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Friday, February 01, 2008

hihix.. quick update again..haha. great day to start work, cos i saw bryan :) lu jiang hehex. asked for a pic & he said so early? haha! quite cute lehz his tone.. Anyway, have been wanting to take a pic with him..he seemed handsome on screen, so yea. Zhen de quite handsome :P

ehh..nth much yesterday, din get to see Luoyi after work :(
I actually saw someone tat look like him during lunch break, & it's him lahz.

Ben lai wanna take pics de, but he wanna make up first & So jiu let him go lor!
& man i forget the fact tat artist would take long time inside the makeup room :P

So time's up & i din manage to see him, tried to catch him after work but haiz.. no want talk many many. so sadsssss...

Adui! i remember we went studio 6 & look at some of the scene settings, man it was so real lahz..:) We did take some pics too.

Oh my friend saw Jeanette ar..back from filming, called her no response, like 'jeanette!!!'..

but whereas he called again this time he goes,'Jeanette bye bye'...Jeanette turn & said good bye! haha. zek arh! :P


So fun, it just look & feel so real :P

Btw, i did some funny make-up to my face yesterday nite! haha. very funny lahz. singapore ruhua is here! pics go to www.friendster.com/kkailengg under friends uploaded pics. haha!

-----------Kailin's advisor! hehe! this shot really very nice lahz..

------Wads up with tat expression?!? i only wanna kiss u nia...

---------Heard he's outside jiu go find him to take a pic, lolx, i seemed to be addicted to photo taking!Oh do get Daren's album yea? really nice. i rate it 4/5 stars :)

---------Jingxuan was around too, afternoon couldn't find her cos she was with manager :) yeap, she went for fitting after taking pics with us.Ehh..she's cute lehz..keep calling kailin silky girl. , say silky girl dun wanna tok to her. haha! then she went round offering her ' fats free' gummies :)

---------haha, they dared me to take a pic with geping & i did! haha :)
--------Eh... shall end post with this pic! haha!
Random note, i wanna see Luoyi soon! haha & the rest of my Dearest 4 if you know who! :)

Kaileng wrote
2/01/2008 09:45:00 AM

Thursday, January 31, 2008

harlow in da office as usual :) the thing is i'm so free now cos the vignette is down, not down actually just tat format change & we can't really check the numbers on the papers like we use to do every morning :)

Anyway ar, yesterday not working, jiu rot at home, waiting for 4 plus to come,then meet kailin & gang to movie premiere for ah long pte ltd :)

Yeap, during noon time, kailin called me to inform tat nat was around :) Thanks babe!

She said wanna pass phone when he comes out, but i dunno wad to say jiu ask her to ask him if he's going for premiere later at night, & if he would be reporting today(Thurs). Yea, got a positive answer he would be there for the premiere :) But won't be reporting to mdc today. Yeap. Then i become super high lahz, wanting the time to pass quickly. so tat i can see nat. haha

Yeap, went to take a bus to harbourfront,super long trip! sianz! & i told JS i would be there in ½ hrs time, & i drag drag & drag till i have to meet them at cinema itself. haha!

Yeap, reached there not much people, no artist seen, mayb too early? haha. then slowly, more & more ppl came & Yeap, there was a stage set up, & i heard the emcee mentioned a familiar name, he tian ci! haha. then we jiu went up & wait for them lo. Yea. Took Quite number of pics.

---------Nope, Aliff wasn't going for premiere, he was with a friend :) & i must say my eyes are sharp cos i saw him & knew it's him. haha! miss him lehz, so diff to bump to him at mdc :P

-----------With Dearest Nat :) Manage to get my dvd signed beforehand cos on Sat i am not able to make it for Heng or Huat Autograph session :) Do grab a copy & support Nat & cast of Heng or Huat yes? Auto session will be on Sat, 2/2/08, 5pm :) i also managed to pass him card & sweets which i got it last min, i hate doing last min shopping but anything for 'THEM' :)

-----------Some star search peeps went for the premiere too! :) This is Andie, wah he lost weight did he? ehh...

------------------Jiongggg Jianggggg! haha :) He seemed to look better each time yes? :)

-----------He's wounded, see my painful expression. haha! Did i mention this is the 4th attempt before our picture gets successfully taken? haha. Previous shot was all blurred.

