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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello, it's like past midnight & i'm blogging!
I mean wad a way to start valentine yesterday! I fell down while on way to work. damn funny, i think got ppl saw me lahz, i dun care just faster got up & continue walking to radio gate. It was OMG funny. All thanks to tat Cleo magazines with the 50 damn hot guys. Cos i fell down while reading their profile i tink. haha!

Yeap, i din manage to finish typing the 'leads' from newspaper in da morning so i distributed them to my telemarketers after lunch for them to make the call. It was extremely high volume for a Thurs cos ususally not much de. Yeap. & poor kailin gotta start doing mocca calls. 39 calls somemore! Slowly learn bahz.
Anyway, saw some peeps during lunch time, kailin tout she saw Clement but was unsure if it was him, so i helped her called out lor,'Clement!' ke yi pai zhao ma? He was like geng wo ma? haha! he's cute lahz, no wonder kailin likes him. haha!He looks way too cool when he dun smile lehz. But i like his smile, can feel the warmth :) So we urge him to smile more, after we saw him again at recept. So paiseh to made him wait as well as his friends :P

------The cool Clement :) I can't imagine if he lives in Clementi! Okay, i'm lame. haha!

------The Shuaiz Clement :) He was really nice lahz! :)

Yeap, noon time Yuan Shuai was around with clement too! So i took pic with him lo, haha! But i deleted the pic cos it dun look good or izzit it's blur? haha! Neh mind cos i retook with him! He is like damn cute lahz, want to put the peace sign then put down again while the pic taken, so i request for him to do tat again! haha! & i asked him to zipai. haha. Ehh.. Not bad lahz.. just a lil weird his zipai, i mean i know why cos he said his handphone can turn de, the camera facing him, so can see his face,so no wonder it looks weird in my cam, and kailin went' like tat i also know how to zipai!' Diaox! haha!

-----He looks so cute here! :P Cos he seldom show this side of him :)

----There goes our peace sign :)

----There! His zipai! hehheh!

& yes, i took with both tgt!
-----------Clement, Kaileng & YuanShuai :)

--------------- Clement & Yuan Shuai :)

Yup saw louis too! Madness,kailin says his boots looks like he's going fishing!
Okay, he does look like luoyi, also louis haha!
Yeap, then pop out a surprise! Mr J! haha..Thought he leaving le,cos he said ya he leaving, but i realised ohh..leaving for outdoor filming. I still thought he going home le & he filming studio but haha! i was so wrong! :P Yup, and he did a zipai of himself standard de lahz, tats wad we do when we see him, 1)his zipai 2)our zipai 3)tok for awhile :P

----His zipai :)

-----Our zipai :)

Yeap, then dunno wad happen we go so high jiu zipai among ourselves.While zipai, kailin's leg fell to the drain! lolx. two kailings fell down on valentine's day! But i guess mine was much more jialat!

------------Han bao bao(Hamburger) shot! Cute lahz!! ohmygosh!
--------Nah, this is better, she says!

Oh have u seen mian bao chao ren before? Or Dua bak jiu(big eyed)? Let me show you! haha! I couldn't figure out which one suits her better? Mayb let Pamala choose herself? :P

We called her mian bao chao ren cos she is always seen eating bread! hehheh! As to dua bak jiu! haha her eyes says it all! :P

Anyway, AICG was so good to give 'SOH KAILIN & LIM KAI LENG' Roses for valentine day! Wahaha!!! kailin was chanting away with the names.walao i dun like to be called full name! LOL! So for the obvious, i no like 'LIM KAILENG' many many! Haha! Yup took pics with the roses! Mine was initially Pink, my colleague loves pink so much so i got it exchanged with her,mine becomes white! :P
Before went off, saw Pinghui, says Hi & Bye haha! den suddenly Kailin wanna take pic me jiu call 'Ping hui den yi xia!' haha. Then kinda expected wad he would say so i became his parrot, 'bu shi pai guo le meh?' haha! Nonetheless, he still pose for the cam! :) Oh yes, today kailin told Mr J & Pinghui not to cut hair! haha! I know i'm kinda random but yea! haha.
Last Pic taken for the day, zipai after passing my friend his V'day present :)
Very random i know, so sad din manage to see nat today at mdc, din manage to wish him Happy V'day.. :(
Hehheh! Anyway, happy V'day to all! Off to lalaland!

Kaileng wrote
2/15/2008 12:37:00 AM

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

harlow..here i am blogging again :)

eh..yesterday was down with serious flu, so damn tired, dizzy & stuff. haiz..
ate panadol but it dun seemed to help..Sianz..

Yeap..today feel much better but also machiam dying soon! haha!

Well, normally when ppl got sick they dun have much appetite yes? I think i'm kinda opposite lah, keep craving for food! & man, mummy keep saying i'm putting on weight! Nope she can't say it out verbally but her action speaks. Sianz. Time to lose weight!

While blogging, i guess my pals are at movie premiere. Sad tat i couldn't make it there to MS GV but well, i guess getting enuff rest is much more important!So i decided to give it a miss & rest @ Home which is so unlike me. haha! Oh i made some agar agar @ home! Hope it taste nice! Specially done for someone de lor! :P hang on while i go get a picture of the agar agar!

