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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Haha. Long day yesterday yet again! haha.Reached home like near 2am after having late night supper with Ryan Bro,'super cute boy', Peiyi & Rah.Gosh i can't go on like tat will die de! so as expected, cabbed to work again! haha. Still late for work btw :P Supposedly 9am but ended up reaching mediacorp @ 9.30 haha!

So yea. Yesterday, went a lil emo again cos din get to see you know who. AHA. alrite lemon & huan la..i did see huan in da noon, but thought i could see him after he came back from his shoot. But guess he was in a rush to somewhere else so din even bid goodbye to him, he jiu left le, Heard Louis bro say he went by radio gate & tat a friend is picking him up. So yea. haha. Sianded. The stuff i bought for lemon also din get to pass, jiu keep it with me till today lo. HOPEFULLY i get to pass to him la.

hoho but at least i got to see special someone at mdc, haha, nope not an artist.lol. just seating directly opposite me. Longing to see him everyday.LOL. and there he is opposite me! hehheh! Mr *W* :)

Anyway yeap, after waiting for the guys, i dragged Rah & peiyi tgt with me to catch a movie at sinema old school. Kaoz! Damn difficult to get there cos of 100 over staircases to climb! but i insist on getting there. So who has got such irrisistable charm? aHA! Obviously one of the dearest 5, Sweestest Nat :). Yeap, if you remember he did a film two years back i think, titled 'smell of rain'..I can say he did fairly well :) mayb for a first timer, or someone not really familiar with filming for a movie. Great Job NAT :) Love the story & cast really much. JiayouJiayou in future, cos i think you'll get to do more movies soon..haha! Yea. Actually Nat is really sweet la, he is supposed to be at the screening too for some Q&A but his filming was overrun so he can't make it there. BUT! He was at radio gate(mdc) waiting for the 'naturals',cos he knew our aim is to see him. heheh! Sweet yea? After a long day somemore!*AWW!* :D :D :D Lovin him more!
----The bloody long stairs :)It's all da way to the top okay. No want play play!
Yea. Damn difficult to get there la. So ulu somemore. But down there not bad lehz. haha!Yea.

For now some pics of my sweetest Nat :)
Being Random, sweetest Nat is on teens magazine! Go grab your copy now! Some shots from the magazine!
---------Aww! Hao shuaiz oh! hehheh! Forever looking good=NAT! :) Love him loads!!!!!!!! :)

Me with my sweetest NAT :)
----Happen to see dearest while hanging out during lunch break :)
-----Taken after the screening. back to mdc. :)
------------Love his smile. It brightenss my day :)

Anyway, yea.. Some random ones saw for the day.
------------Huan!!!!!! :D :D too bad i din really get to bidhim goodbye yesterday. sobs! cos my aim was to see lemon & huan :(
----haha. i got 'qing chun dou!' LOLX!

-----This is better! oh Bro! You really looked good yesterday lehz! So handsome..hehheh! Dian si Rah! :)
---------Ahdawn :) Missing her canteen jian lehz. Last time always see her at canteen de. haha! she went MIA for quite sometime. Nice to see her again. Still as sweet.. :)
-----------Jo the forever photogenic one. I dunno how she does it really. Cos she really look good in all our photos. :) Jiayou gurl in your filming & wadever u do bah!
------------Daren.. :) Looking good! anyway yea, his zipai skill simply rocks aHA!
-----------This dude is sick. Andie, pls take care yea..BUT! how come he's sick yet he looks good still? ehh..
-----------This dude ar..lol! always suan-ing me when i take pics..haha! 'ni you yao pai zhao ar?!?' haha! Cute la..he dun believe i have only 3 pics with him altogether. hahaha! :)
-------------Jiahui!!!!! LOL. i dunno why on earth i'd blush when i see this cute lil boy. haha! Talented dude :)
--------This is a nicer shot :) Oh gosh! Jiahui simply cute! hohoho!
-----------Ann :) Her voice is like so sweet la :) Prettier as years goes.. :)
------haha. this one also, older he gets, much mroe man & handsome. woohoo! lol. pinghui, my sista love. lolx.
--------Feli :) Always rushing for time :) But nice to stop for everyone. :) Way to go gurl for your filmings & stuffs. :)
Anyway, yea..tats about all! till then..

Kaileng wrote
4/19/2008 10:02:00 AM

Friday, April 18, 2008

Harlow World!

