you might get sensitive not bcos of the fans from outside but among ourselves. Tats more scary. argh! esp those tat has been thru the feeling which i might find it really hard to understand like you guys say cos i'm always treated good by the ones i support. But my thought will be, nv stop supporting yea? Cos at the end of the day your support means a lot to them, Keep your feelings going strong, Don't give up on them cos they need you :) But wadever it is, JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART :) Actually, the ones in difficult position are always the idols themselves. I wouldn't call them idols they much more like a friend. so yea :) Think about it bah :)Btw, i think everyone's sensitive, even myself, but we shld learn to take things easy, bie ba xiao shi kan da :)

Yeap, today's Mable's birthday. Sweet 17 babe! haha..Hope you like wadever Peiyi has done for you yea :) She loves you many many. Same for Rah :) May all the sweetest things comes your way..:) & Good Luck for the competition :)

Anyway yeap, pictures from yesterday..

With dearest Rabbit :

---------Love this shot many many..Thanks for everything babe. You'r really sweet, i understand that you'r always there to care in a way, no worries! I'm doing fine :) :)
-----------Our pretty reflections :)

----------Omgosh i look terrible here!

Anyway, People, do support Rachelle coming Mon, F8 F8 F8 all da way! She's da bomb okay! :)

Sexy Babe=Rachelle! You'r da best!I really wanna thank you for being ever so caring, the care & concern are so special in it's own way. I love you Rabbit :)

----------With Yanyan :) Really nice to talk to. Suddenly so many ppl likes her too! hehheh! Jiayou gal!

------------Big eyed Babe Christalle :) Actually no one knows she's my 2nd fav out of da gurls? haha.Damn classy always. haha.

------------Oh this picture supposedly shld be in last blog entry but somehow i forgotten to upload this haha! I love these dudes :) LemonBoy & Jae :)
Being Random, let me showyou my office destop walkpaper yea? :)
--------------:) Pretty right? I gave them each a title lehz.. On it: 'Bro' Jon, 'Sweestest' Nat,'Crazy' Lemon, 'Darling' Shauna,HappyFamily(Rabbit & JF),'Dearest' Jon, 'Charming' Luoyi :D :D :D I love them loadsssss!
& some random pictures took while waiting for the gals :)
-------------Used to play this during lab lessons during my ITE days :) Missing the gang loads.. We used to play crazy taxi almost everyday. Yesterday i lost touch though, cos i dun even know hoe to pick up customers! lol. Then i retry like 10 over times! LOLX. missing those days!
------------With Xueting! :) Lovethispic!
Shall end with my madness pic yet again!

Kaileng wrote
4/03/2008 10:50:00 AM

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I know i'm oh mygosh so random...
But i really miss her so much!!!!!!!!! :(

Mummy Em..Where you where you!!!!!!!!!!! :( Miss yer so so much lehz! But i'm glad tat you'r doing well lah, dun over work yea...If only you get to read my blog..I miss you so so much!

Okay, i'm really random..

But emilee=LOVE :)

Kaileng wrote
4/02/2008 01:15:00 PM


wad a way to start work today...I slept on the bus & therefore overshot..argh!
Then took bus back lo..initially wanna take cab de lehz..then to think of it it's still early so yea..

Anyway, yesterday i encountered a weird incident...This Gal named Ivy came to drop me a msg on my cellphone saying that if i hate her can tell her, why gossip behind her back. i was thinking, i dun even know her well to get hold of any juicy stuffs of me to gossip. SO it was omgosh lo. I even replied her asking wad exactly did i say yet she refused to let me know, reason being, 'you dare to say dun dare to admit, then nvm lor..'You din even tell me wad went wrong you expect me to know wads going on? I was like hello! i dun even know wad went wrong. Dots, & i met her like only once in mdc i think. The strange fan of campus superstar Terence. haiz. dunno wad happen lah. hack care. Siao kia. I dun even know wads the prob so i wont admit, unless she comes & tell me wad went wrong! dots.. =_="

O.O i went ktv with DEAREST! It was fun fun fun..haha!You should visit top1 ktv opposite bugis junction man..it's nice nice nice! With the exception tat it doesn't has my fav song, open your eyes. haha!
--------Before reaching the ktv..& while waiting for bus...

---------My obsession for the day! That Purple chair inside the ktv room. OMGOSH! Pretty!

----------Tats how i look when i sing :)-------- :)
So yea.. as promised, i have some pictures from last blog entry i'm toking about...
As usual the first one you see will always be the one i love most out of the entire lot..hehex!

But no worries la, i love you all okay? hehex!

----------Love her loads, haha. It all began with live the dream when i caught the show on teevee. haha! Love this gal. she has amazing vocals..omgosh omgosh! & well, she make it thru even when she forgets her lyrics during the audition. Solid ar! Love her loads lah..my darling always.. *random note, Averil mermaid said Shauna Simon looks pretty in real person :) Thank you mermaid! :) & she also mention Shauna can really sing. Omgosh! :) hehheh! Shauna=LOVESSSSSSSS!

------------This Boy is damn high on tat day of his competition when he reports can..LOLX. So there goes our candid shots :) hehheh! wah kao, my nose really very red lehz!
-----------Haha. Not advisable for kids to view alrite..haha! Tats how crazy lemon boy went! haha! It alrite to do this kinda shots once in a while for entertainment purpose i thought..lolx! Crazy dude, but like i say, tats wad so lovable about this boy down here isn't it? haha! Support Clement Tsang people! :) See there i go helping him to promote again...
------And finally some normal shots :)
----------Oops! Don't follow ar kids...Luckily the picture is kinda blurred. We'r doing something bad in da picture! haha! SO my point is ' Dont point middle finger!' Oops did i just leak out wad we did tat might spoil our reputation? hehex!

And yea, some combined photos. :)

-----------Feng & Huan :)
----------Mable & Yan :)
-----------Mr Hunk :) Opps, the lightings somewhat sucks. haha. :P
----------Shuai Shuai! Omgosh more & more ppl loves him, esp new friends tat i brought to theatre to catch the show...haha.. while loving him, can you people love lemon boy just as well? haha! lolx!

--------Pioneers of Project Superstar :)
---------Their Juniors :)

---------Haha, my friend says Jae hen shuai lehz! :) Anyway, i finally accepted the name tat you gave me..'Chipmunk' hehex! Chipmunks are cute alrite..hoho! Thanks ar bro! :) You like writing fast numbers eh? haha. cos nv seen you writing ballets de genre de songs..hehex! Jiayou in everything!
------------went to studio 6 to catch Feli after work :) She's damn hardworking lo...dinner break she's still in da studio :) O.O Adam was around too! hen shuai..haha. it's getting HOT! lol. Yea..looking forward to see him coming mon on wei wo du zun hehe!
-------------Nah..He's not some stars..lolx..He's my so called 'special friend' cos we got crazy tgt always.LOLX. Yea..haha!

Tats it...Great day to all!


Kaileng wrote
4/02/2008 08:42:00 AM


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