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Friday, June 06, 2008


Before i start i wanna apologise to huan again :) Sorry dude to have shared with Pam about wad is shared between you & i cos i really dun wanna keep secrets between the 3 of us :) & of cos to avoid misunderstandings & stuff :) Actually i din say exactly everything but blogged about it instead & dear Pam happens to read it. So yea. I mean i just want to see 3 happy faces & not either one of us pulling a long face. Lets work towards our goal,Happy Happy always!

I mean i blogged cos i wanna take down wadever happens in my life :) So really hope you dun mind :) Anyway, you dun look good pass few days, cos ya not feeling well, so pls pls take good care :)

Here's dearie Huan finally some pics! haha!

----------We'r really tired.. :( I mean i can't be any tired than him my dear. He has been practicing hard on his talents & stuff i believe tat he hasn't got any time to grab proper rest. Poor dude. my 心痛!

Anyway yesterday after huan went off, I went off with Pam. Sat down talked about HUAN lo. aHA. So now i know she has been thinking really alot. All i can say is don't think too much. Things may be simple afterall, & sometimes huan is really nice enuff to entertain us when he's already damn tired & couldn't take it anymore for the day....so learn to APPRECIATE, like i always do :)

Well, time is running out, time WITH HIM especially. a week more to go. So i really treasure every moment, i hope you too. Dont exert too much pressure to huan, let things go naturally,if you know wad i mean. Things like expecting 'something' from him, a treat or a date or simply something he can do to make you happy, if he has the heart to do it.. he will, anytime,anyday :) So just let things flow naturally yea? :) Dont have to think many, i'm 100% sure he appreciates wadever u've done for him. Just tat like i say, men just dunno how to express themselves, prolly he's one of them. It's all heart felt la. So yea. :) 他真的对你很好了。。

Anyway, i just wanna say, sometimes it's me whom insist on following him, & only when he allows i'll follow. So pls dont think tat he himself requested me to be there.It's near impossible, cos overall i'm his nobody :)

Think i shouldn't be writing so much, cos you want to hear it from the man himself not me.haha! I just wanna say, he didn't really neglact you or something, the fact is he still cares. :)

& sometimes you cant blame him for not waiting for you cos you are with yanyan & it's a fact tat you chose yan over him for the day. Yeap. Aiyah enuff talking. He is really nice to you, even the blind can tell. Wadever, just remain positive yea? Huan loves You..& of cos me. wahahahahaha!

Pics for the rest of the peeps seen!
------Maine :)
---Yan :)
----Louis Bro! Looked damn tired too! :) Rest well bro!
got to run! byeee! CYA!

Kaileng wrote
6/06/2008 10:03:00 AM

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life is still da same past few days lo.

Acc dearie Huan to his lesson & wait for him to end his lesson lo.Yeap, sad to say no pics taken with him. haha! :P

Haha, & yeap, he lost his senses the day before. LOL! we took bus 157 to TPY, supposed to take train afterwards but he ended up queuing for 157 again..then i was like huh? wads he doin? how come we'r queing for 157 towards boonlay? is he going back home or is he going for lessons? So i asked him why we are going back towards mediacorp direction.LOL.Only then, he realised he was going the wrong direction, & he says '还好有你在。。' hehex. :)

Yeap. Then yesterday all the top 16 went back to report for costumes fitting bah.Haiz. I was thinking if i shld follow him to wherever he's going again or wait for lemonboy.haha. Okay sad to say, i have no fate with either guys cos huan left pretty early & then heard tat lemonboy went off just as well :( & i so much wanna see Christalle too :(

Luckily i managed to meet up with huan later in da night when he finished his lessons. Was playing hide & seek cos Cindy jie, their AP or izzit PA? went to visit him & check how he is doing so far.. So in order not to be seen, i gotta hide around lo. Saw them walking down tgt, so no choice but to wait for him @ MRT station :) First words from him, asked me acc go buy medicine, yea, some antibiotics? I was like huh-ing cos it's like 10 plus late in da night already where on earth could we find pharmacy..so told him all close already lo. Passed him his liangcha & throat healing sweets :) LOL. He really 很不客气的 drink in front of me. :P

Anyway, yeap, tats about all la, we were happily discussing his 'happiness' along the way.Shall not say much. haha. But i roughly share a bit. You know how it feels to catch a movie with your loved ones? haha. yea. tat even you've caught tat movie before you wouldn't mind catching it again bcos this time round the one beside you is someone pretty special. So we both agree we dun mind repeatedly watching the same movie for times if we'r watching with our someone special. AHA! 就是 something like 重复看一部电影是可以的,但要看是跟谁看。。哈哈。。感觉就是不同。。 :)

Then somehow in da train we randomly discussed about Pam. Her 优点& 缺点。。 :P
Yea we both agree overall she's a nice gal perhaps sometimes a lil sensitive, well who doesn't?

Then of cos huan says she has beautiful eyes. Yeap agreeable lo :) Nth much, nearly everything discussed was something good instead of bad..

Yeap, so reached our destination we went different ways le. :)

Alrite Pics from past few days..