Yesterday went on MC, cos too tired & restless, so din turn up for work.

So many things happen the day before while waiting for WWDZ ppl. I dunno why out of a sudden i feel so emo. LOL.

My dearest Amigo says becos he got emo, i was dragged in, & it's true la, cos when he went off, i'm back to normal again..strange human feelings..Anyway, AMIGO, you're so scary at the way you read ppl's heart! But i still love you many la though you are really SCARY..haha!

Actually, i dun really blame Pamela or rather 'bread' as labelled by us. Actually i have nth against her. I just dunno wads happening to me la.Prolly sometimes when she's around i find it hard to talk to huan ba. Anyway, i feel really bad now, cos when she's not around i neglect huan
:( , reason being Lemon came out tgt with him. :( Sudden emo. Anyway, thanks ar, my dearest Amigo for wadever you said, it really makes sense & i do agree sometimes what i speak doesn't really telly with my heart :( Really emo la. Haiz.

Anyway, yeap, spent the whole night with Rah & Amigo lo. Talk talk & chat chat about stuffs tat i'm not aware myself, thanks yet again friend for all the analysis. It does makes sense. I realised i do love one much more than the other which i'm so guilty about. :(

Anyway, Thank GOD that i saw dearest NAT again! Somehow i feel so much better!! :) Always nice to see him la. LOVE him loads. If not how to call dearest 5? Actually i call them dearest 5 cos i have my own reasons la. They are simply LOVABLE, caring and almost all the good terms can be used on them! :) wahaha. Anyway, Sorry dear, i wasn't feeling good so din mean to let you see that unusual kaileng. :( Anyway, Thanks for observing I'm not feeling good, it means so much, cos it shows you know how i'm feeling. Thanks dear. Yea, i wasn't the usual kaileng la, cos she is always so hyper, then tat day her dearest Nat says her energy level is damn low. AHA. yea. Enjoyed the lil chat with ya my dearest, Hope you know wads the best for you yea? You have my 101% support in wadever you may be doing :) Anyway, He'll forever be labelled as my sweetest Nat, though mayb there mayb ppl who are just as sweet out there. :) Wadever, Nat=Sweetest!

So much said now, shall show you some pics taken with my sweetest always:

Yea. Some random pics with the WWDZ peeps. :)
My two Precious. AHA! Lemon & Huan.. :)

Lemon Boy's pics:

Actually looking at him makes me feel so guilty towards huan :(

You know wad i did, i was with huan, chatting a lil bit on wad went wrong for the day, wads up with the emo-ness, & how his day went. When lemon suddenly pops out. Haiz. Then i said in front of huan something which i think is so very zekarh to lemon,"wo kan dao ni jiu very happy lehz, sunshine!". I mean i know huan wouldn't care much but imagine he was left out when i said tat to lemon. So wad is he to me? erm.. haiz..feel really bad. Wad makes me feel more guilty, i went on to say something like, today after taking 4 more pics, we'll make it to a hundred pics le to lemon. Haiz. In front of huan somemore. A friend asked me, so did you count how many pics you had with huan? I feel so guilty, cos the answer is no. Haiz....Then worst thing, i asked Rah to entertain huan, not really entertain but explained things to huan when i happily took pics with this crazy lemon. argh!!!!!!! i feel really bad la.. So Amigo said something like, i'm da one tat wish Pam is not around, now tat she's not around i din make full use of the time. Instead, I neglect him. Omgosh. I feel bad i really do. Haiz. I know they dun really care about all these, but deep down in my heart i begin to feel something. Haiz. I think i know when one is around i can't concentrate on the other de. Haiz... Haiz...Sorry Huan, though i know you won't take it to heart.

----With meimei's(shiying) board. :) I dunno why is he carrying it btw :P

------Peiyi requested some loving post? There you go.. AHA!Then i commented he looks like some se-pek-pek. LOLX.


Haiz.. Still da same feelings. I feel so guilty towards him. I dunno wad i can do now really. Perhaps i should spare a thought for other's feelings. I know somehow like wad Amigo says, the guys will not take it to heart & forget about this issue the very next day, but i just feel so guilty la. Esp when he's really good to me. Zhen de hen hao.. :( Sorry Huan..