-----My Production :) Love the colour!

Anyway, yesterday i saw, or rather we saw someone familiar at wardrobe Ms Iren Neo! haha! Long tym din see her ma, tat cause my unusual reaction!But i din manage to snap a picture during lunch time. Luckily for me/us, we seemed to be fated for the day, saw her again.This time round took a picture with her lo! Yeap, she told us gonna stay until 9 pm for the bus to come to fetch them to film outside scene. & OMgosh they going east coast lo. wad a place! I mean i feel tat East Coast is kinda romantic lahz. haha! yup.

--Kailin calls her Q-moh! So funny lehz! Indeed her hair quite Q!
Saw Pinghui too! Haha. His reaction same as Shaun sia! Ni bu shi pai guo le meh? haha.Yeap, i took a picture with him before..BUT huh? it's like 2 pics only as compared to the rest of the artists! hehheh! Neh mind, He is still as graceful as to still take a pic :)
Saw Feli too, She machiam very busy so i took a pic & left the rest to XT liao :) XT aiai = Feli! haha! She seemed tired too! Poor gal, must rest well though i really think her schedule is packed!
I dunno when this pic is taken, Kailin is like so cute lehz! haha! Dun kill me for putting this up.This is for entertainment value Same goes to my pic! I think it has so much feel! :)
Tats about all, off to do some other stuff le. CYA! :)

Kaileng wrote
2/13/2008 08:53:00 PM

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today's post gonna be so unlike me, my blog seemed very happy with my daily happy updates.BUT not as for the first part of the post today.

ASK me if i'm feeling bad, i seriously DO. I SERIOUSLY dislike it when i'm the cause of problems, be it in wadever area. WORK, friendship OR family.

So i really wanna apologise to Kailin whether or not i'm in the wrong. Deepest sorry to you. I din know being talkative can be my weakest link :(

i wanna let it off, zhen de at once my heart was pierce with a needle. i dun want an 'idol' to affect our friendship..i din know u would react tat serious when I converse much more with your idol. At times, i did you tell you tat she's around, it just so happen tat you have no reaction so i tout i could chat along with her? Yup, things were tat simple nth much. I nv knew you would read so much into tat. I think i rather not talk with her the next time i saw her. But let me tell you, it's gonna be damn weird when i really stopped talking to her. Actually truth to be said, i nv ever since i knew her, talk to her in a more personal level asking her lifestyle and so on wor, all i gave was comment like wah you look tired, and asked her how was her work so on.. :( So ah, dun tink too much. It's really tat simple.Haiz, why say until i nv support jiu no pt tok to tat person? :(

Haiz, i knew i can't control my emotions well, so after sobbing, i felt much better, it was really getting better when ur msg came saying you wld be fine tmr and sorry if you were being harsh. It's heart warming to note ya feeling better. I really know your feelings tats why when u say i knew it & still did it made me felt so remorseful. :(

Anyway all tat past..No want affect my mood many.PLS have a good talk with HER yes? Clear up the misunderstandings & wadever you deemed necessary only then, your dead knot will be untied. Believe it or not, it'sup to HER le. Yup. :)

Today i was saying i have a feeling i'll see my ppl yes? haha! i saw dearest/sweetest NAT :)

Talk more bout it ltr, wardrobe during lunch hrs was empty nobody was seen :)

Did some zi-lianing @ office!

Until dinner time saw, Alan @ canteen. Woah so young eh, dun look like father of 2 !

---------shuaiz! :)

---------She says this pic got feel leh! :)

Yeap..atfer tat go wardrobe, seen Zzen, Yahui ,Dearest Nat & lastly Elvin lo.

----AhZzen like tat veh cool lehz!He said we veh good, can knock off le! :P

----Haiz..the caused of the misunderstandings!But as usual she's really nice, perhaps to everyone. BTW, she prefers blur pics. haha.
------The first one was so blur so i retake lor!

Yeap, & last but not least dearest NAT! JS was like tat guy looks like Nat & omygosh it's him :)Wadever, still my sweetest NAT, haha. he said i really have lotsa idols. haha! BUT i told him he's on top of my list lehz, as in TOP 5! woohoo! I like his lil reaction to things like this. oh i mean the facial expression, is priceless lahz! :) KK, i did one photo collage of him too! :)

NAT=LOVE! i know u guys are really sick & tired of this tagline! haha!

Yeap, i mentioned i saw elvin yes, it's such a miracle i din take a pic with him lo. haha! just dun feel like it lahz. so yea, he looks as if he isn't on a good mood too. tats my own stand, not elvin's or anyone's. & he DROVE NAT off, kinda expected :)

Tats about all. Think i won't be having a good sleep today. 8th packet of tissue used if you believe me. Haiz. Good day to all! Though mine isn't good! :(

Kaileng wrote
2/11/2008 10:32:00 PM

Woohoo! Feel like first day of school! haha! just return to work place after CNY break!:)

Feel really nice to be back! haha! Anyway, welcome kailin & JS onboard to MOCCA! :)

I know i'm pretty random, hehex! i'm like to happy lahz.. dunno for wad the reason i think i gonna bump to my favs at wardrobe ltr :) :)

anyway, great day to all!

Kaileng wrote
2/11/2008 09:24:00 AM


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