------------I got lemon boy to write something for his fans/supporters & wadever words u see on da picture is wad he has to say to his supporters :) Yes, the pic is proudly done by me..Anyway if you have yet to join clement fc or you are a clement supporter do join his yahoo group yea? :) http://asia.groups.yahoo.com/group/clementfc cya there.

----------Craziest Lemon! :D
----Shuai Shuai!

---------Louis Bro!

----------It's always fun to have you around! :) & this pic totally rocks. So pretty!

------------Rabbit! :D :D

-----Wad a way of takin pic, but it still looks pretty! Rabbit=Love! :)
---------------I Love love this pic. :D with Gavriil & Feng. Actually i wanna take with Gavriil only. But somehow i suddenly wanna take with feng too. So tada! a pic tgt! :) Btw, feng is always suaning me. argh!!!!! :P
-----------Mable :)
--------Jiejie ShiQian. So damn gorgeous. Or should i just say S.W.E.E.T? :)
------Maine :) Wah seh. Got superstar feel leh. I feel super sorry for saying nasty things behind her back last time. oops! Cos if she's fake, she really fakes it well. Not bad as a person lehz.ahA!
---Ahdawn! Woah. Damn unusual. She wasn't herself yesterday. I no longer see the bubbly dawn. perhaps she isn't feeling well or something? Anyway, being random only Jeanette seemed to be in a good mood from the look of all the princesses. :P
-----Diya was happily playing basketball when we spotted her! :)

Shall end off with random pics:

-----------Me,XT & weiling!
----------Same old ppl. Wads up with me!

----haha. Super random. Grp pic with Ethereal :)

Gtg..got work to be done. LOL. Huan says i'm paid to surf. Okay tats wad i told him & he keeps reminding me tat i'm paid to surf ever since i told him. haha! I had better do some work before kenna sack. woohoO! BYe pretties & handsomes(if there are any) reading!

Kaileng wrote
6/05/2008 10:14:00 AM

Monday, June 02, 2008

woohoo! here to update sure many many pics plus it's gonna be a super long entry!

First of all! Happy Birthday My dearest Jon Bro! wah time really flies, 2 yrs & i'm really happy cos i've seen you grown up from competition till now, preparing for own album,woohoo! :)

Esp happy when i know ruien will be writing some lyrics for you :)
Happy Happy Birthday! May all e good stuffs comes your way & do enjoy on your special day!

Really looking forward to your album. JonathanLeong,regional star always. Kaileng loves you as always. :)

*Thanks Bro for your reply to my mail! :) You know wad, i mailed him like mins ago, & got a reply straight :) Really thank you so much, despite being so busy you took the time to reply. Appreciate it loads. Once again, happy birthday!
Btw the reply says:"Thanks so much for your birthday greeting, Kaileng. Take care.Jon"
Short & sweet yes? :)
---------Photo collage of US :)

Anyway, Had pretty lotsa fun these few days leh. So many events, activities going on. Shall start with whoever's pic i found on my desktop now yea?

My Darlings~~! :D :D

-----I absolutely adores them!

& aHA! He comes first! My dearest Huan :) Dont be shocked by the number of pics I took with this dude over just short 2 days alrite? haha.

-----Can You imagine reaching mdc at 7.30am just to wait for your loved ones, passing him his ai xin breakfast? :) I did & yea it was madness, cos i'm alone nobody else is there. :) This dude is really nice to send a short sms thanking me for the food :) Aww, really sweet la. okay suddenly reminds me of Nat sweetest :)

----Early in da morning when all looked really tired :P Poor dude, the cab he was on has a really foul smell, & he has to bear with it. 很难受,我懂。。

----haha..machiam some senior from high school! lol. 学长好!haha!

Next part of the entry gonna be damn meaningful for me, cos it's da first time i got a treat from this dude & finally spend some quality time with him :) Memorable day for me. Nearly missed him when he came out from recept.I remember somebody shouted tat 'guy' got feel. Then i went out to check, it's huan lor! haha. Shouted for him to wait for me..LOL. first words from him to me'你刚刚在哪里?' haha. i was sitting at a corner inside recept. so can't really take note of anybody tat comes out. I mean luckily i caught him. Then yea, took many pics which is those pics above. Then we gotta go, so i said something like '走走走,回家睡觉了!' damn funny la, everyone was laughing at us. yea, so as usual walk him to bus stop when he asked where i am heading to.aha!My reply as usual '你去哪里我就去哪里!'So he was heading to suntec for his drumming lessons. Decided to follow him lo, since i go back also nothing to do. This dude is really clueless when it comes to street directions. In case u dunno we took 3 trips to get to suntec,bus,bus & finally train when there is straight bus there :P Yea, nvm la, so long as he dun get me lost on da streets. yeap, reached liao he asked if wanna eat anything it's his treat.wahaha! i was like sui bian all da way! Anyway, realised time is running out, he needs to go for lessons liao, asked if i wanna wait for him then go eat after his lessons, whether izzit okay for me. I mean obviously i am okay with wadever he says, so yea. The two hrs i toured around suntec lo. While waiting for him i tried on two sets of clothings from this fashion. & even went Toy's'rus :) Quite nice.haha!I'm sorry if my picture scares you away! hahaha!