-------Marcus was in da house too! :) JS high ar! Both come tgt! haha!

-------------Yahui :) She dun like to walk the red carpet lei! why ehz? haha. future ah jie need to practise de lei! haha :)

-----Becca came too! haha, i miss taking pics with her at wardrobe! & her bao zha tou! :P She's nice as usual & even asked if i'm working yesterday :) Look out for her show with Nat coming up during March! :)

------------Chengxi :) He bought his gf along. So sweet lehz the gf :) Oh haha somebody from the public thought his girlfriend was keely from css. laugh out loud! kailin says short=keely! Funny lahz. :P

-----CongCong :)

--------Feli! :) As usual she was so nice to everyone tat asked for a picture :) jing xuan! haha. i'm still having a lil problem trying to call her new name, but i'll try lahz! There was this auntie tat goes ' feng ling wo hen xi huan ni..' she goes ' wo jiao jing xuan..'..hehex! I guess not many really noticed she changed her name hor? But either names also sound nice for her lahz.. & She calls Nat mr crocodile, so cutez! er yu xian sheng.. :P

-------------Group shot before they went off :)
------------Sisters in Green with me! & They din wear the same colour on purpose! ehh? no qi super good ehh ? :)

------Lingyi was seen too! Ehh.. She changing route ar...to sexy route? :P

--------Weijun.. haha i was reacalling wad JS told me about wad baoguang & qiwen did at Nick's doorstep. So funny. The mandarin orange! haha!& I remember how his expression change & how he was trying to avoid them yesterday haha! Cute eh!

--------Thomas hen shuaiz! haha. i love his shows with fann :) Esp. Zai jian ying guang lan. Damn nice lor! Okay. i actually took 2 pix. He doesn't seem to like to take pics with the public ehh? :P

-----------------Xinang, kailin's bosco laogong lookalike! Haha, he does looks like Bosco :)

------------Jie lun kiss :)

Kaileng wrote
1/31/2008 09:45:00 AM

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

here to update liao! work went on as usual...uploading pictures for era account. Bloody hell, upload one picture takes 15 mins, & so uploading of pictures can take up one whole day of my time in office :(
No time for games & stuff! haha. well today break time went canteen :) suprisingly, today was the longest time i stayed in the canteen with kailin & Marcus, ahA! reason being, dawnie & zzen was there! ehh, my 'darling' also..LOLX. no lahz..kidding alrite..They were having lunch & memorising scripts..wah..dawnie really hardworking ehh, not only she highlighted her lines but the expression to each lines to! kk picture with Dawnie!

--------Our picture always turns up nice, cos the person i'm taking pic with is super NICE! :)

Oh, like i say zzen was also around, but he looked damn stern reading his script, tat i seriously dun dare to approach him, until kailin took a pic with him, i took one too lo.Yup, but he seemed alrite lahz, so.. hahs! dun wanna keep thinking he's fierce! Moreover, i like my pic with him, so got feel! LOLX..

---------Ok the reason why i looked weird is bcos i was shivering lahz! :P

Yea,then we went wardrobe as usual, wah, my so called darling was so fierce, he went ' dawn we gotta go..' then they left lo, we acc them go down & went different ways liao. We headed to wardrobe & they went studio to cont filming...

Saw Yvonne at wardrobe too!

She din say much on why she's back, but she dun seemed to have any productions on hand so far :)

went back to work after tat, time past so slowly AS USUAL, haha! yeap, after work went canteen, look for 90,xt they all,on my way, saw xt she went jinfeng jinfeng, just went down! in mandarin of cos... Then i was like stunn wad jinfeng, wadever lahz, i went chasing lo,& so it was Joey...xt went, jinfeng zai ni hou mian..haha...then i quickly asked for a picture lo..I feel so weird when she spoke to me in mandarin cos it's so different from her when she was in MSU. She said her hua yu ban tong shui, haha! like cannot make it. i said it was pretty good already :)

