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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Before posting out some pics taken past few days,
I'd like to do a lil promo for my two beloved ladies from WWDZ on this blog,
Do support them & the rest of the gals! But these two in particular! AHA! Coming Monday! 2/6/08 :) F7 & F8!
F7:Christalle Huang, 黄慧萍 :D
---If you think Christalle is classy enuff to make it to be the next channel U's face, do drop her a vote or two. Many thanks! :) Jiayou le, big eyed sista!

F8 Rachelle Lin,林思敏:
------Vote for Rach if you think she has got wad it takes. Wads important she's young & energetic, like the energiser bunny. Young faces is all we need now. :) Jiayou le Rabbit! Many thanks again!

Oh yea,meanwhile for the rest of the gals whom you maybe supporting pls dial:

F1 ShiQian 1900 112 7001
F2 Qiuting 1900 112 7002
F3 LiangYi 1900 112 7003
F4 Germaine 1900 112 7004
F5 Mable 1900 112 7005
F6 ShiYing 1900 112 7006

Jiayou gals esp F7 & 8! I'm so gonna scream loud loud,cheer loud loud for you dearies!

Anyway for now, pics taken past few days. Shall yet again start with HUAN darling's pics..
Oops! Call me biase :P

Anyway, very random, It's super quiet w/o lemonboy around. argh! Someone is missing him liao eh! Yes, me..haha...having half the guys leaving the group, i feel the atmosphere weird weird de..Even Louis bro says life w/o Clement is different. AHA! Then he moves on to say Jianfeng & even Caleb. Argh! I miss the noisy bunch too!

argh! Life still goes on & for now..pics with darling huan. :)
---Omgosh. so cute lo. Btw, dun ask me wad kinda expression is tat..aHA! Cos i totally have no idea. I would only comment it's damn bloody ke ai! Oops!
-----Saw him coincidentally @ staff canteen. Jiu Take pics & insist on walking him out to wait for his bus :) LOL, actually ar, he kept chasing me back to the canteen cos i've yet to take dinner. Tats aww so sweet yea? haha :) & yes, we'r in same color yet again. LOL.
------Yes, he can stand under my umbrella :)
--------Love is all it takes to keep it going :) I totally love this pic loads! Jiayou le huan...
----Pretty pic! :D
----Huan, you are definitely someone special tat came into my life already, as a friend or an idol it doesn't really matter anymore. You are SPECIAL, tats IT :) Cont to work hard towards your dream, whether you are gonna win this or not, it doesn't matter cos you'r already a STAR in my heart...This road is not easy but i'm willing to walk this path tgt with you :) Tats how amazing L.O.V.E is :) Thank you so much for the concerns & Love you've given, it's really heart-felt, million thanks. I really appreciate all those gestures cos even when you'r tired you still stayed on for lil catch up. :) So many things to say but it all lies within 3 words:"I Love you!" :)
Yes, you may think i've said this to many others before,yes i admit i ever said it to couple of them dear to my heart cos in my heart you guys tat i supported & love is really a piece of gem in da century tat is really shining in my heart. SHINING STARS :) Love you all loads.

Rest of the guys seen:

Louis Bro:

------AHA.guess wad this pic is taken when instrumental music is playing ok..haha. damn got feel de..wahaha. & i'm beginning to associate Bro with alto- sax already..haha..so far in the comp, he already played it twice. So yea. & it's really nice la,the music he played. hoho! Jiayou le Bro!

ShuaiShuai! :

-----Poor dude lost his stuffs, whoever tat f*cking bastard better return this kind soul his stuff can. argh! Anyway, he's really nice as usual, cos even when he's not really feeling good, he stayed on for pics & of cos some catching up :) LOL. i got really high when he called my name, cos 3 mths past, this is really the first time i heard him calling it. hehex! okay call me crazy or nuts.hahaha.

JieJie ShiQian:

---Thanks xueting...nice shot! :) Qian is really pretty & seriously she WILL be one of the TOP 4 among the females :) Jiayou!


------Haha, i mentioned dunno how many times already but i must say! All our pics are always pretty & NICE lor. Simply love taking pics with this babe. :) Who's hand is tat anyway?
Jae Bro:
------went for his event which he's involved days back, & man he's good okay! aHA! :) sang 6 songs, all were pretty well done. I love his '练习'the best :) Will be down to support him tonight again! @ scape opp cine! Do go down if you can spare the time. It's part of the programme for streetfest 08!7.30pm. Cya there! :) Jiayou Bro!
----------------End of with random Grp pic :)
Grp pic simply rocks & it definitely show how much we'r bonded tgt :) 3 cheers to our friendship!
Lemme do some introduction to peeps in da pic yea? There's PeiYi,Kailin,myself,Xueting & Chantrice!
haha. tats all ! XOXO! Vote F7,8 yea! Love loads!
Till then,

Kaileng wrote
5/29/2008 09:45:00 AM

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello! Back to blog. So did you guys catch WWDZ semi finals the guys episode yesterday?Results are kinda expected :) All the hunks got in.Gavriil was da first to be called, Shuai being the 2nd one & finally HUAN! omgosh! i was throwing his poster high up lo! AHA :)

The one hr show was simply the best show i ever attended after so many rounds :) Prolly next week for the gals it would be the same.. They started off with the guys parading on stage,then 45 secs Q&A, Followed by Talent segment. After which 3 got in, with 5 remaining on stage to compete for a final spot with a final question asked. They were asked why they should proceed to the finals. I guess everyone did they best & gave the answers true to their heart. This time round everyone is really serious in this which is really good :) Anyway yea, this is how the scores work, 40% from the individual champion titles(Hunk,Cool,Sunshine,Metrosexual),40% from 4 judges & 50 female guest judges, 20% from audience call :)

Anyway, good job bro Louis! Being the last to be called in can be damn scary. AHA. But you still got in. Long way to go! Jiayou le!