---------Children's shades :P
-------I love this set of clothings :
---------Okay my figure sucks. wahaha.

Finally, he came out from his lessons after 2hrs, deciding wad to eat takes a few mins, finally settle down at a restaurant called 'Tuk tuk thai kitchen'. Food was yummy yummy!
Anyway,being random,When a man gets serious this is how he looked :)
Wanna know wad happen to him tat he suddenly becomes so serious & deep into his thoughts?

Read on...
----It's all becos of okay not me for the obvious :P aHA. A short lil msg from a lady tat he likes & esp when tat lady dun usually sends a msg, you get wad i mean? I can sense his happiness from him. :)Cos when 'someone' sends me msges i'll feel happy too! Then he was thinking of a way to reply her msg.Okay it has been going on for years but he has yet to express his liking to tat special her :) & tats when i find this dude really really mature & sensible, cos he shared a lot like why he wont proceed on to a relationship with her & the reason being he is unsure wad he can provide her with,whether there will be a good future, wad he can offers & etc la really made me admire him more.I really like it when a man thinks of wad he can provide to a woman he loves.When you'r uncertain of things, you wont have a good future. This is wad i call a good man. :) Good Luck to you huan. Prolly she likes you too? Nv try you'll nv know :) Guess this dude is waiting for the right time :)

---------haha. i was trying to take pics with 'feel' again but failed. argh! He says the feel is with somebody else. Yes, i know it's your special her la. haha! :)

----Okay finally he is thinking of me instead. wahaha! kidding la, special 'HER' is much more important :)

----The sprite we bought before he went for his lessons :)Aiyoo, i think for the day 50 over dollars is spent on me.Shouldn't i be touched? omgosh.

Our Nice nice food:

-----------Really nice food! Omgosh!

----The beautiful bill. Go buy 4D or toto! haha! Thanks for the treat dear!

kk...back to mdc after IMM event :)

----Face of the year Channel U :) yes, zhen huan :)


---------Okay, after clement's da tou tie this is my 2nd best ta tou tie! He looked tired though..hehheh!

----Last to report for yesterday! Wah running up the stairs with him can die. lol! fastrunner.

---Extremely loves him & of cos this shot!

----Blur one!

------Again presenting to you, Mistress,Hubby & Wife! :D :D

Grp pics are the best of all!

.--haha, papa & children!

My Crazist Lemon! :D :D

GOD knows how much i miss this boy.haha! :)

-----So! LOL so i played with his faces everywhere i go :)

------Simply lovable la!

-----Love Love Love him :D 1 & Only Clement!



----Always so photogenic!


---Okay i suggested this shot :) Anyway, he was really nice to come to RG to meet us when he already report in. :)


----Her first words to me were we haven taken pic for long time! & yea, really quite long liao. Pls jiayou gal! Dont always say it's your last show. Just do your best, we'll cheer for you as always. :)


-------Banana! haha. 他是有料之人!Look at his chest. aha!

Happy Family:

-------Always love our shots. Happy Happy Family! :) Banana —Pineapple.wahaha.

Louis Bro:

-------It's always fun to have him around! Crazy Bro. haha! But we need more of this kinda person. Wacky personality rocks. :) Jiayou le.


------------Totally Love this pic. Of cos taking pic with him rocks lo. Always putting on his contagious smile :)


---------Actually she ain't tat bad la. hehe. Used to say how much i dislike her, but okay la, she really aint tat bad afterall.



----Not used to Gavriil so Man lehz! haha! :)

Yeap. End of WWDZ gang de pics...Up next Superband. Nope i'm SO NOT GONNA CHSAE but i'll support :) YIN!!!!!! :D Anyway,these pics taken after IMM event when all reported back to mdc :)


-----------The band i'm supporting :D Yin!!

------Simon!working on lead guitar :D *blushes* dont ask me why.hehheh!

---- :D :D

-----Another shot :D

-----Xiang on bass guitar :)

--Lastly, xiaolong on vocals :D

With Ethereal :)

----Sam :)

--Kunio.Shuai! & Omgosh TALL. :)

--Kenn :)

---Jun. Smile more. You look nicer with a smile :)

-----senlintie de lead singer Gary. He can sing damn bloody good :)

------C-star :)

----er zuo ju :) They're another grp to look out for. dancing duo :)

--------Saw Carrie at IMM event too :)

yeap. Went to support Jae Bro days back at scape again. :) Good as usual! Still rooms to improvement but i consider it pretty well done! Jiayou bro! Initially i wanna go for his performance again at PS but yea at IMM got event liao, so yea gotta give it a miss. Heard tat it's not bad,response was good. Glad for you bro. keep going!

-----Anson was there to show his support too! :)

Random Zi-lians! woohoo! My sickening face.wahaha!

--------Weiling darling! Support Huan lehz! OOps!

Finally done with update! gotta run! Byeee! xoxo!

Kaileng wrote
6/02/2008 10:31:00 AM


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