-------First pic not really nice, nicer one coming up later :)
Yeap, after tat went back to canteen to buy my dinner, and i went i want shui jiao tang & rice, auntie says shui jiao finish liao, and i went i want shui jiao & rice again! haha. until auntie says in a loud & clear tone, 'Shui Jiao wan liao!!!' haha. i got it at last. to avoid the embarrassment, i quickly ask for wanton & rice, haha lucky for me still got lahz..ahA! yup.. As Joey went for fitting only, she'll be out pretty soon, kailin jiu go & buy pocky, initially wanna buy ricola sweets ar? then asked if strawberry or chocolate was better, i chose strawberry cos gals migh like pink! haha & bingo Joey likes strawberry!New things we learnt bout her :)
while waiting for Joey, we were waiting for dawnie too, but somehow time flies she wasn't seen. So jiu pass the stuff for her to Zzen :)
Yup while walking, we saw Joey again :)

---------This is the nicer pic i'm toking about :)

Yeap,we were suppose to go for NTUC show, but in da end cos we were hanging around wardrobe waiting for those involved in the nTUC show, we missed it. & Damn the GROs tat doesn't allow us to be seated in, & PLS it's during commercial break & we have the TICKETS to the show. Damn the gROS. Fuck off!

Yeap, so while waiting at wardrobe we saw most of them lo. The rest of the pic for the day:--------Zanny & Keely! took while i was back hunting for daren's car to get his album signed :P

---------Lloyd...haha! Madness looks like zijie, no it shld be zijie looks like him, it would be nice to see them taking a pic tgt :P

-----------Kailings with Shawn.Okay, anyone beside me would be tall. BUT i can't believe Shawn grew so much taller! okay i'm so so jealous.LOLX!

---------Ben, The shuaiz beng! haha! & keely & shawn was like singing ' benjumin hum ji peng..' in a cute tune. so funny lahz.! the tune is addictive! haha! even me & 90 was singing away after they left..

------------Cuifang, she's damn classy lahz, haa. & this pic is like ohmygosh so weird, but somehow i find it cute too! :P

---------shawn is indeed taller. haha!

& thanks to XT, i got my daren's album signed :) & i heard tat he's actually in a rush but kenna mob by tat two sickening persons? So i am still thankful tat Xt manage to squeeze her way thru & got it signed, Long msg somemore! Thanks XT, also thank you to Daren..haha. Random Note, Daren's fans are a noisy bunch! *shhh*Cos they'r always in a conflict, the truth to be said, the one tat will be in a difficult position will be daren himself. So let's avoid conflicts if possible shall we? :) haha. i know it's impossible!
tats all! byeee!

Kaileng wrote
1/30/2008 10:48:00 AM

Monday, January 28, 2008

woah! kinda surprised with myself tat i reach home this early! haha.

Very random, watching yuan zhi hui now, saw mc's scene, reminds me of his sudden death. :(

Hope he's happily at another world now bah,am sure he's dearly missed by loved ones.

Anyway, work went on as usual today,haha! i actually tried wad the TMs do, calling customers & asked them if they'r interested in advertisting online..As i've got no script to follow, i made my own lor. haha & i actually went 'i saw your ad on the ad..' when i wanna say i saw ur ad on the papers.LOLX. Haha. no wonder Telemarkerters got much more pay! lolx. i no one do this anymore. First & last time i'm doing mocca calling! haha.

Yeap, then noon time as usual lor, went with kailin & Marcus to wardrobe after the interview, yes they went for mocca interview as Tms :) Headed to wardrobe, was ranting how come nobody, it's a mon lehz.haha. yah..& i sorta had a feeling I gonna see Nat again but was afraid to talk to him lehz, cos of the photo incident again :P & yes, he did report today :) Elvin sent him to mdc :) I was sitting at the bench with my heads down, cos i'm too afraid to talk to him lahz, but well, after kailin says'ta hen pa ni..' or izzit marcus tat say i'm afraid tat he's angry? i looked at hym lo :) i dunno how to sae lahz But Nat's simply SWEET with his gestures :) Mayb kaileng is too sensitive & take lil things like i'm not suppose to upload certain pics to heart?Haha. sometimes i think, if i'm not so concern or shall i say being sensitive to lil incidents like this , i wouldn't dare to say i love him tat much!So again Nat = LOVE! :)

--------SWEESTEST NAT :) oh shall do a lil promo here, get HENG or HUAT DVD, featuring Nat as one of the cast :) Avail at all cd outlets :)You may wish to head down to Plaza singapura @ 2/2/08 Sat @ 5 pm cos Cast of heng & huat will be there for an autograpgh session! & Dearest Nat will be there of cos! :P

Yup, saw marcus konglong mama(he told me to label tat) haha!