Actually i dunno if i should feel happy or sad cos one of them got in the other nope. So yea..Quite a lil confused. But still i'm supposed to be a happy soul so I'm really happy for them both cos they really work so hard to put up a good show. I love Lemon's gu zheng, it's so Far the BEST! :) Huan's wushu i might not really understand but at least i see his efforts :) Well done darlings!

Anyway, i wanna say I'm super proud of my two darlings, needless to say, LEMON & HUAN! I love you guys many many!

Esp to Huan you really really work damn hard to get wad u deserved :) Congrats. *Hugs*
To my dearest LemonBoy, kaileng has always wanted to say, you'r da best & 她的最爱 always!

Long way to go for both my darlings! Jiayou tgt! For huan, go for the crown! & for lemon this is not the end for you :) Many exposures awaits you in times to come! *Hugs*

No matter wad happens, Kaileng love & will always be there for you guys!


Dearest LemonBoy:

Time really flies, 3 over mths just past like tat. I was reacalling how much i've done for lemonboy & how i met this cute lil boy...aHA... Memories worth keeping is all i can say.. Recalling the first ever time waking up early in da morning reaching mdc at 6.30 am sharp,sending breakfast..just plain seeing him, makes my day :) Haiz, i'll miss those days, really.Yesterday while looking at our pics over the past few mths, dunno why tap water starts running. Haiz.. Anyway, all da best to wadever you may doin my dear lemon!

---------Warm hug for his hardwork & efforts for this WWDZ competition. haha. i remembered how this shot was taken, he was walking round me & Huan. LOL. & yes he saw me hugging huan. haha! So i gave him one too!LOL, i asked him to put on weight cos i feel he's too skinny & he showed me tat he has got muscles. LOL!

-----Clement & Clement! :) Haha! His twin bro has appeared! LOL..i was playing around with his '大头贴' which i printed out bcos it's way too cute!AHA!

--------Being random i love my cap :)

--------Wahlao! This boy refused to come over for a pic, saying he's contestant i'm not. LOL! So i went over! duhx!

Dearest Huan:
So much feel for his win yesterday..he has put in really a lot of efforts & finally his efforts paid off :) Very proud of him my dear huan! haha, i recalled 3 mths back he wore his nerdy specs & i saw him at staff canteen can still comment how come such standards can make it to the comp! LOL! But see how much i love him now? It's really affinity ba :) It takes really a lot of time & effort to get where he is today, so i really really thank those tat voted for him! He wont disappoint,be sure for surprises coming your way! Cos he gonna so rock the stage yet again!
Wadever it is, i'm really proud of him!

-----I love this shot leh! aHA.so cute. Shouldn't he felt so loved? hehe! I love Huan :D

----Victory Hug! :D Jiayou le Huan!

------Similar color, similar smile :D

---Blurred shot :D But i still love it so long as his face is inside.AHA!

& we took some pics tgt with Pam :D

----See he is so loved, so fortunate :D :D Nah..tats his victory kiss! :D :D *Random note, i did plant a kiss on lemon boy too! not biased to either one! haha!

-----Hearts :D :D 心心相印!:D

-----Final Shot! :D :D Poor Pam was thinking so hard on wad to get him to do next..aHA, yea, next time we pen down everything okay? :D :D

Grp Pic of some of da guys:

-----Wads shuai doin instead of looking at the cam? Feng & Caleb is missing btw :P

----Funky Shot! Well done guys! Keep going for those still in da run for the comp, while for the rest, there are bigger dreams tat awaits you, never say die, never give up! :D :D Dear lemon, i wish i could hear your BIG name someday sometime in the media industry or wadever u do la okay? :D

Louis Bro:

-----Clement & Louis?!? Omgosh! LOL! I am so proud of myself for coming up with this shot! wahaha! Poor lemonboy kenna used by me...everywhere every minute.haha! He was screaming his way when this shot is taken. haha!

----Okay la, proper shot with bro! I'm so proud of you too bro! Keep going yea! It's not easy to fight for a place among the other 4 dudes.I'll mark your words tat we'll see a better '冯劲鹏' everytime ya on stage yea?With so much confidence, you are going to do well. Jiayou le.


----Clement & Jiaxi again!haha. Didn't i mention clement was seen everywhere? haha!