------------Funny Faces Rocks :) I still love him. I really do. Perhaps haiz, not as much as the other for the obvious. Ever since tat zekarh incident occurs. Haiz.. :( & yes, Amigo did hint me to get back to huan, but i sorta din get his hint. argh! i'm really bad at interpretation. :(
With Rabbit:

---So pretty tat day.AHA. Anyway, hope Feng is getting better lo, he was really in pain tat day. :( Sorry ar, i have no idea he is sick, tats why i approach you guys. If only i realised i'll leave you guys alone. :) Anyway, just pray tat he is getting better le. Gurl jiayou for coming round, MS sweety F8 all da way! :) *LOVES*

With Shuai Shuai:

--Pretty bad contrast, but tat guy still looks good! :) His blog entries are forever so nice to read & makes sense!
With Caleb:
-----------LOL. wads up with tat expression? But you looked cute though!
Here's the ultimate best fren one could have:
A really nice friend one could hold onto la. Whenever we share, he listen & analyse. I'm so thankful to know him. SImply a friend i'd really really treasure. Thanks dude! Love ya!
Anyway, shall end post here.
Being random, i found out tat i'm really loud at ktv huh..LOLX... Sometimes i feel tat i'm shouting instead of singing. aha! Dun ever ask me to put the mic meters away from my mouth cos i simply can't do it, reason being: i dunno why! haha!

Kaileng wrote
4/18/2008 08:28:00 AM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AHA! Today's entry will be kinda long. too much to share. Pictures alone will take up 3/4 of the entire blog entry.

Anyway, yeap, just read a friend's blog, somehow i feel the pain & everything. Haiz, though i'm not in a relationship, i sorta understand how much one can feel to love & not be be love in return. Haiz. Put it simple, when the other party says"Let's remain this way, friends forever yea?". yeap. So yea. There's only one song tat i find so much suitable for his mood now. & yeap, there was once we broke down cos of tat song too. Ronald's Jue Kou Bu Ti Ai Ni... It's damn meaningful, yeap. Haiz.. especially the chorus, really brings out the feeling of letting go cos you would want the other party to be happy, xin fu :( Haiz. Sadded...



So this is how one feels la, like you can't give up but you gotta, in order for the other party to be happy & xin fu :) I dunno whether to feel happy or sad, seriously. Ehh...
Anyway yeap, didn't i mention i'd talk about my trip to ECP with my dearies? Yeap, went cycling lo. HAHA. eventually i figured out i still can't cycle after knocking onto some ah nei & cycling not on da track but some drains the very last time i tried to cycle on my own. LOLx! SO if that's da case how to settle lehz, of cos my dearest Marcus will do the job by riding the two seater bike. haha! Anyway yeap, it was a fun trip la. Before that went Ikea to see see look look lo.

Pics taken:
-----Can't help but test test on those comfortable beds.. LOLX!
--------------Horny gurl. OOPs. Kidding lah!
----------LOL. he still refused to take picture with me lehz =X so understand the fact tat if you see his pictures,it's me tat always force him to take picture ok? hahahahaha!

------My dearest, hohoho!Extremely love the first pic.. :)
--------Super Buddy :) Everyone is beginning to say he's really a nice friend :)
kk..back to some idol stuffs. haha. It would be strange if one day my blog really have no updates on idols. LOLX. As usual, they are more to friends than an idol :) & this time round i won't go according to whoever comes first means i love them more. haha. So yea! Kinda random for now...
-----Doncha think he's so so cute? omgosh! haha. hehheh. I remember there was once after seeing him in person, i started chanting his name non stop in front of my friends. He's damn cute alrite. & kinda talented., all his music compositions rocks lo. & peeps, his album is out! Do support Jiahui! am going to grab a copy too! & hopefully get it autographed soon :) The great vocals behind yi ren yi ban simply rocks. & that's JIAHUI :)
Jae Bro:
-------Madness la this photo. But i find it super cute can. oh yea, i cropped the pics for better view. hehheh! Anyway, he says he doesn't look good tat day cos he's shag. aHA. Wadever, i think you look good still! hehheh! & you'r damn orangy tat day! hehheh! Nice colour though! woohoo! okay i'm lame.

------------This shot also not bad lehz. so cute! Smiling w/o showing our teeth. aHA! anyway, yea, i still think he looks good la. hehe! Hope ya doin well in everything bro! Okay, i'm so random. haha!
Averil Mermaid:
--------The forever oh so good one :) She's really nice la. nv fails to put a smile to everyone's face. SImply lovable :) & i love the top she's wearing so colorful makes my life so colorful as well :) take care mermaid!
Certified Crazy Lemon!(by me! LOL!):
------HAHAHA. Extremely love the da tou tie, the center pic! Damn cute alrite. LOL. i remember setting it was hp wallpaper & scaring ppl off. haha! wadever lemon is really cute & adorable!

