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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Heya! tmr suppose to be the results day.

But always we'll get to see it the day before.

I logged in but can't see the results.why ar..Mayb still must wait till late night? 

well..today..i went to youtube.watched every clips of JOn's performances.

It was great.I wrote down all the commends as well..

wanna recall? what was Dick,Flo,Ja and Ken's commends to Jon?

Here you go.

piano Show-If You're Gone

Dick-That was very moving.I would say easily Top 10.What the hell Top 5!

Flo-You remind me of a contestant from the previous competition.You remind me of sylvester.Except,you know what,at this stage of the game,You already showed more potential than he did.

Ja-So i guess you'r the reason we are having singapore idol this year.Bedroom eyes,Bedroom voice.

ken-i think You gonna do very well.But try to improve.Try to find the identity.

Spect 1-Parents Choice-Wherever You will go

Dick-i'm happy to see that you'r giving us more performance.From a singing point of view, that was a pretty,i dunno,it was a bit boring.You chose a song that basically has one melody and just keep repeating itself.I was expecting more from you because this is the spectaculars already.

Flo-I disagree.I totally see you performing to thousands of people.I thought it was very good.

Ja-You'r a big arena kind of guy.I like the way you are a total artist.You use your body,your voice and your mic control was very good.

Ken-Best performance so far.From what i observed about you,it's not just about singing,you have to learn to sell youself alot more because you have what it takes to reach the finals.

Spect 2-#1 Hits-Smooth

Dick-That was a good example of a good choice of song.However,If you'r gonna choose a song that has so much movements, make sure you've got the kind of right type of movement to go with it.You looked like you got four left feet.You gonna work on your moves.

Flo-I have this impression that after last week's competition,you read a book on how to be a pop star and you did everything on stage tonight.I applaud you for breaking out of your shell and doing everything.

Ja-I heard an extra dimension in your voice, which i haven heard before.So,i think you've explored it, and i'm not just saying it because you took off your jacket.

Ken-I think the way you moved sucks.If you want to move,be comfortable,you don't look comfortable,that's why it sucks.

Spect 3-Classical Jazz-Kissing a fool

Dick-I thought that you showed your range very well, you know you started off husky,and then went strong and it was very captivating performance.

Flo-Nice slit back hair.You put your very deep strong voice to very good use tonight.It was excellent and i think you worked the crowd beautifully.

Ja-i'm afraid i'm your fan, so you can sing anything you like,really,totally baised.

Ken-It wasn't sexy,it wasn't romantic.It was a disaster as far as i'm concerned.I think you gotta be more confident.You gotta learn how to validate your identity.You'r still unsure up there.

Spect 4-british Invasion-I want to break Free

Dick-The rocker in you is really coming through.We know you have a band background and
everything,this is really very suitable for you.But i want to tell you something,this kind of rock song requires a high voice and you don't have a high voice.So you have to be careful what kind of songs you picked.I think you should focus on the tender quality of you singing.

Flo-Some part of the song you were cracking like a keropo.I don't know if that was intended,but what amazing crowd control you have,the crowd absolutely adores you.So good job there.

Ja-I think you were in your element,you are able to always brings something fresh to your
performance.Please keep it up and watch that voice of yours.

Ken-You may not have a high voice,but you ahve a very good low voice.Look,you have a good low voice,but i didn't say you used it well.

Spect 5-Home Family Friends-Dance with my father

Dick-It was nice to see another side of you today,quieter side,only thing was a bit boring.A lil bit
boring.I didn't get the emotions,and remember you voice is quite low.When you sing light like this,it sounds quite muffled.Doesn't sound clear.

Flo-That was fine.The magic of jonathan is the dynamite performer.So please bring him back next week.

Ja-I always think you have a new dimension to you.This evening i came out with something different which was restrain.However,i think You gotta watch the pitching.For once you took a risk,it didn't quite pay off.But you still got it man!