--Proper shot :) Oh being random, your singing is really nice. Moreover, it's originally sang by my dearest Sheng Jie. haha! It's really nice. Can i say it's your best show? erm, as i recall, i like your magic show too! :) All da best to wadever you may be doin later on in life :)


---You've given your best & i really sense it. Better luck next time! From the feng i know, he's one tat will not easily gives up. So Keep trying! :D

Happy Family:

--------------Rabbit says we shld be sad or rather emo. So here goes the emo shot. :P

-------BUT! Still occasionally there'll be a reason for us to celebrate, so a happy pic for now! :D


--this dude really looked cute from yesterday's episode. I'm referring to his chacha dance :P Damn nerd. Cute! & he has got his way to cheer us up, and make our day! :D No wonder my gals loves him so so much! :) Jiayou le!


----AHA! the one tat taught JiaXi vocals if i'm not wrong :) I miss him yet nobody knows. haha! He can really SING de okay? :D

----Anyway, hope his throat is getting better! :)I would have brought him ai xin liangcha if i know he's around :)


---LOL. She came out tgt with Jackson. I was like shouting 'Joey!'...haha. Still so sweet as usual la. Also long time nv see her liao. Hope to see her production on TV soon! :)

----Another shot!


-----Each time i see him, he just looks better! :D :D

----AHA! Shuai!

---------A pic tgt with them. Check out their new show on channel 8 soon. :) New pairing by mdc. I wanna see how good their chemistry gets :)

Random Clement Zilian:

--------Weiling loves Clement. Ooops!

------------Everyone loves Clement! hahaha!

Tats all! Byeee! XOXO!

Kaileng wrote
5/27/2008 10:44:00 AM

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pictures! & more pictures hehheh!

First up, finally saw Pretty Ruien this afternoon after like half a year past? Last saw her was @ Punggol & Hype Office. She's still as warm as before, ever so nice & really easily top few princess out of the 7 in my heart :) Yea, i really love her style man, she is really casual whenever we sees her, not like some artists whereby they came to collect something only they'll have to dress up a lil. Tats Ruien, her own style. Look out for her new album coming real soon :) I'm so happy when i note tat she'll be helping Bro Jon with his album too! :)

Anyway,thanks Xueting for your info tat she's around :) Random note, i love her new car! So stylo!

Btw, she'll be heading to Cambodia for MV shoot!
Have a safe trip to Cambodia~! Awaiting for you to be back :)

----Ruien Babe :D

-----Another shot before she left :D

Oh..saw Ms KYH too! :) She reported for charity event '让爱川流不溪' as a telemarketer..Anyway really nice of mediacorp & Singaporeans for their generous help to the sichuan victims & families!Big thank you! I remember my tap water starts running when i reached home tuned in to the show, cos the entire audience in the theatre was sobbing too.
:(. Really Saddening. We should realise how fortunate we are. Haiz. Anyway,Thanks for the lollipops babe! So sweet of you! Happy belated yet again! :D

----Me & Yahui :)

Wei Wo Du Zun Gang:
(Lemon Boy)

----LemonBoy! This crazy boy is not in his mood again! Aiyoo! But he's really those '看得开' kind of ppl, cos the next day when i asked him if he's feeling better, he can tell me, small thing la, he's okay already. This is like omgosh can? haha. Actually i'm sorta like him, it's just tat i'll be fine not after a day, but after a few mins. HAHA!

----I really like his outfit.So omgosh cute! haha! & he's forever getting half his face or a quater of it gone..haha!LOL! Whenever i make this sentence he refused to take another pic with me! wahaha!

----Another one! Oh, the specs is omgosh cute too! aHA!
-----AHA! Speechless he knows everything, the correct expression to the pictures..hehheh! Cute!

----Similar One!

--This is omgosh cute & thanks xt for suggesting this post! :)

----Why am i giving such expressions this few days! haha!

---He is LOVEEEEEEEEE! Love love love is in da air! :)

----Similar smile :)


----I love this pic lo. So got feel!. All i can say is i'l lovin her more. LOL. Dont ask me why. I dunno. It's just a special FEEL, i called it :)

----Random random, she loves purple tooo! :)

-------------Btw, during compass point roadshow, she was voted as most prettiest among all the female contestants :) Yeayea! She's really pretty! & I LOVE her eyes!

----Bro forever looking good! :)

--He asked why am i always bringing rubbish, see wad i'm wearing you'll know wad this statement means :)
--Shuai lo! haha!
-----Zebra crossing :P
--argh! I'm running out of time..i mean the blogger me..so here's Mable!


---forever the most interactive one, chatting for a long period with fans/supporters :) Salutes*
---I remember him as always suan-ing ppl.. haha..sarcastic..hehe! Okay in a playful manner! :) Jiayou le!

(Happy Family)

----I still love happy family pics! :)

--Ms QQ, long time nv take pic so jiu take lo.. :)

Finally....SIMON! haha :) *Blushes*
---Okay, i admit he's good looking..haha :)
--Makes me damn shy to stand beside him!
--------The Band '婴', do support yea?
Bye! Off to catch wei wo du zun! Jiayou le, my dearest LemonBoy & Huan! :)

Kaileng wrote
5/26/2008 04:39:00 PM


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am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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