-------She looked so young loR! :) & so coincident, she starred as elvin's mum for couple of dramas le yea?

Saw future ah jie yahui too, haha, i find someone so familiar, walking to wardrobe with ahben, one look jiu know it's miss YH hehex! But again, sometimes it looks so much like huiwen walking up.. :P

-----------I love tis pic. Ahuh! :)

Saw her again while we had dinner @ canteen, she bought new dion shades, haha, pocket got hole liao!AHA!guess wad! She was so supportive of Liping(her star search mentor) tat her ringing tone was zhao an lao shi! :) ok, all i can say is they shared a really close relationship :)

-----------------Check out her shades! :)
I think tats about all today, nth much, i'm pretty happy today :)
Tired le, before i go to my lala land, i know you'r sick & tired of me saying this phrase BUT!

Kaileng wrote
1/28/2008 09:08:00 PM

Sunday, January 27, 2008

wad a day! Glad tat all misunderstandings cleared! We'r all still on good terms yea? No point not happy with one another cos i think we'll all see each other most of the days! :)

Anyway, tat issue cleared. On my mind still thinking about one thing lahz. The photo thingy haiz. I really dunno wads the issue up there, izzit bcos of the outfit itself nt allowed to be shown or izzit the man himself doesn't like tat pic? dunno lehz, i'm a sensitive person so tat sets me thinking the reason behind it :(

Haha..i always tell JS to tell LUoyi i love him many many.so funny & gosh, i always knew his answer will always link to someone i call close to,my bro, Jon L.haha.& true enuff, he linked me up with bro again, haha! Well, i shall change my DP on frenster. haha!

Anyway, somehow mayb i should listen to Marcus hor, like be faithful to one particular artist.

But i doubt i can't lahz cos i have like some i really hold close to my heart, ppl like Jon L, Jon T,Shauna,Nat & Luoyi.

Of cos i'm closer to Bro, cos i've been his cheerleader since his idol days & i really LOVE him :)
Haha, his trademark his low sexy voice when he sings! haha.


JT was funny. I din know i'm oh-so-crazy in love with him.haha. until i took wenhai's tic for PSS but was shouting & screaming when Jon perform haha! I dunno how he does it, but he's got the charm & looks good on cam. :)

-------Long long tym ago!

Shauna was actually pretty short period of support, but i love her. She has amazing personality & sings so ohmygosh well. Those whom has heard her would agree. i've noticed her since her audtions,which she nearly din get in cos of forgetten lyrics but guess the first ever time i met her, i got to know her a step better :)

--------Love this pic loads!

Nat, ahuh..I dunno wad to say. But this guy is obviously so damn nice! :) Thanks to Ryan, i got to know him.I dunno wad else to say cos when one gets too good, you dunno how to describe lah! :P

------He's looking better each time.. :)

Luoyi! aiYah.this one quite random, i just happen to like him lo. he's kinda lame lahz. lame guys=cute! haha. Luoyi=LOVE! :)

---------I guess he miss his long hair :)

Anyway today went sing ktv with xueting,kailin & marcus :) We had a great time singing yes. haha. top on the list was angela's & Jay's haha! Suprisingly not much ahmei huh..haha!

yah..then one of the songs, i think kou dai li de tian kong made me go tone deaf, haha. serious pitching problems, i can actually turn it to sha mo's tune, one of SPOP song. haha.

Anyway it was fun to sing lahz..

Then headed to pepper lunch have dinner, woah shiok. the food is damn nice! i've had pepper lunch for 2 days liao eh..haha!

Following after, went to Cine to take neoprint, haha, been ages since i took neoprint lohz!

The very last time was like last yr! yah.. i recalled how much i love neoprints & even paid for my friends during secondary school when i wanna take!haha! & damn machine was so cute tat i have to hit it everytime i insert a dollar coin :)

Our production:

Then went to catch train home, funny, kailin & marcus both asked me take bus with them back.haha one to Toa Payoh one to Bt batok, so we end up all taking train! haha. oh JS was with us also. forget to mention her! haha!

During our trip guess who we saw? Omgosh! it's BOSCO & friends! haha..


Anyway, was discussing about weilian on the train, damn funny! toking about him & girls. funny!

Shall blog again soon!

Kaileng wrote
1/27/2008 11:26:00 PM


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