Ken-That was mumbling.That wasn't singing.This is the perfect example of how you picked the wrong song.you have a very nice tone,you didn't feature it.You can be very charismatic on the stage,you didn't do it.So you did everything wrongly this week.

Spect 6-Rock & Roll-Plush

Dick-You'r a natural rocker,but that was a bit too much performance and not enough,you have a
tendency to mumble.You don't open you mouth enough,and it comes out when you'r singing,you
don't know what you'r saying.The lyrics don't come across.Focus on that a bit more.

Flo-Welcome back performer jonathan.You rocked the house.top marks for the very daring choice of song.excellent choice of song.

Ja-Great performer that able to bring some,a lil bit of history back.And you had a jagger thing going.I like your jagger thing.

Ken- I thought it was alil bit whimpy.You din have to do so much.That was a case of over
performing.You just stand there,do your thing,you have what it takes naturally.Don't have to over sell.

Spect 7-Asian Pop-Wei Yi

Dick-If you win this competition,You may spend the rest of your life singing chinese songs.If you do,i really pity the chinese speaking world,Chinese songs and you just don't fit..That was an emotional enough performance.

Flo-I only have one thing to say.I can see you as the singapore idol.

Ja-You still have the quality that make girls want to jump off cliffs and so. I have to agree with florence, i can see you as the singapore idol.

Ken-I don't think you sounded good today,but we put that aside because all of you sounded bad
today.What you really need to do and to stay in this competition, is to make sure you cater to the male fans as well,not just the females.

Spect 7-Asian Pop-running away

Dick-I think you'r trying to steal the cuttie sute crown from jasmine.you'r trying to play too much to the young audience and they were just screaming for you and that song just didn't suit u at all.

Flo-I don't care,you were having fun,they were having fun,that was good!You made that very happy!

Ja-I think you should reserve your open throat singing for ur song.It was fun.

Ken-Here is the thing.I think You and the rest of the contestants don't realise that your true
competitives are actually guests that comes for the results shows.You gotta compete with these
people.You should ask yourself where is ur bench mark here.Are you able to compete with these
people.Think about that.

Spect 8-Soul & R&B-Unforgettable

Dick-I was totally surprised by that because i've never thought you could be so laid back.I tink it really suits you and i love this husky tone you'r using.First time i'm hearing it all the way which is great!

Flo-When you sang the first line of the song,i have a hair stand.That's a good thing.You delivered that i think in a timeless and classy fashion.You've convinced me that you'll have staying power in the music industry/business just like my good friends dick and ja.

Ja-You'r quite iconic.I just have another thing to say and that was some ballet.

Ken-If that performance was meant for the ah ceks and the ah ums then i think you did very well.

Spect 8-Soul & R&B-For once in my life.

Dick-Just now i said wow so nice so laid back and then now u sort of ruining the whole image by
jumping around.You did that song pretty well but,it's just that i think when you do that kind of thing you try to,when you choose a song,try to choose a song that has th singer the similar vocal range as yours.Be more cool.

Flo-I thought it was alright,breezy enough,nice enough.I didn't care for that tour in the end.Take that off your weapon.Other than that,you know what is the otehr killer thing you have in your pocket,you have a killer on camera smile.so use that alot.

Ja-I thought you were a lil edgy here,for once you were a bit too crony.Din really hear much of
stevie.But you body language is very you.You can do nothing wrong in my eyes so.your tone is great.

Ken-You seemed determine to win over the votes of the above 50 today,because you were super ah gong today.Just be sincere,like what you did just now,do your thinguse your tone,your votes will come naturally.

Spect 9-Judges Choice-Chasing Cars

Dick-You keep singing like that,You are going to win.

Flo-You were one with that song tonight.As near perfect as you can get.

Ja-It was so good that i saw the person laying next to you.If you're able to do that as a singer,bring the story out so well then you really are an idol.

Ken-What in the world are you thinking?The song suited your tone,the range suited you,everything works perfectly.

Spect 9-Judges Choice-Addicted to love.