Some entertainment pics featuring lemon & scandals:

----LOLX. Feng doesn't like how lemon smells. LOLX! This lemon ar, everybody also want.. Now next see, wads he doing to huan. The usual pattern. So flirtatious. LOLX!
----Tada! LOL! I love them both! Huan + Lemon=kaileng's LOVE!

& i was damn angry, haha, kidding la, when lemon refused to get out of da picture when i tried to take pictures with huan. argh! Mischievious boy! So this is one bad example!
----ARGH! lol. he either pops into the picture or he covers my camera lens. Clever huh, lemon boy! haha!
Pics with this cute lil boy:
----Singing happily when this shot is taken. =_="
-----------Nah.. this is crazy lemon boy with his sexy boxers which he insist on showing them! lolx!
----------Kinda special lehz this pic. lolx. dun ask me why.. haha!
M5,M5,M5!!!!!!!! Continue to support Clement Tsang ar!!!!!!!
& finally my two dearest guys from da comp! Huan & Lemon!
---------Lotsa LOVE!

With Huan:

I guess i dun have to say so much, cos it's simply LOVE. :)
---------take many many pics just before my hp batt goes dead :)
---------Wads he looking at?
---------Haha! Kisses :) I saw Ryan bro did this so i request huan to do tat too! Cute lah!
----------Cool & man aHA! Simply love, but i can tell you la, i still prefer huan to smile many many! hehe!
With Rabbit!:
----there, this is the pic i kenna scolded(jus joking), she asked me not to bend down anymore cos she dun understand why being short i still bend down. haha. yea. I got it babe. :) Nah, neh mind i still love ya!
-------Dun she looks so adorable with tat rabbit plush toy? Yea, she does. Aww so cute! Rabbit=love!F8= Ms Sweety! All da way!
& our Happy Family:
---Feng,me & Rabbit :) Simply matching. Jiayou oh be it in relationship or the competition. You guys rocks.
So this is Feng :)

-------He was happily explaining what's up with tat t-shirt design, & stuff like tat. & he does has his meaning for coming up with tat shirt, Sunflower & it's meaning. Cool seh! Feng, you'r really good at interpretation :) Anyway, like i mention on previous entry, this guy is damn hardworking tat he hurt his knees but thankfully his efforts paid off & we'r all happy for him. You did it feng! :) Haha. i was recalling how 'high' he got when he starts imitating xiaozhu, jielun & aaron Kwok. LOL. Anyway, he is really our certified King of comedy! :) Jiayou lo Feng!
------------I like his dimples! :) & of cos his smile also. :)
Shuai Shuai:

----------Deserving one for Mr cool title. The moment he steps on stage, all the coolness already comes out. He dun have to speak much, it just comes out naturally. :) Anyway, special shoutout to his friends, you guys posters of shuai is damn cool! Well printed. Anyway, this is some of the pics of his posters printed by his friends. Nice right. Esp like the one with the dart board :)
This is me with shuai:

--------Hen Shuai :) NI shi shuai de! aHA! cool de ke ai!
With Christalle:

----Still my big eyed babe. Duncha think her eyes are really beautiful? Well i think so. Jiayou lo babe. My da jiejie!
With Gavriil:
-I really love his performance item for Mr cool. So engaging! :) Great job Gavriil!
With Jiaxi:
------Olivia, Stefy & gang de wang zi :) Nice guy lo, jiayou too! magic show rocks. Teach me a few tricks someday yea?
Louis Bro:
-----AHA. why you suddenly like guilian so much! hehe! & you'r really super nice to talk to la. So Rah was so right in supporting you. Must jiayou hor bro..oh yea, dun do tat dance, so not suitable, perhaps you could arrange to see if there's something better? :) Jiayou le bro!& now you know 'Zhenghua' is part of Bukit Panjang? :P
With Yanyan:
--------Pretty babe, Jiayou to you too! Like wad you say you gals each have your own unique points, make full use of yours bah. Way to go!
Think it's really getting long. I'll get going. Take care!

Kaileng wrote
4/16/2008 10:22:00 AM


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