Dick-That was quite a surprising interpretation of that song.You made it actually very sexy.You don't need to move so much to be sexy,sexy comes from inside.You'r already like that.

Flo-I'm going to agree with dick that i personally like you when you are a lil bit more anchored.I liked it when you just stay anchored and belt it out.One things for sure,after that performance,i'm convinced that there'll be new jonathan addicts from tonight.

Ja-I don't mind you moving.You'r quite distracting in the sense that you take us somewhere with your moves.Your phrasing is very very good.So,singer to singer i must say i'm really impressed.

Ken-Today you did very well.You din have to do too much.Basically you were yourself.You moved well,you sounded confident and i think you definitely in the finals.

Spect 10-Favourite song-In the air tonight

Dick-That was a very intense,fantastic interpretation of that song.To be the singapore idol you don't necessary have to be a fantastic singer but you need to have some kind of special quality, and i think you've got that.

Flo-I loved the way you emoted that song.I declare that a smoothering performance.

Ja-I think you'r a singer with gravitas.You are able to put something special in your vocals,so it has

an apit quality.

Ken-I think what dick is trying to say is that you have the x factor.

Spect 10-Favourite song-Every lil things she does is magic.

Dick-In the course of this competition,You've found a voice,you've found a kind of a way to sing in a very cool way.You become the cool guy of the show.I think what you lack now is you know in your fast numbers,It's just not exciting enough.It's still cool.fast but cool,doesn't really go.If you go to the finals,which i'm sure you will,please work on it.,energy.

Flo-For some reasons,i thought you were a lil bit distracted,off alil bit on that song but you know
what,who cares? every lil thing you does is magic.

Ja-I'm not sure how you do this but,you were able to bring a new quality to your interpretation.I heard some irony in the way you delivered your song..that's great.You are a poet.

Ken-When we try to produce an artist,it's not about the power ,the range or anything else but the ability to personalise youself.I think from unforgettable to snow petrol to what you did tonight,you manage to actually do that and manage to do it really well.

Final showdown-Chasing Cars

Dick-I have nothing to say.I guess i have to say something.i was right about you right from the
start.You have that something special.It has been great to see where or how u've grown from the first auditions,standing here in this very stylish way and you actually sang that song better today than the other round.

Flo-In my 17 years of being in the radio business,you have the most unique voice i've heard in a very very long time.Plus'you've got looks,that doesn't hurt as well.You deserved to be in the final two.Congratulations.

Ja-I think you've made it.You groovy you've won our hearts and we'r very proud of you as our fellow singaporean.

Ken-You look like a star and you sound like a star.You gotta make sure you make use of that appeal the next two songs to match up to hady's vocals.That is your challenge.

Final showdown-You give me wings.
Dick-You gave a very hopeful rendition,hopeful intepretation.It was a lil bit sad.But i thought it was very beautiful and by looking at you,you can easily be a regional star.

Flo-With a big belting song like this,it's very easy to over do it but you didn't.You brought with it a dimension of sincerity and honesty which i thought was quite hard to come by.So again,another good showing from you.Good JOB!

Ja-You are a interpreter of songs.congratulations.

Ken-The thing about having identity is that your tone is easily you know,who you are which is cool.I think you did a good job with the new song.

Final showdown-Should I Stay.
Dick-Thank you for supporting singapore music.Thank you for being true to yourself.You chose this song which is really all about you.Thank you for being so unique.

Flo-The fact that you chose a local song for your final song just means one thing that we have pride in what we do in the local music scene.thank you for choosing that song,and thank you for making this the singapore idol.

Ja-i've always believed in you and i was very happy to meet you at the every first time at the auditions because i really thought that u are our singapore idol.

Ken-It was a very real very engaging perfomance.Whatever happens,whoever wins,it doesn't matter because boh of you are actually winners to me.


Kaileng wrote
10/03/2006 09:45:00 PM


Basic respect to my blog required..
No Ripping to any parts of my entries..
Shld any senarios seemed familiar to you,
am sorry it's pure coincidence.. :)

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